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Mummer Dearest* by Snuppy
Monday, 1 January 2007, 11:07am
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THERE are any number of festive New Year’s Day activities and/or celebrations (and/or games) you might enjoy watching on this, the first day of 2007. The ROSE PARADE comes to mind. And it is impressive — for an event that features a bunch of large floats made out of a bigger bunch of flowers. But, if you’ve never seen and/or heard of the MUMMERS PARADE in Philadelphia, PA, you A) ain’t never seen a real parade and, B) are in for a treat.

MUMMING began as a Pagan ritual around 400 BC — and found its way to America (specifically, Philadelphia) back in the 1600’s. The parade became an “official” part of Philly’s New Year’s Day revelry in 1901. From the unbelievable costumes to the precision performances, this street show is a spectacle of unimaginable proportions — made even better by the fact that most of these guys (for it’s strictly a “guy” thing) are cops/firemen by day(ish) — dancing/prancing/struttung muscicians by night(ish). Top secret song selections coupled with tightly choreographed routines and dazzling designer costumes make for fabulous parade fanfare through downtown Philadelphia. And a good time is had by all. Trust us, you live in the area, you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, and you watch this thing all day long. And well into the night. It’s that big — and that awesome.

THE following video features the performance of last year’s first prize winners in the “String Band” division — to see a couple more videos of other performances , CLICK HERE (WPHL–17).

bunny yawnALONG with wishing you all Happy New Year (one more freaking time), we’d be remiss if we didn’t say Rabbit, Rabbit (at least one freaking time) — what with it being the first of the month, as well as the first of the year. As for that picture, what can we say? Long night + start of a new month/year – patience to find anything more appropriate = cute yawning (or is he singing?) bunny.

*THANKS to that fabulous gal behind those luscious glitter lips, this is Post #1 of what may well be two posts today — assuming one of us (me) doesn’t fall asleep on the couch while watching the last few hours of that Twilight Zone Marathon, and forgets to put it up (don’t worry, won’t happen). So stay tuned, because LBP’s post is not only funny, it has perfect relatability — sweetened with a little “eye candy”, for those of you who appreciate such things…

~ snuppy


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had this post not been ready to go — and had i not assumed at least a couple of us (me, BoBo, Gina, and Al, to name 4) would appreciate a little “Mummer-abilia” today, i’d have gone ahead and put up Jenna’s great post right off the bat. that said, New Years Day parades are a bit of a tradition in this household (along with the aforementioned Twilight Zone Marathon, that shows up on SciFi Channel 2x a year) — so hopefully none of you will mind the indulgence. besides… now you know you have something to look forward to, and isn’t that what the New Year is all about??


Comment by One Hot Puppy

of course, as i re-watch this video — i realize i may be the ONLY one who thinks a bunch of “manly men” decked out like Carmen Miranda is funny…

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh no you’re not! Having several Philadelphia based in-laws, I do know of the glory of the Mummers Parade. I did see a parade many years ago and it is amazing. The bigger show may have been some of the spectators.

You know you can’t mess with Tradition. Great post and Happy New Year and Rabbit Rabbit to you. xox

Comment by Lampy

We just love the Mummers! Truth be told, probably one of the few highlights of our time in Philly…but a pleasant surprise it was! And if you think the marching dudes are amazing…you should see the spectacular “fancy brigades” which compete during gala evening events.

One of America’s best kept New Year’s secrets…maybe it’s better that way? Makes it a little more special.

Happy New Year Snarksters!

Comment by BoBo 2007

🙂 Don’t worry Snuppy I think a bunch of Manly Men dressed like Carmen is quite funny! I had never heard of the Mummers. Perhaps I’ll jot that down on the list of things to do before I turn 40! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

Comment by cj

A sad announcement Mummer enthusiasts…due to inclement weather the parade has been postponed to Saturday, January 6th…can’t have wet feathers now can we?

Comment by BoBo 2007

One teensy little correction — “Downtown Philadelphia” is properly pronounced “Sal’ Philly”.

And, its the rare New years indeed that the friggin’ parade isn’t postponed. They’re losing a fortune this year in lost New years car sales commercials.

Comment by Al

And, I’d keep that rabbit away from the Comics divisions. They’d bite the little guy’s head right off.

Comment by Al

Lampy: the Mummers are, indeed, a sight to behold. Big Burly guys bathes in feather boas? where else but “Sal’ Plilly”? (thanks for the pronunciation correction, Al!) Happy Happy Rabbit Rabbit NBFF! xox

BoBo: yeah, but now there’s a movement underway to get the Mummers on a national broadcast. which might be fun, because watching all those guys in all those divisions is about as perfect a way to spend the day as i can imagine (‘cept for the TZ marathon…) xoxo

CJ: oh yeah — this is *definitely* “must see” stuff. good times for the whole family, too! Happy New Year! xox

BoBo: postponed?? d’oh! weren’t we JUST talking about that earlier today? poor poor parade enthusiasts… xox

Al: Sal’ Philly. i stand corrected. as for the rabbits vs the comics (or vice versa) — hah! of course you’re right… some of those “comics” are downright scary. (still… ya gotta love ’em!) xox

Comment by snuppy new year

Rabbit rabbit 07!

I must say I’m very excited to see the end of 06. It was a crap ass year that only started to pick up at the end.

Didn’t watch much of the parade but wow…what a party.

A lot has been postponed today because of weather. Except here where it’s brown. Great white north? Only in Winterpeg.

Comment by littlebluepill

[…] another Holiday “rerun” today (altho’, we have to say we honestly thought the FIRST POST OF LAST YEAR was pretty damn […]

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