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Joyeux Noël by Snuppy
Sunday, 24 December 2006, 4:22pm
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Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noël!

~ From ALL of us to ALL of you ~

(The following “notes” were left for some of us by some of us in the Holiday Post queue post-Holiday Post publishing — what can we say? Happy thoughts like these just begged to be shared!)

Hear Hear! Sorry…I meant Hohoho!

I hope you guys — that includes the rest of you fabulous snarking ladies — have a wonderful time, many a sentimental moment and enjoy these days with reckless abandon of all that is sensible and rational and/or a good book in a cozy, quiet corner. Whatever floats your boat. I am not here to judge.

Finally, I would also like to say that since I live in Europe I´ll get to open presents way before all of you do. What? It matters!

Now smile already, it´s Christmas for God´s sake!

Gledileg Jol!

~Penguin out~

I’m getting ready for The Christmas Story marathon, are you? Merry and a Happy to all.

~ Lampy/Lampsha/G/You Know Where to Find Me xox

Not only will we watch A Christmas Story, Lampsha, we’ll be saying lines from it for the rest of the week. “Notafingah!” gets me every time! Penguin, I hope Santa recognizes your house without snow… d’oh! Happy Happy Joy Joy, girlfriends! ~ Snuppy Claus

~ CYM is celebrating Christmas with her entire family, in the only way one of Danish/Iranian descent can in that mixed up crazy country known as Spain — biting her tongue, in hopes of getting out of her mom’s house in one piece. Next year, we expect Miz B to send out holiday greetings from the Land o’ BoheMian Dreams, i.e. San Francisco. ~

Dear Friends: may all your dreams come true, and may your lives be filled with an abundance of Peace, Love and Joy this Holiday Season, and throughout the upcoming New Year.


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we know this is early. or is it late? hmmm. in Spain and/or Iceland, late. here in America — early. what’s a Snarkster to do? We struck a compromise in hopes of appeasing everyone — this post will stay up through tomorrow, and we’ll get back to our pre-disposed Snarkiness on Tuesday. Unless we have too much to eat tomorrow and can’t drag ourselves out of bed in time.

by the way, this video is dedicated to one and all who wish they were having a White Christmas and/or those of you who’re glad you are not!

Happy Holidays to you All! xoxoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Happy holidays everyone.

(I’ve been looking for that clip by the way for about a year now-my dad emailed it to me and i promptly lost the video so…thanks!)

Comment by littlebluepill

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to one and all. Excellent video/music selection for the ocassion. It has been a pleasure these past months being in touch with all of you and I look forward to more of the same in 2007!

Comment by BoBo

LBP: oh wow. then i’m EXTRA glad i found it — i mean i thought it was lovely and pretty darn magical, anyway, but knowing it’s special for you gives it that much more meaning. and d’oh! had i been thinking (me? think???) i’d have had you toss in a few words for this post, too! ya know, my mind hasn’t been the same since that unfortunate encounter with that stupid razzum-frazzum bitch the other day. ah well — next year, right? Merry Christmas, dear friend!! xox

BoBo: i SO love Trans-Siberian Orchestra — their whole Christmas album is wonderful, but this song is my favorite… (thanks again for loading up this music to my iPod!) xox

Comment by snuppy claus

Nice little video. I’m glad the kitty was okay. I was worried about it. And a very merry christmas to you. I hope you are warm and cozy and happy.

Comment by schnoodlepooh

*with a big grin on her face*

That was so lovely. I am absolutely stuffed, opened half of my present sand now I am at work with teh old ones and there is nothing like this feeling in the world.
We talking about old times, singing Christmas songs and opening presents together. I love this job, especially today :9

Merry Christmas everybody!

Comment by Penguin

Hello and Happy/Merry to all. We’re not making it out for Chinese Food since well, Tali basically eats white rice only and Julian and I are home with sniffly noses. But we’re getting ready for The Christams Story marathon by baking cookies.

Penguin, that was a touching share on your work. Beautiful. Perfect video Snuppy. And I’m with Bobo, it’s been a real gift getting to know everyone here these past 6 months (wow time flies).

Merry Christmas to all and enjoy. xox

Comment by Lampsha the red nosed snarkster

Hola All!

Thank you for the wondrous post oh dear Snuppy de mi corazón, you life saving Snarkster you! We got back about an hour and a half ago… presents all opened, Christmas finito… the kids passed out in the car and were shipped off to bed as is… WOOH!

And much of the night has been spent opening up their gifts and taking it out of those damn packages that require even screwdivers to separate the toys from the boxes! So they are all laid out on the living room floor so that as soon as they are up, there are their newly acquired treasures, waiting for them in the hopes that it shall buy us some extra snooze time… though I doubt it as they tend to scream and fight over the same toys! But all’s well that ends well and so WOOH! We survived the night and politics was trampled over by the chaos of kids and my mom’s having to hold her 2 month old granddaughter took attention off of us and so all was well! YAY and PHEW!

Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous Christmas, may your Channukah have been beautiful and may the holidays, all in all, be nothing short of magical! Off I go to bed for round two… tomorrow at the grandmother’s house to meet with the rest of the brood! Ay!

As for your my dearest Snuppy, may it all be sublime and I carry you in my thoughts and hearts always… FO SHO!!!!


CYM aka Miz B… or is it the other way around???

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

That’s okay Snups. I got to put in my own Christmas video so I’m good.

I just spent the entire day cleaning and i’m not even finished. I live alone and my place is a sty. Oh well. The bathroom’s clean, the couch has been vacuumed and wow I have a lot of books!

So for the last time today before I get dressed to treat my mom to a swanky dinner at A&W (I’m all about the class) and then we’re off my nephew’s….


Comment by littlebluepill

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the great snarksters!!!

Comment by Pavel

Merry Christmas to you!!! Thanks for the video, I never saw that before (but always loved that rendition of the song).

Penguin OUT … love it

Comment by anitabath

Neva/Snuppy and family,
Happy Holidays!
I want to apprise you that when I sent them off to G’s, Sissy and Daisy were still fighting fiercely over who would get to be spokesperson for “Central Snark.” I want to recommend Daisy as she is snarkier and better educated than Sissy.

Comment by weirsdo

Merry Christmas, Snarksters.

Comment by Diesel

So sorry! I’m a whole day late. What can I say? The traffic was just HORRIBLE!

Merry Christmas my funny friends. Lots of love, Dan

Comment by Dan

Oh how I love the Transiberian Orchestra AND “A Christmas Story.” NOTAFINGA! That totally cracks me up. I love to Triple Dog Dare people ever since this movie wonderfully became part of my life.

You Snarkers rock!!

Comment by Angela

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