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Saturday, 6 January 2007, 8:07am
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Okay with all of that “business” I had to dispose of meet about and discuss yesterday and needing to  dispose of a  prepare PREPARE for our Friday night Shabbat dinner, well, let’s just say a post did not get done.  Settle down, I know the three of us who love to listen to music on Saturdays would be disappointed, and I did have a band in the wings that I wanted to share, so let’s press on.

The Band is Elizabeth and The Catapult and if my ear hears correctly, they may be doing just that – catapulting up the charts (that was a lame metaphor but hey, it is 6:00 a.m. and come to think of it, that may not even be a metaphor).  They are a three piece band from NYC consisting of Peter Lalish, Dan Molad (the Catapult I guess) and fronted by Elizabeth Ziman (well, Elizabeth).  Their sound has been characterized as jazzy funky and smooth and Elizabeth’s vocals have been compared to that of Norah Jones.  Nice recipe so far.   She also recalls for me the songwriting smooth sound of Aimee Mann (whom you may or may not know, and I just may save for a future spin).

This is an organic post in that, there are no GASP – YouTube videos to go along with it, but let’s use our imaginations here.  Actually, don’t worry there’s a bit of them playing together in this clip from BILLBOARD’S EMERGING ARTISTS spotlight (which juding by the interviewer’s attire, the Catapult are not the only thing emerging). 

But most importantly, if you want to hear them in all their glory and the songs from their self titled EP, then click the following link to their own charming site, ELIZABETH & THE CATAPULT and don’t expect the world to clean up for you (you’ll get it when you click there).

Have a groovy weekend all.



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Well now that I’ve whipped that together before the kids have awoken, it is tempting indeed to go back to sleep except so many other things call to me from a locked trunk around the house. So hope you enjoy and I’ll catch up with you later. xox

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Ooooh! She be a groovay chick FO SHO! WHY OH WHY can I not sing??? I wanna sing and just be dreamy like these faboo women you keep introducing to us!!!! (I am still IN LOVE with Ms. Spektor! LOVE I TELL YOU!!!)

You know Ms Gina G, maybe you should seriously think about DJing… I wanna dance to the rhythm of yo’ beat FO SHO!



Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

DJ Lampsha: girlfriend, you are amazing. as is this performer (performers?). man — this music is absolutely fantastic, and i figure it’s only a matter of time before that first song ya hear on their site is made into a video. speaking of that site, how totally charming is that? what a FABULOUS spin, NBFF, especially for one you claim to have created on the fly and/or is organic in it’s origins (hey, looky there — great music and it’s GOOD for us, too!) xoxox

CYM: hey wait a minute… didn’t i hear you singing JUST LAST WEEK?? why i believe i did. and you were DANCING, too! and YOU were FABOOOOOOOO! (just sayin’…) hurry up and get back to these here shores, dearest amiga, and we shall ALL dance the dance electric to whatever music our dear and beautiful Lampsha decides to spin!! xoxox

NOW — for just a minute (or two) i do believe we have to skidaddle over to WAKING AMBROSE and see if we can figure out, once and for all, who that “Mystery Voice” belongs to. (i STILL say it’s Monika… and i think you know why. i mean, those birds are kind of a give-away, right???) xoxoxox

Comment by snuppy

Great group, G, thanks. Great weekend, everyone.

Comment by Al

YAY new music Saturday!! 🙂 I over slept but will be back later to listen to the links… its time for ballet!

Comment by cj

CattyYummy – With all you’ve got going for yourself, you don’t need to sing honey. And I will DJ for your Welcome Home PARTAY, where we will DANCE THE DANCE ELECTRIC FO SHO AND SHAKE OUR GROOVE THANGS OH YEAH!!!

Yeah, Regina Spektor’s a keeper in my book too. Now come on home and let’s get dancing!

Snuppy, I agree – that song is very Videolicious, they need to get going! Ooh so very glad you liked but then again I’m not surprised. Ooh wouldn’t that be great – us all dancing the dance electric!! Hope you’re enjoying your TGSNWM’s as we speak.

Al, glad you liked. Hey they’re from the downtown neighborhood, that’s got to count for something.

cj: You’re one of my three who likes checking out the tunes, so you’d better come back! Hope little Thea has a grand ballet time – you too.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

STOP IT! Another awesome find that I will now have to go over to iTunes and download, a trend (prompted by your irresitable Saturday Spins)that is rapidly draining what resources we have available. No groceries this week Snuppy for I must download more wonderful music introduced by DJ Lampsha…house payment be damned! The music must play!! See what you’ve done!

Comment by BoBo

Joel, small price ay? Snuppy’s pretty understanding, just don’t compromise her manicures or the takeout! You can’t eliminate the takeout (err, you know what I meant). I say download away!

Indeed – the music must play!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Whoa, great stuff! Thank you for the recommendation:)

Comment by actonbell

I like the sound. She reminds me of someone but not Norah Jones. Suzanne Vega, maybe?

Comment by Walela

Actonbell: Glad you liked! You are very welcome.

Walela: There’s that Suzanne Vega-ish feel. Her voice reminds me a lot of Aimee Mann. I like them – very fresh sound.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

What I day?! I was trying to get here for the past two days but this whole parenting gig has gotten in the way. I went to itunes and found the band and was able to download an album…. and I’ll listen to it on my way to Walnut Grove today. *S* I am really excited because I like Aimee Mann. Thanks so much DJ for the new music, it really is one of the better parts of my week.

Comment by cj

Oh very catchy! For some reason I’m diggin Momma’s Boy. bwahahaha.

Comment by littlebluepill

cj, these kids really demand a lot of attention don’t they? Ooh glad you found it and hope you like it. I have a feeling if you like Aimee Mann, you will. De nada friend, it’s one of mine too 🙂

LBP: They are catchy. Yeah Momma’s Boy lays down the law.

G’night all. May all of our Mondays be kind.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

More a combo of the Roaches meet Diana Krall. Liked them very much

Was just thinking what it could be like to be a young musician in an era where even kids don’t go out all that much and it’s a youtube world when they talked about it.

Comment by pia

Pia: Now that’s an interesting recipe. Yeah, but seems bands are playing and people are still going to see them. There’s a certain type of person for whom live music cannot be substituted. Then the bootlegs end up on YouTube 🙂

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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