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If It’s Thursday… by Snuppy
Thursday, 11 January 2007, 8:37am
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…THEN some of us are on a train — even as some of you read this pathetic excuse for a post. Why —  some of you may ask — are we on a train? Because we’re meeting ourselves (or some of us are meeting some other us-es) for coffee and cheesecake (Or was that cheesesteak? Gee, we sure hope it’s the former, because some of us are vegetarians. But we digress, and you know how some of us hate it when that happens.) Anyway, since some of you won’t be joining us, we thought you might like doing so vicariously, and, hoped this little video might help ease you in to the right frame of mind.

WE’RE pretty sure this is funny. Not fall out of your chair in gales of laughter while chocolate milk spews out of your mouth and/or nose funny, but still… we laughed. Of course, we’ve always been big fans of stupid and/or cheesy entertainment, so maybe this is just an extention of that. Since we’re currently sitting on a train watching the landscape blow past our window, as opposed to sitting at our desks watching a video of fake landscape scooting past a hole in the wall, we don’t really care if you agree, or not. For all we know, you’ve pooled your funds and hired your own guy named Barry, in order to put us out of your misery. Doesn’t matter, we have a notepad & marker, and we’re not afraid scream (this will make sense after you watch).

IF we aren’t here, make yourselves at home. We promise we’ll be back soon.



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on a train? yep. meeting other “us-es”? yep again. Lampsha and i have been trying to find a moment to get together since our last fun outting with Sar, and wouldn’t ya know today’s the day? well, you wouldn’t, come to think of it, but that’s beside the point. the point is that we’re grabbing a cuppa joe in the city — and if it JUST SO HAPPENS that Al shows up in time to have one with us, then so be it. who are we to question sychronicity? (we’ll tell you ALL about it —and Al — when we get back)

have a great mornin’ — and i apologize if you guys don’t think this video is funny. or maybe you should apologize to ME because i do. not that that makes sense — but that doesn’t matter now. i have a train to catch, people to meet, coffee to drink — in that order. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

You New Yawkers …

Any guy named Barry comes after me, I’ll fix him. I’ll start singing. If the noise doesn’t start him running, the lyric will.

“Oh, Mandy …”

Still The Amoeba. But I’m playing in your petri dish now.

Comment by oceallaigh

I liked it…the “victim” could be the brother of the actor who plays “Jim” on “The Office.”

Wish I could join your coffee klatch this morning but, you know, some of us have to work…remain chained to our desks…scratch out a living…be oppressed by the man…and all that.

Have fun but please be good…I didn’t bring the bail money.

Comment by BoBo

Very clever. I hate clever people for then I feel pretty damn useless after witnessing their cleverness.

Now…excuse me. I have to go throw some paper.

Comment by littlebluepill

…by the way…got 15 on the paper throw, neener, neener, neener.

Comment by BoBo the braggadocious

I’m confused. Are you your own NBFF?

Comment by Walela

Thanks for making me spit over-sweetened coffee all over my new laptop, Snuppy. Well, the over-sweetened part was my fault. Stupid clumping sugar. Hey, I have to start using “clumping” instead of the f-word. That’s clumping brilliant!

Anyway, very funny. And yes, BoBo, I thought the same thing.

So since Snuppy’s not around, she won’t mind me plugging my post on how Harry Potter promotes Satanism.

Comment by Diesel

uh Diesel…thought he was Satan?

Comment by BoBo

I’ve gotten up to 14 on that stupid paper game but then I started to think “HOT DAMN!” and I missed. Sigh.

So, I’m, like, the only girl here today? WHOO-HOOO! I like them odds.

Comment by littlebluepill

O’C: knock knock. who’s there. amoeba. amoeba who. ah…moeba you outta sing somethin’ besides Mandy. 🙂 welcome to the “dark” side of the blogratory, sir. xox

BoBo: you’re right! that’s exactly who that kid reminds me of. as for the coffee tawk? you were sorely missed! (but apparently we’ll be klatching again in the near future, hopefully you’ll join us then!) xox

LBP: i know, i felt the same way when i first saw this — it’s clever alright, almost too clever. try not to miss your bus this time — that can/wadded up paper will still be here tomorrow! xox

BoBo-you-Braggart: whoa! i was VERY impressed when i first saw that, so naturally i raced over to try my hand again. guess what? i beat you. not just by one. not just by two — but by 9! THAT’S RIGHT BABY — 24 big ones in a row. (i know… i’m pathetic) xox

Willie: well, no, uh… er… not really. that post was written as a “collective” voice, vis-à-vis me ‘n Lampy. so, um… that’s what i meant. no, really. xox

Diesel: well, yeah — shameless self-promotion is what the Snark is all about, on any given day. saw that post/laughed at that post/commented on that post/done with that post/ready for a new post. xox

BoBo: right? me too! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

LBP: oops! don’t mind me — you’re still the only “girly girl” with sparkly lips here, today! xox

Comment by snuppy

Anybody got a Orlando Bloom/Colin Firth kinda vibe? No? Just me then. Yummy!

anywho…I thought this was really funny and couldn´t you just predict teh next line before the paper went up?
makes one feel so smart 🙂

Oh and also: I am a bit jealous of you guys living so close you actually can hook up and have a cup of some fluid or otehr together. But just a tad…I´ll live. Hope you have fun…I ahve horses to talk to, soemtimes I think they understand 🙂

Comment by Penguin

That was hysterical – Tali and I were just cracking up during The Receeeptionist! I see a bit of all the guys mentioned. He is cute if you don’t mind my saying whomever he is.

And OC on mentioning Mandy, it’s a sore point as my office’s very own Receeptionist had a little loop playing with that song on it. I mean once, but twice – just not right.

Diesel, see we have the same tack to avoid using the F word. Although I’ve been saying Fluff – that fluffing fool instead of some other not so nice things while driving (with kids in the car).

Bobo you were missed, we sat a TGSNWM at an empty spot on the table in your honor.

That video is was a real crack-up for sure.


Comment by The Lamp

I liked that short. Definitely points for paperman growing an afro when he turns violent.

Comment by Walela

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