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Saturday Spin by Snuppy
Saturday, 30 December 2006, 6:21am
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Well I hope you all took notes from yesterday’s informational video on being popular.  Get yourselves a date calendar and just watch how it fills up!  Now then with all that newfound popularity, you may need to be conversant on a variety of topics.  This post will help you with music from 2006. 

Wow, am I doing a retrospective?  How introspective.   You know here’s a post secret:  Instead of investing in a 401K when it first started with my company many years ago, I bought albums.  Okay, okay, it was a looooong time ago.  And sadly, I haven’t bought any of the cd’s listed on these lists.  But I may just treat myself, oh yes I may.  Or maybe this will be the year of living dangerously – getting an ipod!  My point being I was always a bit of a music geek.  So I live for best of lists like this…to pour over, agree with, balk at, listen to and then start all over again.  

I share this with you because I have grown to just love you guys!  I’m giddy enough to think that there is something for each of you on these lists.  I was going to go old school with no video links because well there are none and they’re lists of songs so all you have to do is close your eyes and listen.  And browse around and click on other links…oh the possibilities are endless.  But then, I just chose my kneejerk fave from the first more “mainstream list” of artists and someone incidentally whom I had wanted to share on a Saturday Spin, but couldn’t find the song I was looking for and then you know a squirmish broke out between the kids or something.  So without further adieu, I give you a sneakpeak into the lists in the form of BECK:

Now onto the lists.  The first list is from David Dye who is the host of an NPR feature that I love, World Cafe, and it’s his TOP 10 CD’S OF 2006.  The next is from Stephen Thompson who is an editor and contributor for NPR’s Song of the Day and this is his SONGS OF THE YEAR: top 10 cd’s of 2006.  I happen to know and love a few of the artists that made the lists.  I also happen to not know a few so I will be checking them out. 

Look at the bright side (did I mention that I’m a lamp) — if the date calendar goes bust, you’ll have plenty of music in which to seek solace.   

Happy New Year Snarksters ~ wishing you and your families health and happiness in 2007 and maybe a new cd for yourself — you know to accompany you on those resolutions to walk briskly, run often and sweat a lot and become svelte and fabulous! 



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don’t know for sure if DJ Lampsha was ready to publish this one, but i LOVE her post, and figured you guys will too (Lampy — forgive me for pre-publishication… ’tis the plight of too much excitement, my NBFF! won’t happen again)

lovelovelove BECK — and can’t wait to check out the artists on the list. and Happy New Year to you, too, dear friend (and all you other dear friends, as well!) xox (snuppy–who sometimes gets too excited, but will try not to let it happen again)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

by the way — how’d you know one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to become svelte and fabulous?? damn girl, you’re good! (that one’s right up there with becoming a Gourmet Cook *and* winning that kajillion dollar lottery thing i mentioned a few posts back…)

by the way (part 2) — yesterday’s PSA video DID help, we managed to get outselves invited to a big New Years Eve party, that will be over by 9. which is kind of perfect for a couple of fuddy-duddys like me and BoBo. (don’t mock it ’til you’ve tried it!) xox

Comment by snuppy new year

It’s as ready as it’s ever going to be and I slept as late as I’m probably ever going to get to sleep. How did that happen!? We all were up past our bedtimes last night so the kiddies are still sleeping.

Look at that – our first Popularity Success Story! I am glad it’s an actual invitation and not you and Bobo taking Malnurtured Snay up on his offer of a long drive with lots of booze. That actually sounds like a perfect party, plus you can be home before all the real wackos hit the roads. Have fun and enjoy yourselves! And stop, you’re already svelte and fabulous plus you log enough miles walking to have reached California by now!

Okay one of the kiddies is up – I’m off to get breakfast ready. Happy New Year to you too dear NBFF. xox

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Beck is such a talented performer…great choice. The lists have provided me with much new music to check out and appreciate…a very fun pasttime for your’s truly, so thank you DJ Lampsha and the happiest of New Year’s to you and the fam!

Comment by BoBo

Oh Lampsha of the DJ musical-not-tin ear for good Spins: you might be interested and/or proud to know some of your “picks” thus far this year are also among Rolling Stone Magazine’s picks for best album/songs, including the artist you kicked off your Saturday Spins with, Regina Spektor! (well, *i* thought that was very cool — that said, Diesel’s beloved My Chemical Romance/Black Parade is among the RS “best of 2006”, as well… guess he knows a thing or two about good tunes after all!) Happy Happy! xox

Comment by snuppy

I love the music links – I’ll be sure to go through them this quiet afternoon. (ipods are such a good and fun thing – I got a video ipod for my birthday from my other half – use it ALL the time!)

Happy New Years everyone!

Comment by cj

Totally getting into The Black Keys…have downloaded a number of their tunes after checking them out on the list you provided…thanks DJ Lampsha!

Comment by Groovin BoBo

Wow, now I’m going to have to do some of the grooving too! Maybe tomorrow. Note to self – Black Keys…You’re welcome Bobo!

Looks like our own little party here today. That’s okay people have priorities as screwed up as they may be.

Happy New Year to all and G’night.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

That’s okay…when the others realize what they’ve missed, boy will they be sorry.

Comment by Groovin BoBo

Oh they will Bobo, it may not hit them for say a month or so, but one day it will strike – regret!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Wow, thanks for those links–I will definitely check them out. (I’ve given up on ever being popular, though.)

Happy New Year!!!!!

Comment by actonbell

I confess to never being much of a Beck fan but the video (though I didn’t sit through all of it) was quite cool.

Happy New Year Snarkers!

Comment by littlebluepill

You’re welcome and you are popular in the blogsphere, Actonbell! Happy New Year to you.

LBP: That video is pretty cool I must say. Happy New Year to you too.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

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