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Funny Girls by Snuppy
Friday, 5 January 2007, 9:53am
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angry womanNOT that we’re saying we are, mind you — for it’s actually occurred to us that maybe we’re not. Funny, that is. And/or, for that matter, as hilarious and/or entertaining as we like to think we are at any delusional moment on any given day. Naturally, we haven’t always felt this way, but after reading a Very Important and Serious Article by Christopher Hitchens called “Why Women Aren’t Funny” in this month’s issue of VANITY FAIR, we find ourselves being forced to re-evaluate the things that make us smile, along with the things we think will make you smile. That’s a lot of smiley-thinky-shit for us to worry about, which, needless to say, completely and utterly pisses us off. Wait. Are we funny when we’re pissed off? Because that might not be bad.

EH. Whether we’re funny, pathetic, pathetically funny — or just a bunch of sadly misguided posers is anyone’s guess. Either way, we know one thing with absolute certainty: some women out there aren’t just funny, they’re fucking hilarious (and his wife wants them to stop). FRENCH & SAUNDERS, to name two. And perhaps never more so than when in “music-video parody” mode, as they are as LANANEENEENOONOO, in this comedic cover of HELP! which they recently(ish) recorded with another group of funny gals*, BANANARAMA.

*”Funny” because, hello? They call themselves Bananarama.



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if “funny” fails us today (i.e., you fail to find any here), perhaps we can offer some of you scotch and cookies? we hear that helps enhance humor (not that we’d know anything about that, mind you, so shut up.) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

First of all…just about anything with French & Saunders qualifies as “funny,” it’s a pretty safe bet all around…secondly, however, dare I say…I kinda like Bananarama-lama-ding-dong’s rendition (he says in muted tone hoping no one will hear).

Comment by BoBo

Uneven at times, this is, nonetheless, a surprisingly satisfying and somewhat evocative blend of contemporary music and dance, bearing the occasional flash of an iconic reflection of the likes of a Tharp or a Fosse, and while the performance is troubled here and there by the pervasive rift that has always separated the classical and the modern forms, it also hopes, in its own way, that this traditional gulf might, with sufficient energy and boldness, be at least partially bridged.

Shit. My monacle fell into my porridge.

Comment by Al

BoBo: i have to say i like it too — it doesn’t hurt to have French & Saunders (along with Kathy Burke) singing those backups. you know, i think Terri (my sis, for those of you who don’t know), Lampsha, and I could do that — maybe not as well (Terri & I aren’t very good dancers, after all) but those back-up vocals? we could totally nail ’em! xoxo

Al: aw, too bad, and you looked so “refined” in that monacle, too. i’m pretty sure your comment just semi-validated my last “definition” on WA (if you said it with a British accent, it *totally* did). xox

Comment by Snuppy

Great definition over there — but, Snuppy, I’m absolutely cracked in half by your request for the recipe for Jesu Pie. Very funny, here and there, as always. Better double-check your trousers, funny girl…

Comment by Al

by the way — for more “funny” fodder from a female perspective (tho’ i swear her stuff would be funny in any gender), you guys should definitely check out LAMPY’S LATEST POST — i know some of you already have — but if not, please do so, *now*! 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Al: ’twas nuthin’, but thanks! i’m a little worried someone might come back and smack me in the face with that pie — you know how some of those people can get over such mockery (tho’ i meant nothing by it, sort of). as for my trousers? well, i didn’t want to say anything — but i have been told my testosterone levels are high (that said, i’m pretty sure those two giant babies i squeezed out a few years ago are a good indication that my gender has been properly “assigned”) 😀 xox

Comment by Snuppy

If this is an indicator of anyting I’m not sure, but one of my coworkers said “Lampy I mean this in the best possible way, but you’re like one of the guys”. Well, err thanks?

Even for humor, we have to fight for our place to be funny?! I do want to read that article. But not until I’m finished laughing at this post and the always funny French & Saunders! But I can’t laugh too much because I have to be in the right mode – do the strut, make the demands at the bargaining table (G-d help me – don’t let this video come into my head while I’m trying). I think we should try it Snuppy, after all their dance steps were off just a tad, so who’s perfect?

Thanks for the nod Snuppy, but we already KNOW how funny we are and how much we crack each other up and that’s it!

I’m off to go scowl in the mirror! Happy Friday Snarksters!

Comment by Lampy

Lampy: maybe it’s that habit you have of grabbing your crotch in “that” way? (kidding! i kid!!) so now you know i’m just cracking up as i type, after getting that image in my head of you grabbing your crotch — even as i grab my own (DON’T say a word, boys… i mean nothing sexual by that). we have the gender/bodies of “over-21” women, and the minds/senses of humor of 12 year old boys. that works for me! (oh, and FYI, along with my “12-year old boy” sense of humor, i can also evoke my inner kick-ass/toss ’em in the trunk of the car “Goodfella” when the mood strikes — lemme know if that meeting takes a turn for the purse, and we’ll tawk. i mean, how hard can it be to track down a Malaysian dude named “Sonny”?) xox

Comment by Snuppy

Oooch this little blue pill needed that today.

Thanks you not-so-funny-because-you’re-really-hilarious ladies.

Comment by littlebluepill

LBP: takes a not-so-funny-because-you’re-really-hilarious lady to know one! glad you liked this — if you’ve ever seen the Beatles movie HELP you’d know why the part of this video with everyone on skis is so funny. in a nice “homage-y” sort of a way, that is! xox

and, ya know, i was thinking: if we titled this post “Funny Boys”… and featured a video of Jerry Lewis (maybe even in “Carmen Miranda” mode, who knows?) would we have had more traffic here today? or at least as much as we did yesterday, when Diesel did his post? i wonder… was he that much funnier than we are? probably. still… maybe we should have just followed his whorish “get more traffic” suit and used a bunch of “search buzzwords” — perhaps come up with something like:

Saddam Hussein was hung, but not like BRAD PITT, or so says Angelina Jolie, even as she looks to adopt Brittney Spears’ 2nd child, in order to save it from the clutches of K-Fed,who went down like a cheap 2-bit hooker on a 4-bit date on the WWE Monday Night — which was fine because the entire cast of Gray’s Anatomy was on hand to administer first aid. (is that how it went, Diesel?)

or not. whatevah — we stand by French & Saunders, and we’ll kick anyone in the balls who tries to tell us we aren’t funny (to our faces, that is. what you guys say behind our backs is between you and your mothers). xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Sorry, I had to make a show of doing some “work” for Galactic Invertebrates today. (I’m charging them 2.5x my prior salary to work as a contractor, so occasionally I have to do some actual work).

My traffic whoring experiment definitely increased the quantity of visits, while simultaneouly decreasing the average quality of visitors by an even greater degree. A sorry lot they were.

Anyway, as far as this being funny… Well, Al would be nowhere without a straight man. So to speak.

Comment by Diesel

I was a kid when this came out, and LOVED the video. Bananarama … forgot all about them (I’m sure everyone else did), but I think I still have their tape somewhere around here.

This and Putting on the Ritz were by far my two favorite MTV videos back when MTV was cool. But then again, everything seems cool to a 6 year old.

Comment by Anita

Ooooh! You said Bananarama!!!! Back in the 80’s we had been “trained” to do a very geeky dance to “Venus” where my sister, cousin A and I had this routine we danced to the song while my brother and cousin S stood between us three girls and were our gogo boys!

They will, to this very day, still deny that ever happened as I bemoan the fact the geekiness was never captured on film! Oy!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Diesel: so wait — you *quit* your job and are now doing your old job for better than TWICE the money??? swe-e-e-eet… as for Al’s “straight man”, is that you? or me? or are you referring to that book by Richard Russo i told you about (which is reallyreally funny. WAY more funny than any girl could write — but you didn’t hear that from me) xox

Anita: go ahead and rub a little salt into my “old-age” wound, will ya? you were 6 when this Bananarama first hit the scene and/or MTV was still cool? yikes. i think the most memorable thing about the year i turned 6 was that my husband was born (not that i knew him back then, mind you) — tho’ that’s not quite the same kind of a thing now, is it? no i thought not. sigh (Puttin’ on the Ritz was a lot of fun, i’ve always liked that song!) xox

Miz B: and yet, i’ll just bet they get up and shake it like the “go-go boys” they always wanted to be when ever the song comes on, right? Venus is (or was… but what the heck it still IS) a great song! perfect, i think, for cute little girly/geeky routines *and* cute little go-go wanna-be boys! xox

Comment by snuppy sales

Anita: i suppose i should *also* mention the fact that when MTV was cool, my OWN kids were, well, lets just say they weren’t 6, but they were born, so… uh… yeah. that makes me old. *drops head — shuffles across the room and eases back into the La-Z-boy* sigh.

Comment by snuppy sales

I’m not sure how I ended up here, but what’s new in my world of being lost, most of the time? I loved the video. I know it’s 4:00 in the morning, but did one of those gals resemble Rosie O? And someone in the dance line looked like Robin Williams. I will be back to watch it again at a decent hour of the day, after I’ve had my caffeine to look again. Besides, I loved the song. Haven’t I heard it somewhere before but sung by guys? As far as your post about women not being funny, like you say we don’t have to be. I just wish that I had a quick wit. I can usually think of something pretty damn funny about a week later. So, I call the person up and throw in my “funny” but it just doesn’t have the same effect. Now, I’m off to backtrack to see how I got here.

Comment by Swampwitch

Snuppy, you’re not old, just a cradle-robber. Sleeping next to their booty, those unprosecuted felons always feel a little old. Its only fair, after all.

From when I was six, all I remember is mud – mud pretty much everywhere. Things got a little better a few years later, when, to separate the mud from the non-mud, somebody invented the road. Fire? Wheel? As a child, I could only dream of such wonders.

Comment by Al

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