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Friends: The One with… by Snuppy
Tuesday, 2 January 2007, 10:50am
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RECYCLING is good for the environment. It also comes in handy when a certain blog sleeps in too late and doesn’t have the time and/or inclination to pull something new out of it’s collective ass. Enter This Post — which was just sitting in the Snark queue, waiting for the right New Years Eve and/or Day to be published: but since there won’t be one of those for at least 363-4 days, we think we’ll share it now. Otherwise we’ll have to toss it out to make room for all the new posts we plan to pull out of our asses over the next year.

* * * * * * * *

WE don’t know about you guys, but after we watched “Are You Popular?” a few times on Friday, and put into practice some of the excellent advice we managed to glean between bouts of making brownies and/or out in cars with boys, we found our date calendars filled up with enough New Year’s Party invitations to take us well into the next Century. Which means, of course, we’re gonna be busy. That said — and by virtue of the fact that you’re here, reading this — we’re guessin’ some of you will not. NATURALLY, we don’t want to leave any of you alone and/or unentertained, so we thought it might be fun (for you, not us, since we’ll be whooping it up at some fancy-schmancy par-tay) to share in some of the joy that was: FRIENDS. Specifically, the episode from Season 6 known simply as “The One with the Routine“. Most of you will probably think this is stupid, but we can think of at least one happy Penguin who’s gonna totally thank us in the morning. Enjoy.

YEP. We know those moves. We have those moves. We just didn’t want to show ’em to any of you sooner, ‘cuz we knew you’d try to steal ’em if you lucked into a last minute invitation and/or wound up at the same party as some of us. What can we say, it’s a jeté-eat-jeté world out there. Sometimes ya get to echappés sautés, sometimes ya get to watch. (we have no idea why we just used those ballet terms — don’t know what they are, can’t do ’em.)



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hopefully we’ll have something more timely and/or interesting for tomorrow… altho’ i, personally, never tire of Friends — especially this episode (i think it’s because this is how my sister and i look whenever we dance — which may explain why we were BOTH ballet school drop-outs, much to the chagrin of our aunt, who ran the school/tried to teach us/told us to get out and never darken her studio dance floor again.)

hope you’re all recovered from your respective New Years celebrations… and that you all have a fantastic *first* non-holiday…er…day (that being this one, i.e. Tuesday. not a holiday, unless i missed something… which is always likely.) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

“The routine” was one of the all-time best Friends moments ranking right up there with Elaine’s famous dance on Seinfeld.

Thanks for the moment of entertainment…I find the day after the holidays especially challenging so…whatever you can throw our way to soften the blow is appreciated.

Comment by BoBo

Love the routine! I’m with Bobo, this kind of softens the blow of being back at ack-work. This was a really funny Friends episode and it’s putting a smile on my face right now. That and I’ll have some new maneuvers for the kitchen dance floor with my favorite partner, ChooChoo. Hey who knows, if we practice our own routine over the next year, we might just have a shot at NewYears Rockin Eve ourselves. What with my newly svlete bod I’ll be working on…

Comment by DJ Lampsha

By the way, forgot to mention how I’m cracking up at your liberal sprinkling of what-I-will-have-to-take-your-word-for ballet terms at the end of the post. Very funny post indeed. And MizB – how do you type with all those hyphens?!

Comment by Lampy

Oh yeah the routine was hilarious. I’m thankful I was never that dorky with my brother. Phew. Talk about needing therapy later on had I been!

So this is the first day back at work. Huh. Biz-zay. Sigh. I coulda been sleeping.

Comment by littlebluepill

Ha, ha, haaa! Yep, those hyphens are a bitch and a half I tell you! Awful, AWFUL things!!! And apparently, Firefox is a hate-ah of all things hyphenated! BASTARDS!

As for the post and video pick? FABOO FO SHO!!! Oy that is definitely the kinda geeky dancing I do, if not worse… MUCH worse… but hey, it’s all in the fun we get out of it, no? Please tell me it is! P-LEASE!

Or else I am simply that, a geek! A GEEK!


And gotta agree with Lampy, lovedloved loooooved the hyphenated ballet experience/talk… a woman of many talents you are and oh so swoonalicious to bohemians! SEEEEEGURO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Television is like sausage – you love it, but you really don’t wanna know how its made.

(That wasn’t exactly original, was it?)

And, MizB, tell the truth: on your keyboard, you swapped the space bar and the hyphen key, right?

Comment by Al

I can’t believe I’ve never seen that episode. I’ve seen a lot of “Friends” and many-a reruns but not that one. 🙂 That was quite a routine. I’ll have to check with my sister to see if we can work on our own from ballet long long ago. Somehow I think she’ll decline!

Comment by cj

Ooooh Al! Now there’s a faboo idea! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

BoBo: it gets us every time… (uh, maybe we shouldn’t share our penchant for all things “Friends”… people will talk) xox

Lampsha: of course, what better way to get into shape that through a lot of fancy footwork? i can see you in that green outfit now, NBFF, and you’re hot! (hey, i can “wiki” with the best of ’em. trust me, i only find these terms, i don’t define ’em!) xox

LBP: now see? “Physical” helps get us in the mood to get into shape, and Friends provides us with the realization that, no matter how hard we try (okay, me) we will NEVER be as skinny as Monika and/or Elle McPhearson. oh well… who needs thin, you look smashing in that leather skirt, and BoBo likes the way i look in my sweats! xox

CYM: hyphens-are-a-bitch?-who-knew? oh-wait-i-did-because-i-once-(stupidly)-tried-to-channel-you-at-WA-and-it-WAS-a-bitch!! that said, i SAW you dance on your LATEST FABU POST, my dear friend… and you are AWESOME! (and pretty damn cute, too! lovelovelove those red slippers!!) xox

Al: it’s not that i don’t want to know how it’s made, it’s just that i don’t understand what happens to it between points A & B. as for sausage? eh, never eat the stuff — but i HAVE heard some disturbing things about Krispy Kreme Jelly Doughnuts… xox

CJ: WHAT??? i honestly laughed at myself for posting this one, because i worried it had been seen by too many too often! Now i’m very glad i did! it was very funny — and i highly recommend watching the entire episode whenever you get the chance to do so (seriously, don’t you guys get TBS up there in Minnesota? i swear Friends is on all the time…) xox

Comment by snup-two-three-four

As usual, I can’t see the video but it was a very funny post. I’m glad you all got so popular without soiling your reputations.

Comment by Willie

Willie: since you don’t watch much TV (tho’ i’m guessing you enjoyed the heck out of that Monk Marathon yesterday) we just try to give you something to look forward to when you get home. as for soiling our “reputations”? yeah — fortunately, that’s not *all* we didn’t soil, if you catch my drift, and i bet you do… xox

Comment by snup-two-three-four

I never watched Friends, so you gals are educating me–that’s pretty funny stuff:) And congrats on the popularity!

Comment by actonbell

Actonbell: wha-a-a-a??? i’m shocked! well, sort of. you’d like Friends — cute people, cute show — i’m thinking it would be right up your alley. (seriously, some of your work stories would have made great Friends fodder… ) as for our popularity? eh — fleeting, at best. just wait ’til we buy a bigger bra & stuff it, tho’, then all bets are off! xox

Comment by snup-two-three-four

yeah yeah yeah….
+dances like hell and grooves aorund teh flat*

Thsi here Penguin is a fanatic when it comes to Friends. If se is ever adressed as being witty, this might very well be the source.

I lovelovelove Friends and everybody who claims not to *winks* just hasnæt given it enough of a chance. It´s got everything plus a chick and a duck! How do you neat that. Thanks Neva, this was awesome…you and I will get along well 🙂

Comment by Penguin

is it ok, if I mumble teh words along? Love that episode.
I also love season 1, number 18! Just inc ase you come across a boring day with nothing to snark about 😉

Comment by Penguin

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