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Monday, 22 January 2007, 10:29am
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ASIDE from the fact that we absolutely adored DJ LAMPSHA’S Saturday Spin this past weekend, we were excited, because her “pick” gave us just the excuse we needed to put up a video we’ve been wanting to share for the past few weeks. You see, the artist she featured, Dan Bern, is an up and coming (or probably more to the point, up and going strong ) folk singer of the higest caliber, but his music seems reminiscent of a bygone era (sort of, work with us here). His songs are soulful and smart and skeptical and sometimes quite funny, and they speak to us on a level that makes us think of our youth and/or youthful souls/skepticism/senses of humor (not that we try to do that very often, mind you, but once in awhile, it doesn’t hurt).

Lampsha cited the similarities between Bern and Bob Dylan, quoting Bern as saying “Well I think in a way Bob Dylan was sort of the Dan Bern of the 60’s”, which is, needless to say, hilarious. But is it true? Well, here’s your chance to see for yourself, in the following clip featuring a very young BOB DYLAN, as he looked/sounded the first time he performed on television in 1963. Initially, you may recognize the tune more than you’ll recognize the singer. But that voice? Ah yes, pure Dan Bern (Bernstein) — or would be, had he been born Robert Allen Zimmerman, in 1941.

HEY, we know we’re supposed to do “cheap laughs/opposites music” crap on Mondays, but sometimes we don’t feel like it. We happen to love the song Constant Sorrow, and for a second, actually considered sharing a version featuring the Soggy Bottom Boys and Gwen Stefani, but then we remembered how much DIESEL hates “Hollaback” — or wait! Was that Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back“? James Blunt’s “Nickelback? Whoa, have we been second guessing ourselves all this time in order to avoid pissing away tomorrow’s post? Damn, we hate when we do that. 

Mellow out up there with that fine slice o’ Dylan, then cut loose with the following fun slice o’ somethin’. What the hell, constant sorrow doesn’t mean we have to be depressed all the time, right?

(Apparently, we’re up for few cheap laughs, after all.)



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sorry this is late, i don’t seem to be moving very fast this mornin’. that is, until i listened to that second version of Constant Sorrow — which may help one or two of you get your own asses in gear, too!

i SO loved this past weekend’s Saturday Spin, and i also happen to think that Dylan video is amazing. those eyes, that harmonica, his youth… and correct me if i’m wrong, but i could understand every single sylable he sang. as for Gwen Stefani/Soggy Bottom Boys? uh… well… i … er…. *mumbles something about nothing*

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Wow! Didn’t know Dylan was ever THAT young! That was fun to watch as was the Soggy Bottom’d Gwen Stefani. And talk about irony…just last night I was reading about the practice of layering songs and artists on top of one another…I’m sure I was the last to know about it.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: you?? LAST to know? i think not! unless i’m mistaken, this is just a variation of what MOBY does (sometimes) and certainly Fat Boy Slim (or is that Slim Boy Fat? Fat Boy Slimfast????) still… this is a fun song — and i think that video of Dylan is pretty darn amazing, too! xox

Comment by snuppy

I hate them all (well, not Dylan). Fortunately for you, I think Gwen Stephanie is cute as a button.

Speaking of mash-ups (I believe that’s what the kids are calling them), I was thinking of doing a mash-up related post for this Tue…holy crap, that’s tomorrow. Gotta go.

Comment by Diesel

Morning everyone! Yea!! A fine Minnesotan Musician featured today on the snark! I love O Brother – one of my favorite movies of all time.

“I don’t want FOP Damn it, I’m a Dapper Dan Man! “

Comment by cj

The post alone is worth the price of admission. I can’t wait to check out the videos at home although I think you shared this one with me. And my recollection is how amazing it is to see a young Dylan perform. You rock Snupsha. Nicely done on the JuxtapoSition

Diesel, no slacking – hear?

Comment by Lampsha

Diesel: yup, that Gwen Stefani is as cute as a button on a Hello Kitty sweater. you’ll get no arguments from me! now hop to that post — expectations are high, and, as you can tell by the slow responses today, the natives aren’t just getting restless, they’ve gone off in search of firewood and/or are out digging a pit — which means we need all the help we can get! aieeeee! xox

CJ: that’s right! i forgot she’s from your corner of the world. and a mighty fine corner at that! as for Oh Brother? oh how i lovelovelove that movie… i’ve seen it a dozen times, and it never gets old. (“wha…MY HAIR!” heh. George Clooney was fabulous.) xox

Lampsha: well, i need to thank you for giving me the excuse to finally share this video with everyone else!

and i may rock, my friend, but you ROCK! \,,/(^_^)\,,/ (thanks for the nod, just the same!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Wow, I totally misspelled “Stefani.” What the hell happened there?

I think I just saw a tumbleweed blow past.

Comment by Diesel

Man oh man, I was never as young as Bob Dylan in that video.

Where do you want the firewood?

Comment by Walela

Cause I ain’t no Hollaback girl. A song that I happen to be b-a-n-a–n-a-s about. Okay it was a fun song. And that was just some good ole fun thar Snup. Can somebody please tell me why I didn’t see “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”? Oh, never mind, another one on the list. I just saw Match Point this past weekend though (on video of course) which was very good I must say.

But back to this post – excellent/excellent/excellent. Dylan looks like he could be my son in this video. Technically he could, I suppose.

G’night all.

Comment by DJ Lamphsa

Diesel: you get caught up in the “cuteness” and all spelling ability is left blowin’ in the wind (or something like that… how the hell should i know?) xox

Walela: were any of us ever that young? i say pile the wood up over there by those stakes — i knew you’d be among the ones coming after us one day. i just didn’t think it’d be so soon. xox

Lampsha: hard NOT to shake your “hollaback” when that tune is playin’, eh? and i have NO idea why you’ve yet to see “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”, but had i been a’thinkin’, i’d’a brung you a copee when i seen yew last week. (i’m pretty sure i have that dialect all wrong, but you get the idea. the film is FANTASTIC, and i have no doubt you’re gonna lovelovelove it!)

as for saying Dylan could “technically” be your son? hmmmm. explain that one to me, because unless you figured out a way to give birth YEARS before you, yourself were brought into this world, i don’t see that. uh, unless you’re saying that you could be a parent to a guy the same age he is in that video, then i suppose… but only if you’d given birth when you were, like, 12. (said the mother of a 26 year old man. sigh) xox

Comment by snuppy

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