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Holy Crap by Snuppy
Thursday, 28 December 2006, 9:41am
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WE GOT nothin’ for you today. Zippo. Zilch. A big, fat ZERO. Oh, we know we should be primed and ready to Snark the daylights out of your asses this week, especially as we approach the end of the year, but what can we say? All that Holiday Brouhaha — or “Brouhaholiday” as we like to call it — has completely wiped us out. So much so, we plum forgot to wish our friends up in Canada happy Boxing Day on Tuesday (tho’ why they’ve set aside a day for boxing and/or boxes is beyond us. Those Canadians…) But, as is almost always the case, we digress. We were talking about the fact that we don’t have anything to post today, not about boxes, Canadian and/or otherwise.

FORTUNATELY, as fans of a certain program we happen to think is the best thing on TV, aka, THE DAILY SHOW, we have a solid solution/remedy to our pre-post-non-post-post-dilemma. A few weeks ago, Jon Stewart did a swell bit on the recent humiliating fall from grace of the former president of the National Association of Evangelicals, Ted Haggard. Oh, it was a fine bit of journalism. Just fine. And funny. So very funny. So very very funny. We actually considered showing it to you sooner (pre-mid-term-elections came to mind) but, thanks to a new “agreement” between Comedy Central and YouTube, we were unable to load this segment directly to our crummy little blog page until rightthisminute(ish)*. Damn those bastard people. Not that it matters. Trust us, this clip was hilarious when it first aired, and it’s hilarious now. Glory Hole Cam? Lordy that’s good.

NOTHIN’ scary about that guy. No, wait. Everything is scary about that guy. Not that we claim to know anything about such matters, but we can’t help but wonder if Haggard’s veritable plummet from grace had any impact on last November’s aforementioned midterm elections. Jerry Falwell didn’t seem to think it would be a factor, neither did that bastion of good judgement, Pat Robertson. But, well… based on the outcome, one might be forced to arrive at a different conclusion. Naturally, we won’t mention what conclusion that might be, since this blog doesn’t speak of politics — even in the face of major hypocricy — but, hopefully, you catch our drift. If not, it’s the thing that made the big “whoosh” sound as it whizzed over your head.

MIND YOU, we’re not saying this was the ONE big news story to beat ALL big news stories of 2006, but it was among the stories that may well go down as significant. At least in Funny/Serves you Right/People in Glass Houses/Holier-than-Thou Land. We bet some of you can recall other big deal/not big deal but kind of interesting/if we never hear about that asshole/bitch/freak again it’ll be too soon events, if so, now’s the time to share. Let’s get this stuff off our chests, shall we? That way we can all start 2007 with not only with love in our hearts, but our HeadlineNews slates wiped clean, in hopes one or the other might stay unsullied for a minute or two after we ring in the new year. Okay, maybe that’s hoping for too much, but what the hell, a blog can dream.

*We figure we may be on “borrowed time” with this clip, so if you have a chance to watch, please do so before the Comedy Central Cops rush in, arrest us, and seize the video as evidence. Also, if that happens, please call our Attorney, Dr. David Van Dick Van Dyke, Esq. He’ll know what to do.



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you think we’d be ashamed of offering up such an old post (by “old”, i mean several weeks) but we’re not. as we approach the new year, we decided we should do a little housekeeping — you know, “out with the old, in with the new” — and this was just sitting there begging to be shared, as opposed to being tossed out with all the other trash we wrote/reconsidered/tossed.

seriously, if you have the chance, watch the video. one version has already been snatched back by the Comedy Central Cops, who knows how long we’ll have the use of this one? *crosses fingers in hopes it’ll be all day*

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I loved it snuppy.
I never had a peek at teh Daily Show and now I just wish Iceland would throw out showing jay Leno and let this show in. It is a whole different level and teh dude is funnnnnnnnnnnnneyyyyyyy.
Thank you for introducing us 🙂

Comment by Penguin

hey, since you commeted after yoru own post, does that make me first?
I really think it should.
I swear, by next year I will be more grown up about this whole being first thing. I can do it. I really can…I hope!

Comment by Penguin

good Mornin’ miss Penguin! hah! yes… that absolutely makes you FIRST. in truth, the only reason i usually leave a comment is because i think the post has become too long, and i have more to say. so my comments NEVER count! and i couldn’t agree with you more. Jay Leno sucks. sorry, but if you had the choice, i’d say go with Jon Stewart every time! or, at least, David Letterman — because he’s hilarious, too! but Leno? ewwwww. (not a fan, can ya tell?)

and you know, dear friend, yesterday’s post was in your honor. hope you had a chance to see/enjoy/pine away for a bit of snow in Iceland and/or a good pond of your own to skate upon. hope your holidays are a bit more “manageable” now (or at the very least that that coworker is back…) 🙂 xoxo

Comment by snuppy

“out with the old” – literally! This was great and I won’t get up on a soapbox about the hypocrisy either, Jon Stewart does it that much funnier. But talk about your just desserts.

I’m glad you didn’t toss this one. On the events, I think we get assaulted with them daily so much so that they’ve deadened my nerves. Well actually, I need to wake up a little and perhaps have coffee – my first cup in almost a week!

Comment by Lampy

Yes I’m with Snuppy – Leno bad/Letterman funny! Poor Icelanders, what you have to put up with in the form of entertainment.

Comment by Lampy

By the way Snuppy, “Holy Crap” – perfect!

Comment by Lampy

That was some funny stuff. Heck, even the title of this post was awesome! Good one, Snuppy!

Comment by Pavel

I remember that episode and that episode. When Jpn Stewart gets just a little serious he goes from funny to sublime.

Penguin, I secnod your wish. Not only because I thik you’d like Stewart better than Leno but also because he’s a better embassador. If there’s one thing I wish more of the world knew about Americans it’s that most of us don’t confuse piety with loyalty. Many of us do, however confuse Britney with Madonna. It happens.

Comment by Walela

Dusting off the contents of the Central Snark vault I see. A good thing since it would have been a crime had this post/video never seen the light of the park. Stewart is indeed the kind of sarcasm and humor (although Colbert is nipping at his heels).

Isn’t funny how the most fanatical among us always seem to fall victim to the very thing they harp against the most…hmmmm.

Comment by BoBo

I loved that clip! I think it was one of the more enlightening news stories of the year myself. I went to a mom’s group play date one afternoon after the story broke – and it was all they could talk about. They were all quite shocked. I don’t think those gals get out much – nor do I think they’d find that video funny. Which of course makes it all the more funny to me! There must be something wrong with me when I enjoy seeing those fanatical fall – I swear I could grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the fallout with delight. I should just chalk it up to my mom feeding me paint chips and dropping me on the head as a child.

Well back to “chocolate eating day” as that is what my calendar of daily observances says I’m supposed to be celebrating! Thank God I have enough chocolate coins here to keep the whole family in observance!

Comment by cj

There’s a sweet line from a heart-warming Capra movie, what was its name…? Oh yeah, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. And, how does that cute little line go again? Oh yeah…

“Look, Daddy! Every time an evangelist gets caught in bed with a hooker, an Angel gets his wings!”

Comment by Al

Did anyone ever tell you that you’ve got an odd definition of “nothing”?

Comment by Malnurtured Snay

oh damn that was funny. I do so love Jon Stewart. And i do so love snuppy for providing me with clips because i never know what time he’s on at.

Comment by littlebluepill

Lampy: *blushes* thank you my NBFF… and yes, i think we all find ourselves a bit desensitized to this sort of thing after awhile. actually, i hate to admit it, but i’m guilty of stereotyping folks like Haggard in the first place. that said, is it stereotyping when your gut feeling turns out to be true? i think not! (and what was that about your FIRST cup of coffee all week?????????? whoa, girlfriend, i’m impressed.) xox

Pavel: aw… thanks! wish i could take credit for Stewart, but i can’t. as for the title? well, let’s just say it’s a good thing “Everybody Loves Raymond” was on when i was writing it, and leave it at that! (since that was one of Frank’s favorite lines) xox

Walela: confuse Brittney with Madonna? speak for yourself. i confuse Brittney with Hillary Duff. and Madonna with Marlene (Dietrich, but that’s another story for another day…) xox

BoBo: bet you’re wondering why i can’t manage to get in and recycle some of the shit stuff in our guest room. all i can say is “one purge at a time”. xox

CJ: i think i wanted to say something about your mom’s play date/conversation/they wouldn’t find a “Glory Cam Hole” funny?, but then i got down to the part about “chocolate eating day” and all bets (and thoughts) were off. mmmmmmmm. good one! xox

Al: laughing. dude… you’re on a roll today! xox

Malnurtured Snay: wish i had a response, but i don’t. (except for this: welcome! guess we owe you an addition to our blogroll. i’ll get right on that….) xox

LBP: heh. i had a feeling you’d appreciate that particular camera “angle”… 😉

and, yep, Jon Stewart is truly funny, and just keeps gettin’ better all the time. do you get Comedy Central up there? I understand The Daily Show is (or was) also offered on CNN International — is that a better option for ya?) whatever, glad i could provide you with a reason to smile! xox

Comment by snuppy

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