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The Rainbow by Snuppy
Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 9:07am
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YOU know what’s difficult? What’s “difficult” is trying to follow a fabulous post like the one DIESEL did yesterday, which made everyone laugh, even as it challenged us to dig deep in order to conjure up a little creativity. What’s also difficult is trying to follow that post after a merciless attack by a curmudgeonly cat who wanted nothing to do with being brushed out, even tho’ he’s covered in tangles. Yep, opposable thumbs are a good thing, too bad we can’t use ours. Finally, what’s “difficult”, is needing a little inspiration, looking to a loved one for help, and realizing the “fruit of your womb” has a jaded sense of humor that you have to exploit because, well, you just do.

SOME people have children who are evil. Not just “evil”, mind you, but EE-VILL. For only an “EE-VILL” child would share the following video with his mom. A sweet mom. A loving mom. A prim and proper mom. Not that we know anyone like that, mind you, but if we did, we’d make sure that “mom” knew about her EE-VILL kids, so she’d never have to see the kinds of goofy crap our own children bring to our attention every time we agree to unchain ’em from the radiator and/or let ’em out of the basement.

THIS little clip is from a popular British children’s television show called THE RAINBOW, that aired on ITV from 1972-1992. Now we can’t be sure, but we’re just gonna guess this “episode” was taped towards the end of its run. Maybe even after they found out it was about to be cancelled. Apparently everyone was drunk when they did it — which, we suppose, explains a lot.

BY the way, Oscar® winning actor Jeremy Irons got his start on this show — and later went on to star in the remake of Lolita. Coincidence? We wonder…


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that’s right… the only means at our disposal to post about and/or counter Diesel’s fine/funny post yesterday, was something involving bawdy humor. a children’s show making Penis Jokes seemed to fit the bill to a .. er… “P”. what can i say? my son forced me to watch this yesterday (and yes, he nagged me until i agreed to stop what i was doing so i could see this thing) and i have to admit, i thought it was pretty darn hilarious.

also, i’ve lost a lot of blood thanks to that cat attack. i may have to go to the emergency room, because my thumb continues to bleed badly. and it hurts. it really hurts. so i really can’t be blamed for anything i think/say until after i’ve had medical attention. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oooh, that was awful! Perhaps this show was the very reason Mr. Irons was good for that part in Lolita; all those innuendos…

Sorry about the thumb, though. Bad cat! Very Bad Cat!!!

Comment by Pavel

Oh my gosh, I have visions of you languising on the floor of your family room with the sun streaming in as the blood streams out – oops, now that was Evil indeed. Do I need to hop in my car and speed out there? Blink twice. Bad fuzzy butt – you should have just left him a Catafarian.

Now, I will watch this tonight (perhaps sans children?) and see what all this innuendo is about.

You know what Groucho said “Love goes out the door when money comes innuendo”.

Comment by Lampsha

I bet “The Battery-Operated Company” came on right after.

Comment by Walela

I want a twanger to play with!!

Comment by littlebluepill

LBP – You’ll shoot your eye out!

One Hot Puppy – And remember, after you get medical attention you can blame anything you say on the drugs. Win-win. Why do I have an urge to put on some Ted Nugent?

Jeremy Irons, huh? Of Dungeons & Dragons and Eragon fame? So at least this show wasn’t the low point of his career.

Comment by Diesel

That is amazing I would have never thought Irons would be in that kind of a show… I guess I am just thankful its not a show I am forced to watch now!

Comment by cj

Dios mio! This could NOT have been a kid’s show!!! Was it really?

And what is this about your finger and a cat attack? Aieeee! I am WAY too outta this loop and waaaay too far to rush over and help! Get thee on over asap to the hospital amiga mia and get that thumb cared for pronto!

Brilliant post and, though shocking when introduced as a kid’s show, faboo clip FO SHO! I see a wicked sense of fantabulous humor runs in the family!

Besos to you my dear and sweet friend whom I hope does not bleed away on the family room floor and WOE IS ME to be so far and oh so unable to help!!! Ayayayay the injustices of this world are plentiful I am afraid! *sigh*

Besos and stop reading and GO, GO, GOOOO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Pavel: why yes… i believe you’re right! 😉 xox

Lampsha: it’s…. hard… but i managed to drag myself… up to the computer… to… type a few… measly…..

…………….words. *thud*

and hahahahaha! lovelovelove that Groucho quote! reminds me of another favorite: “If I held you any closer I’d be on the other side of you” or “Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot”. not sure why your quote reminded me of that… must be the blood loss…… xox

Walela: Walela… Walela… Walela…. xox

LBP: girlfriend, unless i’ve completely misunderstood some of your writings, you’ve played with a fair amount of twangers in your lifetime. xox

Diesel: my son (the one who shared this video with me) said of the movie Eragon “it’s one part cool and three parts gay”. which made no sense to me, but since you’ve read the book, i’m guessing it will to you. again — ’twas a stretch to come up with something today after your veryvery BRILLAINT post yesterday. ooh ooh. i just thought of two more product/movie tie-ins (after seeing something about Kevin Costner, which is how my brain works, *when* my brain works…):

Red Bull Durham and Arthur Murray Dances With Wolves.

and now… i’m done. xox

CJ: my friend! somehow your comment got stuck in “spam” while the one from “Jesus” (along with his cheesy links to gambling sites) made it through! do watch this video — DON’T watch it with your kids! xox

Comment by snuppy

CYM: AIEEEE! how did i miss you, amiga? yowie. i’m fine. well, sort of, tho’ my cat did claw his way through my thumb in a fashion that still has me wincing. so glad you liked this silly video! and yes — The Rainbow was a children’s show, but the cast did this as a joke (urban legend has it they did get drunk… and in my head, it made sense to think it was after learning the show would be no more, but it was probably just something funny they did that finally found its way to the internet)

i thank you kindly for your beautiful concern — my only woes today will be getting my youngest (visiting) son OUT of bed so he can actually enjoy the fact that he’s home for a couple of weeks. and that, while here, he doesn’t need to yell at me. or fight with his brother. or…um… other stuff.

so off i go — but back i’ll be! besos and HUGS to you, dear dear amiga!! xoxoxox

Comment by snuppy

Well as long as I don’t pluck my eye out, Diesel, I’m okay.

So…where’s my twanger, huh?

Comment by littlebluepill

All together now boys and girls. Blogger can take their twanger and balls and go stuff them. 🙂

So glad for WP.

Comment by Brian

LBP, we have them south of the border.

Comment by Walela

oh gaawwwwwwd! I grew up with this show, and heard tell of this scene. I didn’t believe it, but now I know it to be true. I am in complete and utter shock!

Comment by joy

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