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Virtual Waste of Time by Snuppy
Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 9:55am
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THERE we were, minding our own business, reading a blog here, tossing around a few ideas for a post there, when suddenly, out of the blue our thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy clicking, as our son marched into our office holding in his hot little hands the laptop computer he borrowed 3 months ago, and has yet to return.

Hey Mom, check this out” was the last thing we heard before plunging head first into the virtual abyss of Virtual Gaming. We don’t want to shock anyone here, but along with Solitaire and/or Texas Hold ‘Em, there are more than a few ways in which to waste time on the computer, and if you have a moment (which we’re guessing you do) we thought we’d share a few. After all, why should we be the only pathetic losers playing with ourselves today?

throw paperTHIS first “game” is more of a “Gee, wouldn’t it be fun to have a bunch of wadded up pieces of paper, a fan, a large waste basket at my disposal, and no one to bother me for a few hours?” kind of a thing. In that, if you did have those all things, you might spend and inordinate amount of time trying to toss those virtual paper wads into that stupid wastebasket, after gauging the velocity of the wind from the fan and/or the angle of the toss.  And fun would, indeed, ensue. But don’t take our word for it, click HERE and see for yourself. Watch out, this is addictive.

WASN’T that fun? But wait, there’s more. How ’bout a stupid-yet-annoying-yet-colorful game featuring the spread of a virus. Oh come on, you know you want to see what it looks like. If only for the pleasure of telling us what maroons we are for showing it to you in the first place. Just take a quick PEEK, but hurry back, time is money, and our patience is running low on gas. Huh? See what these freaking games do to our brain cells? They’re mush we tell ya, MUSH. Especially the cells responsible for coherent speech and/or good judgement. (not our favorite, but still cute-ish)

TWO more sites and then you can all go play with yourselves, while we shop around for that frontal lobotomy we keep promising ourselves to get.

LINE RIDER MADNESS. “Madness”, because this is harder than it looks and/or should be, and we became extrememly agitated while trying to figure out what the hell to do with that fucking pencil — actually we know exactly what to do with that fucking pencil, and if we ever meet up with the fucker who created this fucking game, we plan to… well, no need to tell you what we plan to do, but suffice it to say it will involve the #2, and it won’t be pretty. You can also try a little VIRTUAL SLEDDING, but be warned, the sledding is virtual, the nausea is not. (what can we say? this stuff makes us queasy)

HEY, did we say 2 more sites? We meant 3 — but only because we saved the best for last.fly guy This (actually cool) “game” is about a guy who can fly. Yep. A Guy. Who can fly. Or, as it’s called by the guy who created it, FLY GUY. Oddly relaxing, we have this running in another window so we can keep flying around/bumping into things, even as we wrap up this poor excuse for a post and/or before attempting to wrestle back that laptop computer from our son.

*UPDATE: it would most certainly NOT be a waste of time, virtual and/or otherwise, to check out the GUEST POST  on WA today — which features our favorite pair of red glitter lips, aka, that gorgeous LITTLE BLUE PILL.



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i swear my day was filled with interruptions, yesterday — as my son (who should be working and/or in school, but that’s beside the point) kept popping in to share this shit stuff with me. i really do love “Throw Paper” game (my high score was 3, but that doesn’t mean i didn’t have fun trying to thwart the fan/make the shots), and that Fly Guy is extremely cool (he flies, he bumps into/interacts with stuff, and eventually winds up with a hula girl… but the interactions are fun, and the music is relaxing.)

anyway, sorry to subject you to this onslaught of gamery (is that a word? it is now!) — unless you like this sort of thing, in which case i’m sure (with the help of my son) i’ll be able to come up with a few more!

these will all open in new windows (just so’s ya know) and i double checked them all to make sure the links were safe and there were no “trojans” lurking about…(i had an especially bad encounter with a bunch of “ad-ware” yesterday, don’t want any of you to suffer the pains i did removing it from my files) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

This is the most fun ever! Or perhaps I’m just incredibly easy to amuse. Either way…I love fly guy and the paper wad throw is the best…I could play them all day long…which would no doubt get me fired so that’s probably not the best idea of the day.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: yeah — at least the “boy” came through with some fun stuff. (wonder if there’s a career in there somewhere…?) xox

Comment by snuppy

I’m with Bobo, I could play with these all day long. Of course, not that I don’t work for the fun of it, but still I’d like to leave on my own terms. heh heh.

To her boss:

“Oh, the documents, yeah, they’re right here under some wadded up paper. I’ll have the fly guy bring them over to you.”

As my sister once remarked to me “You ought to write a book about wasting time”. Are you available to co-author? XOX

Comment by Lampy

Actually, I’m thinking your son may want a piece of the book action too.

Comment by Lampy

I hesitate with FlyGuy because I just tossed a bunch of paper. Best so far was 3. But I’ll beat it!! Just after I do some work around here.

Comment by littlebluepill

The flying guy game is fun. Too much fun.

Comment by Al

Oh amiga mia, anything you recommend is NOT a waste of time! DIOS MIO perish the thought… off I go soon to check out some of the games but seeing how crazy it has been here what with doctor’s appointments and myriad phone calls dealing with the BMW, house, bank, buyers-that-are-or-not, chicken pox, some shopping and the like, we have barely been home so forgive me for my absence for MAN have I missed you and MAN am I dying to talk to you!!!!!! The kids sleep in the room the PC is in now which is why I haven’t been able to call… so from now on I can do it when they are up which shall mean much whining and screaming in the background! Oy! 😉

Well, they are fighting over something and the girl is scratching when she shouldn’t be so off I go! Just wanted to pop in to say hola!!! Besos my beautiful friend I miss oh so much and YES I gotta go over to see LBP FO SHO!!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I was going to cure cancer today, but I did this instead.

Comment by Diesel

Okay this throwing paper is bad. BAD!

Best so far: 8.

Damn. Have you seen the pile of jobs on my desk?

*Leans down, eyes garbage can under desk.* NO! I shall behave.

Comment by littlebluepill

Hey, snarksters. Sorry, I haven’t been around in a bit. I was sick for a few days. Much better now. Gosh, I wish I would have found these great time wasters to play WHILE I was sick, I tell ya. Very cool!

Comment by Pavel

Lampy: so you’ll have the Fly Guy do a fly-by? i’m sure your boss will be delighted! as for that book-collaboration offer? our son (evil young man that he is) would be perfect! if not to help write the thing, then most certainly as an example of what happens to folks who spend WAY too much time on the internet. xox

LBP: trust me, Fly Guy is awesome! and so fun to watch when he encounters some of those folks (the alien, the robot, and his copy machine, to name but a few) but i’m with ya — Paper Toss is way too fun for its (or our) own good! xox

Al: agree. totally. xox

CYM: believe it or not, i think you’ll find Fly Guy soothing. i mean, the music certainly is — but even watching him fly around is somewhat hypnotic. be well, amiga (and hurry up and get the HELL outta Spain!!!) xox

Diesel: who among us can’t say the same thing? trust me, we can *all* say the same thing. THE SAME THING. yep. that was easy. as for electing to play games instead of, oh, say, curing disease and/or building a house? who among us hasn’t done the same thing? xox

LBP: 8?? EIGHT?? wow. i’m impressed. that said, my son’s highest score is 11. yes — that WAS his how he spent his day. sigh xox

and speaking of my evil and/or wayward son — just as i managed to finally tear myself away from the computer long enough to take a bathroom break, he came in and linked me to yet ANOTHER STUPID GAME. not a very difficult one, and yet — after conquering a couple of levels? it is. grrrrr. i’m about to wet my pants, but i think i can hold on long enough to reach level 5. wish me luck!

Comment by snuppy

Pavel: sooooooo sorry to know you were ill. and even more sorry we didn’t do this post in time to offer comfort and/or entertainment! hope you’re better!! i guess you can just file these away for another bout of “something” and/or some day when you’re feeling especially bored, eh? (sorry i didn’t see you when i was writing out that other comment…it’s good to see your happy face again!) xox

Comment by snuppy

I thought the paper game was the best of the fun. I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing in flyguy but the martian headcutting was fun.

I think I got to two on the waste paper basket and I’m not too proud to say I was proud of myself.

Comment by Walela

I did spend a lot of time in flyguy with the girl clinging to the cloud. I don’t know what the point was but the concept was intriguing,

Comment by Walela

Walela: the Fly Guy doesn’t really have a point (that i can assertain) — that said, he *does* interact with a few of those characters (the kid with the balloon, that lady, the copy machine, the cell phone…) mostly, i think it’s supposed to be less of a game, and more of a lazy, floaty experience — until you bump into that stupid electric eel…. and i’d say “2” was pretty darn good for the paper toss (of course, i made it up to “3”, but who’s bragging?? not me, that’s for sure.) xox

Comment by snuppy

so *this* is how mothers and teenage boys bond. good to know! i will now go and waste some time sledding and chucking paper;-)

Comment by joy

Frickin’ paper toss!

*mutter mutter*

Comment by littlebluepill

NINE! woohoo! okay, now my arm hurts from patting myself on the back, but still… nine! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Joy: and you thought your were in the “fun” part now, right? nope, as you can see, it’s all downhill from there…. (SO good to see you, by the way — and Happy New Year!) xox

LBP: i know. i know. try not to think about my HIGH SCORE…. you’ll only grit your teeth and mess up your lipstick. xox

Comment by snuppy

okay — i don’t want to brag — but my NEW high score is…..12. that’s right baby — i said twelve. i know, i’m pathetic, but that’s beside the point. the point is i made 12 shots. now i can retire (or at least stop for awhile, because that thing gives me a headache) 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Well…I made it to 11.

And I missed my bus.

Comment by littlebluepill

Great post! I’ll have to check them out, with all this time I have now. The first one reminds me of one I tried once where you have to bathe a bunch of toddlers, picking out the PROPER soap product, dumping the kid in the bath, and going for another kid and product, all the time making sure that the first kid isn’t in there too long. Oh, and btw, the proper soap product isn’t easy to figure out. It’s timed. It’s insane. Now I’ll try these.

Comment by actonbell

Actonbell, I remember that one. If my memory serves me correctly, I probably am not the proper person to be bathing my kids.

Comment by Wasting Watts

By the way, I couldn’t access the paper toss! It seems I am the only one.

Comment by Wasting Watts

I think I´ll stick with bubbles. Thanks all teh same though 🙂

Oh and teh pill was good, wasn´t she?!

Not surprising taht with those lips, the mouth behind tehm must have something sensual to say 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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