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Blue Eyes/Big… Voice by Snuppy
Thursday, 18 January 2007, 10:09am
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SOMETIMES, when we just can’t think of anything to write (which is often, but that’s beside the point), we like to do a little thing we call “check out what happened on this day in history” in hopes of conjuring up a bit o’ inspiration. Since Googlery is practically a second language for us, we do an extensive search through all things “internet” (all things we can find within 5 minutes or so, that is) until we find something we like and/or can use. After plugging in today’s date (18 January), and scrolling past the boring stuff (1778–Cook discovers Hawaii; 1912–Scott reaches the North Pole; 1919–Post WWI Peace talks begin in Paris) here’s what we found:

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY ~ 1948 Debut of The Original Amateur Hourretro tv

One of TV’s first talent shows, the Original Amateur Hour, was a spin-off of a popular radio show, Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour, the program where Frank Sinatra was discovered in 1937. The show, which aired for 12 years, was one of the few programs to be aired by all four early TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and the ill-fated DuMont network) at different times. Seven-year-old Gladys Knight and 18-year-old Pat Boone were both grand prize winners on the show.

WHOA. Did you know Frank Sinatra was discovered on an amateur show? Neither did we. Kind of makes ya rethink that mockery you’re inclined to do regarding all things AMERICAN IDOL, doesn’t it? (if it doesn’t, it should). Anyway, the knowledge that Frank got his start on a radio show — one spawning the birth of a television show that debuted on THIS DAY IN HISTORY, 58 59 years ago — made us realize another thing we had to be grateful for: Without Old Blue Eyes, how would Nancy (his daughter), have found her way into those boots and/or onto the record charts back in 1966? We can’t bring ourselves to think about it, we tell ya. Not because we’re all that keen on the song, but because our minds have already raced on to another topic (something to do with big hair and/or shiny objects that look like ugly boots…). Speaking of ugly boots, you won’t see any here today. Instead, we’d like to share a little classic Sinatra, because we thought you might enjoy it. Or because we do, and we can.

OKAY, so we had fun watching these two rat packers perform as only they could, but then, we’re easily amused. Speaking of “easily amused”, would it amuse you to know Ol’ Blue Eyes was allegedly in possession of more than one huge talent? His 2nd wife, film star and raven-haired beauty Ava Gardner, was asked once what she saw in that “120 pound runt” and quipped “Well, there’s only 10 pounds of Frank, but there’s 110 pounds of cock!” For the record, Jerry Lewis once said a similar thing about Dean Martin, which has us wondering how these two managed to fit on the same stage at the same time, never mind on those small stools. Guess we’ll never know. (May they both rest with their piece…)



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i’d like to point out that that little factoid regarding Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “talent” was something i learned from my sister’s book “Skin Flutes & Velvet Gloves”, which is about all things regarded as “Private Parts”, so you’d have to know there’s at least a couple of pages devoted to a part of the male anatomy that’s might be bigger than, say, a breadbox (tho’ never that big, because that would just be scary)

originally i did have Nancy’s “Boots” video up, but ya know,i couldn’t resist sharing this one — i mean is there anything MORE classic than Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra exchanging quips, smoking cigarettes, and singing the tunes that made them famous? i think not.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Thanks for pointing out that talent shows are nothing new. In fact, when they dug up that famous fossil
back in 1974, did you know that they found a gong buried next to her bones? And the fossil of an ancient chicken, too, which anthropologists believe was third prize.

Comment by Al

Al: Lucille Ball was buried with a gong and a chicken? who knew? ooohhhh… that Lucy. (uh, aren’t you supposed to be on vacation or something?) xox

Comment by snuppy

Packing my archaeology gear and heading out on Saturday. I’ll be looking for this, which is rumored to be buried in Marilyn Monroe.

Comment by Al

Al: i couldn’t get that link to open, but i saw who it was about. what can i say, there’s a reason Uncle Miltie was known as King Cock of Hollywood. did you know he also co-founded the “Long Schlong Club of Bel-Air” with Forrest Tucker, an actor attached to his own large club? see… show up here and you learn all *kinds* of useful information — something to whip out at your next cocktail party, (pun intended)… xox

Comment by snuppy

You’re right, Snup, for laughs and facts, the Snark is the place to start your day.

Funny post today, Snuppy! I’m, umm, errr, envious?

Comment by Al

Well if it’s Thursday, it must be time to talk about C*c#s! Here I am in my office, ready to minimize at any time when I see a screen screaming something about “Milton Berle’s Penis”. “Right, be with you in a moment with those measurements, er calculations”.

Now I’m all distracted. I just thought of your sister’s book this very morning as I have it up on a higher shelf in the bookcase and you know, I would like to leaf through it when the kids are sleeping, so now that’s another fresh reminder.

The other factoids were interesting as well. I have a hard time believing American Idol will generate another Blue Eyes, but hey you never know.

Okay, gotta go, now where is that ruler…

Comment by Lampsha

Al: you men can’t all sing like Frank… that would be boring. (pun intended?) xox

Lampy: laughing as i imagine you rumaging through your desk drawer for a ruler — from what i know of Uncle Milton’s… er… measurable member, you’d be better off with a yard stick (if you catch my drift and i’m oh-so-sure-you-do!) xox

Comment by snuppy

On January 18, 1919 the prohibition started!
In honor of this big day any drinking I do, will have to be snuck. No happy hour out in the open for me – oh no I’ll be drinking in my closet. πŸ™‚ Really though, I am guessing that on this day in history my family members that had already moved here from Norway were divided. Half of them probably were quite happy that the Prohibition had been enacted, while the other half were more than depressed. I would also bet that tomorrow’s day in history will mark the anniversary of the day that some of them started bootlegging!

Have a good day everyone!

I think I am going to have to pick up that book Snuppy. It sounds quite interesting!

Comment by cj

Lampsha — C*c*s – Cocus: “any of the primordial giant gods who ruled the Earth until overthrown by Zeus; the Titans were offspring of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth).”

Are we gonna talk about these guys every Thursday? You can bet Uranus that’ll get old, and fast.

Comment by Al

May they both rest with their piece…


I’d go looking for trivia but…must…work..aaaaaaah

Comment by littlebluepill

Al don’t you be talking about my anus!

Comment by Lampsha

No way, Lampy, and certainly not in the context of anything “giant.”

Have a great day, snarkeroos, and thanks for a typically fun time.

Comment by Al

Snuppy – Much better. Great post, although I’m sad to see the comments have degenerated into a string of cock jokes. It’s enough to make a guy want to leave. These size 13 shoes were made for walking, after all.

Also, since Al fortuitously brought up fossils, may I direct your attention to the giant lizard (ahem) that was recently discovered behind my house.

Comment by Diesel

CJ: on this day in history i will have been sober for 29 years and 15 days… so, um… you know, there’s that. (i have no idea what was going on this day back in 1919 with my Swedish, German, Irish, and/or English “ancestors” but you can bet your sweet ass there was copious amounts of alcohol involved with at least some of ’em!)

πŸ™‚ xox

Al: naturally they were “giant” gods, right? xox

LBP: next time we discuss big endowments, remind me to tell you about Groucho Marx, John Dillinger, and/or Rasputin. (just sayin’…) oh the thinks we can think! xox

Lampsha: better your anus than mine. tho’ for the life of me, i couldn’t say why! xox

Al: please tell me you weren’t referring to us as “giant assholes”… πŸ˜• xox

Comment by snuppy

Diesel: speaking of assholes… (kidding! i kid) and i’m LAUGHING my own giant ASS off at that post. that said, how many times do i have to tell you, we SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE HILARIOUS POSTS LIKE THIS! xox

Comment by snuppy

Size 13? Is that with tube socks?

Comment by Lampsha

I still love what my brother said to a neighborhood friend years ago.

He’s 6’4″ big guy…Saunters into the kitchen. “So, you now what they say about big feet right?”

NF: “Eeeeeeeeew.” Claps hands over ears (seriously…she did this.)

Brother waits until she drops her hands: “Big shoes.”

Comment by littlebluepill

Lampsha: i’m guessing tube socks… and a pickle. xox

LBP: hah! love that! of course, there are those (by “those” i mean self-proclaimed “thumb queens”) who claim the proper way to size up a guy is by the shape and length of his thumb. xox

Comment by snuppy

I’m glad you guys take such an interest in history. That’ll help when you get to fifth grade.

Comment by Walela

Walela, let us get through 3rd first or 1st third or something.

Comment by Lampsha

Thumb, huh? Interesting. Well, one thing is true — Men with fast cars are compensating for something. Me? Oh, I hitchhike everywhere. I seem to have a knack for it.

Comment by Diesel

Giving new meaning to the cliche “thumbs up”!

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: or, since noses can also be an indicator, how ’bout “thumbing their noses”? (or maybe that would be too scary…) πŸ™‚ xox

Comment by snuppy

Snup, Is it the shape or length of the nose? Is no appendage of the male anatomy safe from sizing up? Once again, it’s good to be a girl!

At least we can stare into their faces (gazing at their noses) without being accused of anything inappropriate.

Look at the *large* number of comments this post is drawing today (never mind half are from you/ half from me and half from Mr. Thumbs).

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: it depends on what you’re interested in… the width of the tip of the nose is allegedly the gauge for one thing, the length, another (we’re never gonna live this down, are we?). and of course, you’re right, it’s VERY good to be a girl! at least our attributes are right out there for one and all to assess for themselves… xox

Comment by snuppy

Lampy: i totally forgot to respond to the last part of your comment, so allow me to do so now: hahahahahahahaha!!! for of course you’re right, the topic did seem to draw out a “large” number of folks — tho’, sadly, half these comments are mine (has it come to this? am i now my own comment whore?? oy) xox

by the way, i don’t know if anyone’s been able to watch this video, but it’s really very cool. Frank and Dino singing a (long-ass) medley of their hits — good stuff. and they sang in such a playful manner, too — you can tell they were good friends. that said, it cracked me up to see them both smoking on stage and/or TV (i’m SO not used to seeing that these days)… and then i’m wondering why those cigarettes didn’t effect their voices. ah well…

Comment by snuppy

Wikipedia sez that it was 1935 that Ol’ Blue Eyes first broke in with Major Bowes – and that it was four more years before Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, and the raging bobbysoxers.

As for the attributes, I can only think of Young Frankenstein. That’s an awful lot to go through for a Doppelganger …

Comment by oceallaigh

O’C: and of course you’re right — because Ol’ Blue Eyes got his big break in the radio version of the show a few years before it went to TV and helped the careers of Gladys Night sans the Pips and oh-so-many-others. had i taken a nano-second to actually read the article i linked to, i’d have realized the History Channel’s date was incorrect. or is the Wikipedia account wrong? hmmmm. knowing inquiring minds (like yours) would want to know, i checked with IMDB, and the winner is…. Wikipedia! 1935 it is! (or was) thanks! πŸ™‚

as for Young Frankenstein? if memory serves — and i’m quite sure it does — there was a nice trade-off between the “monster” and Froederick there at the end, right? Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life…. xox

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy, that video was great – the interaction, the singing, the smoking. It’s amazing watching old films or TV shows from back in the days with people smoking.


Comment by Lampsha

Boy…you’re away for a day and all hell breaks loose. Great trivia…cool video…not sure what to say about the “comments.”

Comment by BoBo

Geez … and to think, I would have named the 1974 debut of The Six Million Dollar Man as the best thing that happened on January 18th.


Comment by Anita

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