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Film Appreciation(ish) by Snuppy
Tuesday, 9 January 2007, 9:59am
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LET the following serve as a reminder to one and all about the potential pitfalls of posting late at night when sleep deprivation is already an issue.

LAST WEEK, we were very entertained by a POST submitted by our friend, and cohort, DIESEL. But before we get to that clever post (or this attempt at one), quick question: if Diesel is our cohort, does that make us horts? What the hell is a hort, anyway? And, since Diesel’s all about increasing traffic to his website, and we seem bent on doing the same thing, does that make us cowhores, as well? All things we wonder about when we can’t sleep and/or come up with a topic to snark about on any given day. But wait! Don’t look now, not only did we just digress, we took a U-turn at the entrance to this blog and wound up right back where we started. Talking about an entertaining post submitted by our friend and cohort/cowhore, uh… Diesel. And this post isn’t even about Diesel and/or his post, let alone horts and/or whores (“co” and/or otherwise). It’s about film appreciation-ish-ness. Sort of.

TODAY marks the 113th anniversary of the first film copyright, which was secured by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, in 1894 (which you’d know if you’d bothered to do the math). Relevant to nothing, mind you, nonetheless it is mildly interesting. And don’t you just know we’d love to show you what that riveting bit of “copyrighted” cinematography looked like, especially since it was 47 images of a man sneezing? Unfortunately, that film has yet to find its way into public domain and/or on to YouTube, which means we’re SOL.

THAT said, we find ourselves in the pleasant position of being able to offer an interesting peek at 90 seconds, or so, of pretty darn cool animated projections — or “Pantomimes Lumineuses” as they’re known around film school. Titled “Autour D’une Cabine” (Around the Bathing Hut), this hand painted beauty, was also released in 1894, by Émile Reynaud, the man who invented the PRAXINOSCOPE* — which, according to that article (we can’t bring ourselves to read), was a device used to create this kind of animation. Appréciez(ish)!

*Do us a favor, will ya? Read the article up there then come back here and tell us what a “praxinoscope” is. That’s not to say we didn’t try to figure it out for ourselves, but we kind of fell asleep while we were researching/writing this thing, and we just didn’t have time to bother with details like, what exactly it was we were writing about. At the moment, “praxinoscope” sounds like something used for a colonoscopy, but that can’t be right.



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all apologies for the late(ish)ness of this post. stupid YouTube was giving me fits this morning — so, after spending more time than this post deserved trying to fix it, i suddenly remembered Google is another good source for videos tracked down another version following an exhaustive search.

i hope you all watch this clip, it’s really clever — especially when you consider the fact that it was done 113 years ago. or maybe that’s just me, but since i’m the one doing today’s post, then by golly mine is the only opinion that counts. unless you hate it — and me — so much, you all run away like spoiled little babies to some other blog who’ll treat you nicer. but where’s the fun in that?? (and no, i didn’t get enough sleep again, last night, why do you ask??)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Morning sleeping beauty. 😛

Those naughty French animators and their praxinoscopes probing underwater bathers. That was what this clip was all about, wasn’t it?

Comment by Brian

I’m wondering what somebody like Jerry Bruckheimer could do with this material…

Comment by Al

That was very cool. I bet they did it for under 100 million too and I also bet the creators are still waiting for their share of the “net profits.”

Comment by BoBo

A praxinoscope seems to be a device for dragging out 26 distinct images into 3 minutes of breathtakingly dull animation.

If I’ve learned anything from Michael Bay, it’s that no shot should be longer than a standard sneeze.

Comment by Diesel

Giving new meaning to the phrase “nothing to sneeze at”! Wow that’s a long time ago to be able to do any sort of film. I’m sorry that I can’t view it right this very second, but I will tonight.

And leave it to Diesel, our very own Jimmy Neutron to give such a perfect synopsis.

Comment by Gezundlamp

A day older. A little bit wiser. I go on.

Comment by Willie

Are there any old animations of wolves eating children?

Comment by Walela

Sorry Walelea, those are checked out of the library right now. I’ve been using them to get my kids in to bed at night.

Comment by Little Lamp Riding Hood

Brian: yep! that’s exactly right! and did i imagine this, or did the man and woman “switch” places when they changed into their suits?? 😉

Al: i’m thinkin’ the little tent (or “bath hut”) is a lot like the one featured in the end credits of House — which is the production company’s homage of sorts to Jaws. (you know, the beach scene? “that’s some bad hat, Harry.”??) ah well… this is how my brain works when not fully rested.

BoBo: well sure, that goes without saying! poor Émile Reynaud…no residual funds — and no real fame, despite the fact that, according to that one website, his life’s work was trying to “perfect his instrument”. xox

Diesel: which *he* learned from William Kennedy Laurie-not-Angie Dickson-not-Dickenson. (i know this film doesn’t have the action an animation/anime aficionado such as yourself requires in order to be entertained, but still, those frame dissolves were kind of cool… don’t ya think?)

Gezundlamp (heh): i’m sorry this wasn’t in the queueueue-down-upon-the-Swanee River in time for you to see it before you left for work! that said, i think you’ll find it interesting and fun. oh, maybe not as much fun as The Lion King and/or The Little Mermaid (you have kids, i know you’ve been forced to watch) but it’s pretty darn cool, nonetheless!

Willie: one day at a time… just like the rest of us. (i have no idea what the hell that means. did i mention the extreme fatigue i seem to be suffering from today??)

Walela: why, are you missing some? (animations and/or children)

Little Lamp Riding Hood: 🙂

Comment by snuppy-vision

uh — so what’s up with Blogger, NOW? i just tried to click on a couple of sites and was denied access…. and, since neither one has converted to “Beta”, i can’t help wondering if this is how Blogger intends to force the last few blogging purists to comply with the new format?

of course, i’ve only tried Willie’s and teh Penguin’s sites… so maybe this is just a server problem for a few blogs (since i had no trouble opening up Lampy’s). still… it does seem odd.

Comment by snuppy-vision

Nope, Snuppy, Blogger is being stupid again. In fact, I just wrote a flash 50 fiction story called 403 Forbidden in *honor* of Blogger. All you snarksters come on over and read.

And yes, the second set of bathers did switch places in the hut.

Comment by Brian

i read your flash 50, Brian, and i thought it was excellent! 🙂

Comment by snuppy-vision

I’m wondering if Blogger isn’t making it so that everyone can change over to Don’t-call-it-Beta or if everyone will suddenly be all No-longer-Beta because I can access all the don’t-call-them-beta sites.

113 years ago? Wow you can find anything on youtube!

Comment by littlebluepill

Yeah, for us don’t-call-us-beta sites, we’re good. For the old timers, no go – pretty much all day. Do they have any idea how this effects us!? Yeah I’m thinking the old squeeze play myself.

Comment by Lampy

LBP: a’yup! imagine my surprise when i found that! 🙂

Lampy: “squeeze play” is exactly what i think, too. how else to explain the fact that the “don’t call you betas” are up and running, while the “not-master-betas” are left to fend for themselves? (somehow that almost seems poetic. or pathetic… not sure which) xox

so, the message i’m getting on WA (and all the other “not-master-beta” blogs i just checked/tried to comment on) is this:

The old version of Blogger is currently down for maintenance. We are also unable to create new accounts or blogs on Blogger at this time. Please try again later.

i believe we know what’s going on here. or *there*. those bastards. they’re evil i tell ya, EVIL. so evil you have to pronounce it “ee-VILL” (a dumb line from “So I Married an Ax Murderer”, and yet, it always makes me laugh!)

Comment by snuppy-vision

I am Master Beta. You will all switch over to my blogs or else pay me…… 1 MILLION dollars!!! *evil cackle*

On a different subject, there was, maybe still is a store in East Haven, CT, called Master Bait and Tackle that sold fishing gear. They used to run local access television ads.

Comment by Brian

Well I can’t access my blog. Oh yes…the not-no-more Beta revolution is ON!

Comment by littlebluepill

Brian: hah! haven’t seen their commercials, but i bet they’re funny.

LBP: i was able to access your blog and i’d just like to say i LOVE your new post! (you’re such a sweet Auntie, Denn!)

so now the thing that has me confused about Blogger is the fact that the verifier hasn’t changed all day no matter whose blog i’m commenting on. you guys seeing the same thing? (i’ve only noticed because the “word” is SMENITA, which means nothing but just looks funny everytime i see it!) it’s just weird i tell ya, WEIRD!

Comment by snuppy-vision

YEP! That’s the word I had.

Yeah right after I posted I was able to get to my blog but hey…it got you over there to see if it was up. Hah! Evil me!

Comment by littlebluepill

LBP: evil? no… i call that clever. 😉 xo

Comment by snuppy-vision

Now did anybody say what a charmingly wonderful find this was? I don’t think properly. Hats off to you Snuppy for such a little oddball great little flick. They certainly don’t make them like they used to. Bawdy in its own right yet. Those French. Gotta love it.

Thank you for finding such a quaint little intro to Film History 101. Merci.

Comment by Bathing Lampy

Bathing Lampy in the red & white striped hut: aw shucks… ’twas nuthin’. *blush*

Comment by snuppy-vision

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