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Auld Lang Syne by Snuppy
Sunday, 31 December 2006, 5:12pm
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For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning
. ~T.S. Eliot

WE DON’T know what “auld lang syne” means. And we don’t care. Okay, that’s a lie from the pits of hell, because we do know (sort of) and we do care (not really but shut up).

OH FINE. If you’re so damn interested/concerned, you can read up on the origins of Auld Lang Syne for yourselves, HERE. After you do that, please come back here (and hello? By “here” we mean here) and join us in celebrating (for a second) the upcoming New Year with as much verve, joy, love and enthusiasm as you can muster (we know you can be pathetic, but give it a shot). Honestly, with the help of DIE ROTEN ROSEN* we think you’ll find it (mildly) difficult to resist. But, hey, if you can’t bring yourself to join in because you’re not (somewhat) moved by the music and/or don’t find yourselves (overly) anxious to share in our “Celebrate New Year’s Verve, Love and/or Joy Fest” (and/or you’re so damn pathetic you’ve already gone back to bed) then do it for auld lang syne. (whatever the hell that means…)

BY THE WAY, we’re not stupid (for the most part). We know there are a number of ways to celebrate New Years Eve (besides blogging). From what we hear, there are many festive and/or fabulous parties taking place around the world (with nary a blogger in site) even as we type (badly). In fact, to see what’s happening in Times Square in NYC rightthisminute, go HERE (unless you’re already “there” in person). Of course, you could always ring in 2007 (the way nerds like us do) via the 24 hour marathon of TWILIGHT ZONE on SciFi (shut up). Our point, for we had one when we started this post (last week), is that whatever you do and/or however you choose to welcome the New Year, we hope it’s beautiful (dress up), memorable (take pictures), and, uh, filled with loads of old-fashioned vervelove, and joy, (try not to drink too much, will ya?) and we’ll see you all back here… next year. (hahahaha — that joke never gets old)

~HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Friends — from ALL of us to ALL of you!~

*Die Roten Rosen is the nom de guerre of Deutchpunk band DIE TOTEN HOSEN in “punked-not-punk” mode. Click on that link for a holiday “howdy” (as opposed to a “doody”?) from 3 band members — via a Quicktime video. It’s mildly amusing and lasts as long as a crummy commercial break between episodes of TZ.


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Hope y’all don’t mind this little Sunday intrusion too much, we just thought it might be fun to raise (or take) a cup of kindness one last time before everyone headed out the door…

hope you ALL have a wonderful and SAFE New Years Eve!! and PLEASE, come back tomorrow and tell us what ya did — we’ll still be watching the Twilight Zone Marathon, but we’ll check in during the other crummy commercial breaks! xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

A stirring rendention of that old chestnut! Took a gander at the Times Square Cam and it reaffirmed my sincere thanks for not being in the middle of the already gathering humanity. Fun post Snup! Happy New Year to one and all!

Comment by Groovin BoBo

Oooh that was rockin’! And there little clip on their site? Loved the credits.

Happy New Year! Good-bye 06…helloooooo ’07!

(Psst…Snups…notice anything? Huh? HUH!)

Comment by littlebluepill

Happy New Years, Snarksters!!!

Comment by Pavel

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2:30 am here so off to bed I go! Besos to all and may 2007 kick 2006’s ass! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Happy New Year to all my snarky friends to the East. Let me know if it’s worth staying up for.

Comment by Diesel

Woo Hoo – Julian is drunk on sparkling orange juice from Ikea. The fun never ends. So is this the Blogosphere’s version of New Year’s Rocking Eve?

Die Lieder Hosen is fun – quite the rabble rousers!

Happy New Year! And I’m with you MizCatYummy – here’s to an ass kicking 2007~

da da da dum dum dum Auld Lang Syne.

Glad to have met you all in 2006. Now party on. XOX

Comment by DJ Lampsha

By the way – is there anything better than the Twilight Zone marathon I ask? Another reason that we’re NBFF’s.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

LBP: thought ya might enjoy that clip on their site — pretty cool/cute/funny dudes for “punk” rockers! as for the “did i notice somethin’??” i did! i did! and i like! i like! 🙂 Happy Happy, LBP! xox

Pavel: Happy New Year to you, too, kind sir! and thank you for helping to make this last (and, so far, only) year in the Snark so darn much fun! xox

CYM: BESOS para usted, Amiga! and Happy Happy New Year!! Can’t wait to celebrate the closing of ’07 with you RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OL’ US of A!! xox

Diesel: we’ll try to stay awake long enough to give you a good assessment. (but hey — you can watch that live streaming video of Times Square at midnight our time/9 your time, and decide for yourself!) Happy New Year… hope this turns out to be your best, yet! xox

DJ Lampsha: and how much do we love the fact that their name means “The Dead Trousers” in English? quite a lot, actually. (and their “other” name means “The Red Rose” from what i can gather. not that i speak German, but hey, that’s why we have Babel Fish, right?) and HOW DID I KNOW you love TWILIGHT ZONE?? because you couldn’t NOT lovelovelove it and be my NBFF! (my beautiful baby sister and i used to watch that show every Friday night along with Science Fiction Theater — we’re *still* devoted fans of such goofy movies as “Them”, the original version of “Little Shop of Horrors” (with Jack Nicholson), and “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Become Mixed Up Zombies” (a 1964 classic)! Happy Happy Happy New Year, my friend!! xoxo

Comment by snuppy new year

BoBo: d’oh! in my haste to respond, i missed you! (i hate when i do that) oh well — you know what i think about this, that, and the other… and, yes, i’m glad we opted out of a Rockin’ New Years Eve in Times Square with half a million of your close friends, too! Happy New Year Baby! (what’s this make for us… 22?? hmmm… we seem to be on a New Years Eve roll. and they said it wouldn’t last…) xoxoxo

Comment by snuppy new year

Happy New Year to all!

Comment by BoBo (2007 version)

That is so awesome. I cnaæt believe I get here -LATE!- and find Die Toten Hosen and my man, Mr.Campino filling his vocal cords. That was awesome and quite teh band to pick for me. I am a huge fan, i am also German…such is life!
I am one of those party girls this year…but I am having dinner with teh folks first, to keep up appearance and such!

Comment by Penguin

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