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Emoticonda by Snuppy
Friday, 19 January 2007, 9:45am
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lampsha animaWE started to write an exceptionally clever post this morning, but then we popped over to visit our favorite LAMPSHADE LADY, and BAM! The second that bit o’ animation you see on the left caught our eye, we were utterly distracted. So much so, we now can’t remember what the hell we were writing about. Doesn’t matter, we’ve been meaning to do a little feature we’d like to call “Emoticonda” and so that’s wha… Emoticonda? Is that what we wanted to call this? Or was it “Emoticonundrum“? Damn that animation. Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe it was “Emoticoniption“. No. For a second “Emoticonfoundment” popped into our heads, but we quickly ruled that out. Perhaps it was “Emotithinkabout” (say that one slowly, it’s a bad pun, but at the moment, it’s making us laugh). Whatever. In our heads, the post about  Emoticoming’roundthemountain goes a little something like this:

❗ ONCE in a while, some of us (those of us who aren’t trying desperately to get the hell out of SPAIN and/or frolicking in the snow in ICELAND and/or reapplying fresh glitter to our ruby red lips in CANADA and/or making up hilarious stories about “dirt dinosaurs” in RIPON)  spend more time than we should emailing each other about silly things. Well, not always silly, but more times than not, silliness insinuates itself into our communications, in spite of ourselves and/or our good intentions. Anyway, one of the things we like to do when in such a mode is “punctuate” our “conversations” with something known as “EMOTICONS“.

FORTUNATELY for us, our email provider offers a variety of fun emoticons from which to choose, but sometimes we can’t access our regular account and are forced to use the more pedantic forms of expression, like: ; ) (happy wink), : D (big grin), : P (neener neener) and ^_^ (me so happy). Except, that is, when one of us (not me) elects to create her own unique forms, like: ~.~ or *%> or 8^-, which are always amusing, even when we don’t know what the hell it is she’s trying to convey.

❓ WHY bring this up now? Well, it’s come to our attention that some of you might be inclined to use a bit more expressive punctuation in your comments, but lack the means and/or wherewithal with which to do so. Luckily for you, we can help. Following a quick peek at the “emoticon primer” WordPress so generously provides its users with, we discovered a whole slew of ways for you to show how you really feel on any given day. Allow us to demonstrate:

🙂 😀 😳 and 😎

AS you can see, those represent a smile, a grin, oops, and cool. But wait, there’s more! How ’bout shock, cry, evil, and twisted?

😯 😥 👿 and 😈 — impressed? We thought ya might be.

OKAY, here’s how you do it, should you be so inclined:

➡ TYPE the emotion you wish to convey (smile, grin, etc.) between two colons — (and when we say “between two colons”, the proper response is not “you mean, shove it up my ass?”)   : your “word” here : . Whatever you do, do not use spaces between the words and colons, otherwise you’ll wind up with : smile : in your comment and then everyone — including us — will make fun of you (although we should probably point out that sometimes the code doesn’t work for reasons that have us stymied).

💡 A few more include: neutral, surprise, roll, lol, sad, and perhaps our favorite, mrgreen — tho’ why anyone would want to express themselves as “Mr. Green” is beyond us.

WE are also fans of making up our own (as we stated at the beginning of this post — not the first “oh look at us, we’re distracted” part, but the actual first part in the second paragraph), some of our newest creations include:

<: ( (fucking moron); >< (d’oh!); *< (you quack me up and/or guess what I heard about so-‘n-so!); *(: ) (brr, it’s cold outside, wear a hat); 8>) (do these glasses make my nose look big?); ccc>= (**) (I ate ice cream way too fast and got brain freeze); and finally, :-> = -$ = @:-<  (have fun on your trip, AL, but don’t spend all your money or you’ll upset Doug’s wife). We just bet you guys can come up with a few more variations on this theme, which, come to think of it, would be nice, because, honestly? After writing this post, those so-called “happy faces” are starting to piss us off.

:mrgreen: snuppy


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what can i say? very long night/Lampsha’s fab & funny post/distracting animation/the sight of snow on the ground outside = lame(ish) post. so many distractions, so little atcual inspiration. oy. sue me. 😕

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oooh! This is fun and DANGEROUS for OCDish minds amiga mia! Faboo FO SHO!

I must refrain from getting too involved in it now, however, as here I sit, ready to be whacked upside the head and killed, KILLED, as Lil’ B and I catch up on the work she missed these two weeks she has been home! Ugh! 23 pages we are working on now, 23 more to go tomorrow and as many out of 40 in another book as we can muster! Fucking hell! What the fuck kind of a work thing is this for 1st graders??? I say let ’em play a bit more and leave their damn mothers alone! 😉

Yeah, simple ones for me right now… and off I go… addition calls!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

😥 Dearest CYM: i hate that you have so much turmoil in your life right now — but i’m confident all will be well SOON. (working on an e-mail, which i’ll hopefully send off later today). hang in there amiga! and know that we love you and are sending manymanyMANY happy thoughts in your direction, along with muchos besos & hugs! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

You mean, like, :stupid:, as in, “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, trash goes out on Wednesday nights?

Comment by Al

:LOL: Guess not?

Comment by Al

:bullshit: :damn: Awww, go ahead, make fun of me. :grrr:

Comment by Al


Comment by Al

Here’s hoping that that is indeed the case! As is there is loads to tell you already and yet, nothing… if that makes any sense!

Well, off to more homework but first I had to stop by and send you muchos besos and here’s hoping today goes beautifully and smoothly for you my dear friend!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

😯 = look on Al’s face when he realized he missed trash day — an especially HUGE problem because he’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks and now, well, who knows how bad the stench will be when he gets back? oy. 🙄 xox

😀 CYM: i am SO hopeful you’ll have WONDERFUL news for us all, and soon my beautiful amiga! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Simple solution: we’ll take the trash with us and dump it at the airport. Hell, it worked for O.J.

Comment by Al

okay, so i just perused the Wikipedia article, and found a bunch of other silly emoticons i think i may have to use sometime:

@-_-@ : Princess Leia (never know when that might come in handy)

(there are a LOT more, but for some reason i can’t seem to copy them here. maybe later…)

and finally, here’s what else i learned from that article:

“In 1912 Ambrose Bierce proposed “an improvement in punctuation — the snigger point, or note of cachinnation: it is written thus \___/! and presents, as near as may be, a smiling mouth. It is to be appended, with the full stop, [or exclamation mark as Bierce’s later example used] to every jocular or ironical sentence”.

who knew? ❓

Comment by snuppy

Y’know, once upon a time, it was considered appropriate for the WORDS to do all the emoting. The exclamation point was considered an unnecessary extravagance. Not least, as James Thurber once wrote, because it was a difficult character to create on the typewriter (yes, those archaic keyboard thingies that didn’t have Microsoft Windows to blame things on). First you type “.” and then you backspace and type “‘”. In the process accidentally hitting the Caps Lock key SO THAT THE NEXT SENTENCE GOES SCREAMING AND BAWLING ACROSS THE PAGE, MAKING THAT PUNY EXCLAMATION POINT LOOK TERMINALLY RIDICULOUS.

😳 😆

I can’t help it. I’m just so :twisted:. 😀

They need one for :amoeba:.

Comment by oceallaigh

😈 :twisted:.

Do I perhaps detect a periodicity here? As in “don’t put a period near an emoticon”? No, that’s a period, not a :tom: icon. Whaddaya mean they don’t have one?

Comment by oceallaigh

O’C: WHAT DID I… er… i mean, what did i say about these things? sometimes they don’t work. as for the emoticon that best represents you? i’m thinkin’ it’s:

💡 or :mrgreen:

but maybe that’s just me. : P

Comment by snuppy

And we wonder why the Brits call the “.” punctuation mark a “full stop.”

Comment by oceallaigh

O’C: i hate to tell you what “.” kind of looks like, but suffice it to say “end point” comes to mind. xox

Comment by snuppy


Comment by oceallaigh


Comment by snuppy

Oh no! No wonderful news yet but somehow I am feeling lighter and still hopeful that the mess will sort itself out… FO SHO!

Homework done, someone coming over in 10 minutes so off I go because after that, more damn homework! SHOOT… ME… NOW!


Yeah, still simple…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

My personal favorite is \m/>_

Comment by cj

no fair mine didn’t work!

Comment by cj

¯\(°_o)/¯ and it was so witty too!

Regardless – Have a good day everyone!

Comment by cj

CYM: since i read your e-mail, i think i have a good idea what’s going on, and am ever hopeful it will ALL resolve itself to everyone’s satisfaction. otherwise there’s gonna be hell to pay, and a few asses to kick — and i am more than willing to come over there and help you deliver both! xox

,,\/.(^_^) (peace)

CJ: i also liked the following (assuming i can get them to work — if i substitute a couple of punctuations for a couple others, it should be okay)

Comment by snuppy

😳 D’OH! i hate when that happens.

i was trying to share the “goldfish”, the “happy rocker” and the “bird finger”… to no avail. what’s up with that? sigh back to the emoticon-drawing board…..*grumble grumble*

Comment by snuppy

!!! Holy Emoticon Snupgirl, I couldn’t get here sooner for this most Snuppified post #^^# (a smiling Chasidic emoticon with sidecurls).

Well being a technotard, my emoticons are as you know rudimentary figures at best, so I will have to take copious notes to recreate some of these…or alternately just post my usuals !–! – I do love Princess Leah.

Somehow when I’m in the office on Friday, I can’t get time in for visits [..] she stared blankly.

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: as always — you were the inspiration for this post (well maybe not always, but DEFINITELY for this one!) i think it was your use of the following: b(^_^),,\/ (thumbs up *and* peace sign) that won me over, tho’ i could be wrong. i’m just bummed by the fact i can’t do the “happy rocker” thing work, since it would be SO perfect for your Saturday Spins! i’ll give it one more go, and see if i have more luck this time. don’t hold your breath… and i won’t either! 😀 xoxo


Comment by snuppy

woohoo! i rock! well… sort of. 😉

Comment by snuppy

WooHoo! You sure do rock!

Comment by Lampsha

well, not really, but at least now i can play a rocker on Saturday! 🙄

Comment by snuppy

I’m tempted to send one like this…

m|n next time I flash my middle finger at the monitor.

if for not other reason that to get 🙄

Comment by littlebluepill

Well hell…I’m taking after Al. That wasn’t effective at all.

But I’m still 8)

Comment by littlebluepill

I won’t be a party to this flagrant SMILEY INFLATION.

Comment by Diesel

(“\(.:…:.)/”) RWWWWWWWRRRRRRR!!!!

(did I scare you all?)

Comment by cj

:existential angst:

Comment by Walela

Didn’t think so.


Comment by Walela


Comment by One Hot Puppy

actually, i didn’t mean to ignore everyone else, that was just a quick response to Walela… 😳

LBP: i’m guessing you were going for a little something like this:

……………………. /´¯/)
………………….,/¯ ..//
…………………/… ./ /
…………./´¯/’…’/´¯ ¯`·¸
………./’/…/…./… …./¨¯\
……..(‘(…´(..´…… ,~/’…’)
………\…………… ..\/…./
……….”…\……… . _.·´
…………\………… ..(
…………..\………. …\

but i could be wrong! xox

Diesel: i feel so stupid, because i totally forgot about that fabulous post you did a few weeks ago. my bad. 😳 xox

Walela: uh… 😦 there. i said it again. xox

Comment by snuppy

Omg, those glasses would make anyone’s nose look big! So pointy 😯 Now my eyes look too big.
Those are fun! Now I’ll hit “submit” and see if you’re gonna make fun of me…:oops:

Comment by actonbell


Comment by actonbell

CJ: mea culpa! you scared me so badly i forgot to say “aieeee!” xox

Actonbell: i have to say you look really cute when you blush. 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

My gosh! DOS graphics! A flash from the past! Or should I say, a flip!

Just remember, a bird in the hand is safer than one overhead. Or one extended from the driver’s side of a Mack truck.

Comment by oceallaigh

O’C: yeah — well…i, uh, er…aw, what the heck — that particular graphic just cracks me up everytime i see it, so i’m not (too) embarrassed to admit that i try to work it in (or flip it out) whenever i get the chance!

by the way, i believe i need to remind everyone to stop over at SHAYNA’S in order to read up on your offering this week. nicely done! 🙂

Comment by snuppy


Comment by cj

Above…. I wonder why that useful emoticon hasn’t been added to messenger yet?

Comment by cj

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