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Charlie Didn’t Get Much Huey Lewis by mattresspolice
Tuesday, 16 January 2007, 9:34am
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diesel avatarAT first we wondered if it was such a good idea to ask our clever friend DIESEL to be a regular contributor for the Snark — not because we don’t love and/or admire him, for we do, we really do — but let’s face it, when it comes to “content”, he doesn’t approach his posts like All the Other Kids in the Blogosphere do. Then we realized that’s exactly why we want and/or need to have this guy around. Seriously folks, every time we peruse one of Diesel’s Clever Offerings (including the one you’re about to read), we find ourselves in a state of amazement/fascination/amusement. In other words, he makes us scratch our heads, study the dandruff as it slides off our shoulders before landing on the hardwood floor we’re standing on, and laugh and laugh and laugh, even as we make a note to remind ourselves to pick up another bottle of Nizoral. Ya just can’t put a price on something like that, which is good, since we wouldn’t pay him if he did.

THAT said, being the self-proclaimed TRAFFIC WHORE Diesel is, it’d be nice if everyone popped over to his SITE at some point today, if only to encourage him to show up here again, next week (we’re thinkin’ Tuesday).

* * * * * * * *

Most of you have probably heard by now about the odd synchronicity between the movie The Wizard of Oz and the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here for a quick primer. Basically, if you play The Wizard of Oz with the sound turned down while listening to Dark Side of the Moon and chanting “There’s no place like home” three times, Roger Waters will mysteriously appear in your living room to blame David Gilmour for screwing up reunion tour plans.

Ok, that part isn’t true, but you will notice some eerie coincidences that can only be explained by appealing to supernatural forces beyond our understanding. Not to mention a lot of pot, and probably bootleg copies of the collected works of Judy Garland at Syd Barrett’s flat.

Anyway, I got to wondering whether there were any other movie/album juxtapositions that produced trippy, mind-blowing effects beyond the level that can be explained by a 56″ HD TV, Surround Sound and three shots of Patron. So I tried various combinations from my DVD and CD collections and was amazed at what I discovered. Some of the albums were significantly shorter than the films, so I had to play them in a loop to get the desired effect.

Apocalypse Now / Huey Lewis and the News: Fore!

  • Captain Willard’s reflections on his existential imprisonment in Vietnam coincide perfectly with the ominous strains of “Stuck with You.”
  • Briefing regarding Kurtz’s impressive military career is underscored by “Hip to Be Square.” Particularly eerie are the photographs of Kurtz in various locations around the world, set to the lyrics, “Here, there, everywhere… Hip, hip, hip to be square.”
  • Napalm strike occurs as “Forest for the Trees” begins.
  • Kurtz’s spiritual seduction of Willard is puncuated with eerie precision by “Doing it All for My Baby.”

Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut / Asia: Greatest Hits

  • While Rachael insists that she is not a replicant, “Lying to Yourself” plays teasingly in the background.
  • Deckard’s apology to Rachael for accusing her of being a machine coincides with these lyrics from “Heat of the Moment”:

I never meant to be so bad to you
One thing I said that I would never do
One look from you and I would fall from grace
And that would wipe this smile right from my face

  • As Deckard watches Roy Batty die on in the rain, the melancholy chords of “Sole Survivor” begin.

Deliverance / Def Leppard: Hysteria

  • “Animal” plays during the “squeal like a pig” scene. Instead of “he’s got a real pretty mouth,” we hear Joe Elliot wailing “Cry wolf, given mouth to mouth….” As the half-naked Bobby stumbles back to his compatriots, the mournful strains of “Love Bites” sound. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” is heard as Bobby reflects on his ordeal.
  • As Lewis kills a mountain man, who may or may not be one of Bobby’s tormentors, “Don’t Shoot Shotgun” plays ominously:

Don’t shoot shotgun
You got me bitin’ my lip
Don’t shoot shotgun!
Ya shootin’ straight from the hip

  • As events escalate, “Hysteria” ensues. Finally, when the river floods, obliterating any trace of their adventures, we hear the strains of “Armageddin’ It.”

That’s all the time I had for my little experiment before post time, but tonight I’m planning to find out tonight if Hitchcock’s Notorious can be improved by the eponymous Duran Duran album. Stay tuned.



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all i can say is that i spit out whatever it was i was drinking when i first read this post (which would have been tea or coffee… possibly water, but i digress). my oldest son is completely fascinated with this idea of pairing Wizard of Oz with the Dark Side of the Moon, and has actually watched it a couple of times. i figured he was just drinking too much (which was probably true, as well) but apparently there’s more to this than meets my skewed and/or aged eye.

so… now i’m thinking i’d LOVE to see what happens when you watch something truly classic (and by “truly classic”, i mean “really old”) like METROPOLIS with something like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. could be interesting. (actually, it could work, which is kind of scary, when you think about it)

thanks for a winning post, Diesel! and in case no one caught my subtle last line up there in the intro (and by “intro”, i mean “Diesel made me write something so i could link to his site, which i GLADLY did and i hope you guys read some of the posts i linked to as well, but i also think Diesel likes seeing his pictue up there, tho’ i could be wrong”) uh… where was i? oh yeah — as i said in that “intro”, Diesel has graciously agreed to honor us with a post at least once a week, on Tuesdays. funny, when you think about it, because that also happens to be when we gladly plan to pay him for the one he did, today. (if you’re not a fan of Popeye, don’t bother trying to get that silly reference). xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Cool post, Diesel, and nice to see you at The Snark. But, IMHO, at your house, your TV and your stereo are entirely too close together.

Comment by Al

Al: i worry about him, too. xox

Comment by snuppy

Let me be the first to say, that I have never heard of any of this info. Not quite sure what to make of that.

Comment by Brian

Snuppy – To be fair, I did agree to write something before you offered me the link. Which doesn’t mean I’m not a whore, but at least I’m a whore with some faith in human nature. I have a feeling that maybe you’re the only one who finds this particularly funny, so in the future I may just send you an email every Tuesday.

Al – You have way too much time on your hands. And yes they are, but I’ll have a better arrangement once I build the rest of my house.

Brian – Yeah, the concept works better if you have some clue what I’m talking about. Or maybe not.

Comment by mattresspolice

Crap, I always do that. Stupid WordPress.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, I have to admit it. You’re one funny guy. I’m glad I don’t know more about your past.

Comment by Walela

Brian: it’s kind of a cult thing, if by cult i mean “nerds who have nothing better to do than watch movies with the sound turned off in hopes one of their “cool” CDs can provide an added layer of entertainment”, which i do! (no offense, Diesel, i fall into that “nerd” category, as well) xox

Diesel: indeed you did agree to write *first*, and i’ll be clearer on that point NEXT week, when i put up a whole new set of links to your various (and wonderful) posts!

and trust me, this post is funny — of course, i have the added advantage of having a son who just attempted to “experience” the joy that is “Wizard of Oz” as scored to Pink Floyd, so maybe i was just a bit quicker to get the joke. (not all of our readers — myself included — are worthy of the lampshade that adorns our Lampsha’s head, if you catch my drift, and i’ll just bet you do!) nonetheless, i may be alone, but i promise, I LOVE THIS POST… there. i said it. xox

Comment by snuppy

Diesel, I guess that is why I loved the flying monkeys.

Comment by Brian

Also, any David Cronenberg or David Lynch film combines eerily with any Ornette Coleman cd! Just try it. The exception, of course, is watching “Naked Lunch” with the “Naked Lunch” soundtrack, composed by Coleman. That doesn’t work at all.

Comment by Allen

Maybe I should take up smoking pot again.

Believe it or not, I’m woefully square on this one. Maybe I’m too far removed from a time when I would actually have sat down and been able to do this. Having said that, I own both the Pink Floyd cd and the DVD of Wizard of Oz so perhaps I could get the kids to sit through it with me. Then again – it might just serve to unnerve me and make me feel paranoid.

I’m thinking Walela may have some experience in this regard.

Diesel, this is not only a funny post but man, how do you think of this stuff?! Excellent!

Comment by Lampsha

Walela – If my past was interesting, I wouldn’t have to resort to making up stuff like this to amuse myself.

Brian – Flying monkeys rock. There should be more movies with flying monkeys.

Allen – Eating lunch naked while reading Naked Lunch does produce some interesting effects though.

Snuppy – To be honest, I’ve never even tried the Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd thing, not to mention any of the other combinations. I don’t even have Surround Sound, as I’m sure Al could tell you from my speaker placement.

Lampsha – I was originally doing some research on a post for my blog about how Spider-Man is the antichrist, and I wandered into a bad area of the internet having to do with Satanic rock music. It was a straight shot from there.

Comment by Diesel

Nothing but net ay?

Comment by Lampsha

In the words of the endlessly hilarious Guinness ads, BRILLIANT!

Comment by John

Wow, thank you so much for alerting me to these fascinating facts. It’s hard to believe I’ve been listening to and watching all this entertainment, without ever noticing the deeper meanings that were at their base. I will be more alert in the future.

Fabulous post!!

Comment by actonbell

Now that was a masterpiece. And I was terribly surprised to know just about everything that was mentioned: music and movies. (I detest Deliverance though, therefore I have blacked out much of that movie from my memory) Def Leppard rocks – and so does Asia – so does Huey for that matter. Ha ha ha I have all of those tunes. hey hey hey, great post!!!!!

Comment by tsduff

Very cool. Weird…but cool.

Comment by littlebluepill

Lampsha – So… that explanation made sense to you?

John – Thank you, sir!

Actonbell – I have to confess that I never noticed the Huey Lewis thing until Sophia Coppola got really drunk one time at my house and spilled her guts.

Tsduff – Take my word for it, it’s all true. No need to check it out for yourself. None at all. Really.

LBP – Weird but cool is pretty much what I was aiming for. Thanks!

Comment by Diesel

Well he is at it again, too much smoke flyin’ outa that hookah. Well done man. You really give me pause to reflect on the truly irrelevant things in life.

Comment by Claire

you know what sucks? thinking you’re going to surprise your husband by picking him up on time (don’t say it) when he gets in from Atlanta, and going to the nice little airport in Westchester County and sitting out in your car — and WAITING for over an hour and a half, because the stupid airline put up the wrong arrival time on their website. and it’s not like you can go home then come back, because by the time you did that he’d be in — so you sit. and wait. and sit. and wait.

uh… sorry i haven’t been around, Diesel — a smarter person would have taken along her laptop, so she could at least have something to do while hanging out at an airport. but then, a smarter person would have taken a moment to check her e-mail before she left so she could see the note her husband sent from his Blackberry, which told her when he’d be getting in. sigh.

Comment by snuppy

[…] habit of deserting my loyal Mattress Police readers to post here on Tuesdays. And I seem to be writing about movies a lot. We should think of a clever name for this feature. Something reminiscent of sitting at home […]

Pingback by Movie Tuesday with Diesel « Central Snark

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