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Teddy Geiger by Snuppy
Saturday, 13 January 2007, 10:33am
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FOLLOWING our beloved DJ LAMPSHA’S chaotic-yet-crazed week, we begged her to take the weekend off, in order to recouperate and/or find a way to settle in with her new-and-non-clothed extended family. Oh she put up a fuss — for about a nano-second, before hanging up on us in order to go back to sleep (sigh–that’s what we get for having this inspired idea a 2:30 AM, but we digress, even as our NBFF sleeps in) — but just before we heard her slam down the receiver, we’re almost positive we heard her say “OK”.

SO… what to do in her stead? Ah yes, that was the question, and we had answers, lots of answers. Too many, in fact, which is, as you should know by now, never a good thing for anyone afflicted with ADD and/or OCD and/or a LIBRA. Nevertheless, we forged on, in hopes of appeasing and/or entertaining at least one of you, i.e., THOSE GLAM RED LIPS. That’s right, Jenna, this one’s for you. Actually, we kept thinking this would be by you, but communications being what they are, somehow we think we forgot to convey that little detail when you first suggested we take this guy out for a Saturday Spin.

“THIS GUY” is TEDDY GEIGER, and not only is he about as adorable as an 18 year-old prodigy can get, he’s a deliciously dreamy artist. And by “prodigy”, we mean he taught himself how to play the guitar and write music, and has been doing both since he was 6. And by “deliciously dreamy artist” we mean he’s cute, he writes wonderful songs, and performs them equally well. Yep, he’s the real deal. We personally became aware of his incredible talent via a swell little TV program we originally started watching because of its name, LOVE MONKEY. But that’s beside the point. The point, for we’re sure we had one at the start of this spin cycle, is that Teddy Geiger is extremely talented, extremely cute, extremely young, and it was an extremely good idea of Jenna’s to feature him here.

YOU can listen to Teddy on MYSPACE, or on his main WEBSITE, and see him in all his youthful/prodigy-istically/cute/talented glory in the charming video, below. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to call Lampsha and tell her that we went ahead and put up a post, in hopes of waking her up catching her before she feels compelled to drag herself out of bed, in order to do one of her own.

~NOT-the-DJ Snuppy


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i considered including a line or two about the fact that Teddy Geiger’s pre-pubescent fans refer to themselves as “Tedheads”, but then decided against it, because i quickly discovered (following one lame bit o’ Googlery) that the supporters of newly-elected Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, refer to themselves as ‘Tedheads’, as well. i figured it was better not to say anything, in order to avoid any confusion. (i’m sure Teddy Geiger and Ted Strickland have this problem all the time. can’t you just see Geiger’s fans as they eagerly await seeing that little cutie walk out on stage, only to be treated with a long speech from an Ohio Democrat? (not that there’s anything wrong with being a Democrat) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I’m thinking he probably doesn’t have any trouble getting dates for the prom? Pretty sure nobody that young is supposed to have that much talent, but oh well. He’s good. I miss Love Monkey…wasn’t a great show but it had potential and starred by “best friend” Tom Cavanaugh (okay, we sat next to one another on an airplane once but I feel like we bonded). Have a good weekend snarksters. Nice job filling in Not the DJ Snuppy.

Comment by BoBo

Nice cut, non-Lampsha! And, as well, of that rarest indeed of 21st Century finds: an 18-year-old with a job.

Great weekend, everyone.

Comment by Al

I so admire your parade of new music. Teddy is mighty cute, indeed, and he’s got a great sound. Nice find!
(I’m still living in the past, I’m afraid. Just got all nostalgic and purchased Elvis Costello and the Attractions. I miss this stuff terribly)

Comment by actonbell

I have a new spam filter that filters out words like “cute” and “dreamy” in blog posts. So all that came across was:

Teddy Geiger…guitar…bed.

I think I got the gist of it.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, he’s so cute that I bet you had a picture of him clutched to your heart as you spun around in circles to the music.

Snuppy, he’s good. If you’ll forgive me, a little this side of 14 year olds are going to love him, but he is an amazing talent indeed.

Thanks for spinning this week.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA resting

I always feel like some cougar when I listen to him sing and then look at him. Sigh.

Comment by littlebluepill

You know the kid is growing on me. The kind of music that Tali and I could share in the car.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA resting

Bobo: i tend to agree with you (about his ability to get dates) he’s a cutie — and a talented one, at that! (and yes — i think the fact that you got to sit/chat with Tom Cavanaugh throughout a flight qualifies you as his “friend”) xox

Al: sigh… so true! glad you like Teddy’s music, his music kind of reminds me of Kenny Loggins after he and Messina broke up — you know, that bluesy/mellow sort of thing? (or maybe that’s just me. or maybe Loggins and Messina weren’t as big a deal out here as they were in California when i was in college? or MAYBE…. never mind) xox

Actonbell: ruh-roh! is loving Elvis Costello “living in the past”? then move over, girlfriend, i’ll join you (we are HUGE fans of his music!) glad ya liked Teddy — tho’ i’m still convinced The Ditty Bops are destined to become one of your new favorites (don’t know why — i just do!) xox

Diesel: hey, i think we’ve done well here by virtue of the fact you’re not bitching about this being the only music currently playing on your local radio stations night and day. i mean, let’s face it, this kid’s too young/original to want his “sexy” and/or “holla” back — that’s good for something, right? xox

Lampsha: hah! i believe you’ve just outted our dear friend, Diesel (not that there’s anything wrong with that). he’s just speaking from the perspective of an embittered 30-something… he’ll get over it in time to be depressed by the kind of music and/or “idols” his kids will be focused on once they’re old enough to express an opinion (tho’ his daughter, the “Queen” has sounded off about his whistling, so perhaps it’s happening sooner than he might imagine) and, yes, Teddy’s music does grow on you. my favorite song of his is a very lovely tune about fathers and daughters (are you paying attention, Diesel?) — it’s really quite lovely. as for the “spinning” — girlfriend, i can only spin in place — you’re the one who takes us to new musical heights each week. that said, this was a pleasure to do, so thanks for allowing me (and Jenna) to share! xox

LBP: i suspect you’re not alone — his lyrics/voice seem to originate from a much older and/or mature person — but that baby face of his definitely has “jail bait” written all over it (under his bangs — i’m sure if he ever brushed his hair to the side you’d see it, too!) i really do think he’s destined to be around for awhile. i sure hope so, because i really enjoy his music! thanks again for the suggestion (and please accept my apologies for jumping in with this post!) xox

Comment by Not-the-DJ Snupsha

He sounds so familiar!! Oh wait I have this Cd! 😀 He is really good, he reminds me of Jason Mraz!

Comment by cj

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