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Saturday, 27 January 2007, 10:37am
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Well I think Snuppy and I have deemed this week suck (thanks Actonbell for showing us another usage for the word suck because really, you can never have too many).  Oh and didn’t I have the best blues song to share with you but I just can’t find it anywhere.  Unless somebody can tell me how to get it from iTunes here.  Or alternately, you could each sign up to call me on the phone and I would play it for you.  If that’s not convoluted enough, send me an email to discuss.

Now then, and in lieu of, or just for something completely different, this week we have a group who was on many critics best of 2006 list. I’ve been meaning to feature them for some time but one thing leads to the next and it’s January. The group is The Decemberists and their album, The Crane Wife, was the inspiration for being best. The story behind the album is linked prior and is interesting indeed.  I don’t have the cd so this is not a review but rather — here’s someone fun, go check them out. What songs I’ve heard I’ve enjoyed.  Although I’m not playing a song from this album, instead featured is the song, Sixteen Military Wives and is from an earlier album, Picaresque. It’s a lot of fun and kind of endears them to me. Catchy, fun, artsy. Oh what the hell am I writing a personal ad? See for yourselves. And you can check out the songs from The Crane Wife through their page linked above. 

The Decemberists had a video out for the song, O Valenica! which was set to a plain green background. They apparently put out a challenge for fans to come up with their own video for the song (Hey Tom, Icy would be perfect for that). So the following clip is Stephen Colbert’s response to that. Snuppy, did you know that Stephen Colbert had his own 80’s group? Amazing. Where will his talents take us next? 

So all, I’m off to violin school, an orchestra recital then hopefully being returned to my own green screen. Feel free to fill in the video of what I’ll be doing.

Relaxing — or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Hope you all are too. Have a great weekend.



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d’oh! am i not a dope for not getting this post up sooner? why yes… yes i am!

these videos are SO great — and i *did* know that Colbert had a band(ish) (always singing in angst of his “one true love”, “Charlene”. too funny) i couldn’t find the clip that featuring the actual “guitar-off” they did, which was beyond funny, but here’s a look at one of the DECEMBERISTS green-screen entries that features some of Colbert’s green screen stuff, too.

hey, Great music, Great Comedy — suddenly things are seeming a lot less suck. thanks DJ Lampsha — you rock! maybe you should do something green-screen-ish and get your own fine self on the Colbert Report. by the way, for Colbert’s own contest, none other than George Lucas entered, and offered up ONE HELL OF A CLIP — himself *and* had then went on the show and had a laser-saber duel with Colbert on the air. too funny! xoxoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I am second?

I sure am moving up in the blogging world 🙂
This has been one of teh lousiest weeks I can remember. But it is over and teh new week ahead cna only be better.
And I am proud to announce that I actually knew about the Decemberists before reading. And the first video is awesome…I havenæt seen it before!

Comment by Penguin

I wish they would air Stephen Colbert here 🙂 He´s funny!

Comment by Penguin

I have been meaning to sample more of the Decemberists…loved the video and of course Colbert’s challenge was brilliant! Nice call DJ and here’s hoping the weekend is progressing nicely.

Comment by BoBo

*sigh* No links are cooperating tonight… at least I even made it online! Last night I kept disconnecting which had me, pathetically, almost in tears and throwing a hissy fit… not pretty I tell you! 😉 But before I go off on that tangent, MY POINT, was to say that I must try later for the links and uncool as I am I have not heard of the Decemberists so to keep up with you cool cats I must and will and SHALL get those links to open if it’s the last thing I do!!!!

As for last week being suck, hear ye, hear ye! Big time such das FO SHO! May we all be looking ahead at a much better and hope-filled week! I hope to make it back into the blogosphere by then cause I miss you all dammit!

Have faboo weekend and may the word “suck” be associated with fabulous things… um… yeah… like lollipops and ice cream and chocolate and… GOT IT?

I swear I am not a perv! *sigh*

He, he, heee! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Blach… my comment is suck and full of mistakes to boot but as is I am too lazy to go behind the scenes and correct it (or better yet, delete it!)…

Faboo post amiga mia and I hope to check out the fab sounding links soon! Sounds like you have a long day ahead of you! May it all go smoothly for you! Me? I am relieved to have the kids talked away in bed and to enjoy some silence! WOOH! 🙂

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Boy, I’m feeling out-of-it. I didn’t know about the Decemberists, but I will surely keep an ear out–I really like their sound, and I’m always in the market for new music! THanks:)
I’m sorry to hear that so many people’s weeks were suck. Mine was just bor-ing.

Comment by actonbell

well — clearly “suck” was the word of the week (except for the originator of the newish use) — anyone in the mood for a few more laughs can WATCH THIS, and see how Stephen Colbert fared in his Guitarmaggedon with the Decemberists (you can see the results in the video that follows this one). ah yes… ’tis good to smile at the end of a “suck” week.

thank you AGAIN, fair DJ Lampsha, for giving us the opportunity to do just that *and* discover another faboooooooo band! xoxoxo

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy, Of course you knew about Colbert’s band. I think you mentioned Charlene to me before. Anyway, too funny. An thanks for the link to the third video. I wanted to add it and it was getting too late and the post too long and…So thanks.

Julian is even cracking up at Colbert (and I don’t know if he knows what he’s laughing at but finds him very funny).

Minka, There are certain bands that have that “popular in Europe” feel and so it is with The Decemberists. Glad you liked that video (I like it too). I agree – Iceland needs Stephen Colbert! Here’s to a better weekend and week for us all!

Bobo, Me too – so this will get us jumpstarted. Colbert’s challenge was perfect. So damn funny. Thanks, it’s a day further away from a pretty bad week so yeah it’s getting better all the time.

CattYummy: I hate when the Internet doesn’t cooperate – it’s frustrating fo sho! I don’t know – I always hear some cool tunes coming out of your car or at your family parties. Maybe time for you to do a spin? Yes here’s to suck being a good thing. Have a faboo week indeed, we all deserve one! And your comment is not suck! We love to hear from you in any shape or form. XOX

Actonbell: You mentioned a group recently that I am not familiar with and now I can’t recall it for the life of me. But I was in Borders Books about an hour ago with Tali and I saw it and thought of you. How bad is that that I can’t recall it? Sometimes boring is good. Have a great weekend.

Snup, thanks I’ll check that out because you really can’t laugh or smile too much I say. Thanks for playing along and joining in.

Have a great weekend all – may the only think suck…come through a straw.


Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

My week didn’t suck, but it probably would have sucked big time had I been home to see the super, handyman, building managing agent, and insurance appraiser all in my apartment running around

DJ Lamphsa and the wonderful calming town of Mountack did cross my mind a few too many times 🙂 Not that it was bad thinking about you. Just didn’t want to think of one beach while at another

Comment by pia

Now that’s a group you don’t want to have over to tea. Hope all is okay. Yes I understand the need to free your mind and people creeping in. I hope I wasn’t too boisterous or anything in your head. Hope you had a great time and glad you’re home safe and sound.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Great post, Lampsha. I’ll have to check out the Decemberists.

It’s called a whammy bar. Deal with it!

Comment by Diesel

Thanks Diesel. I think that was my favorite line!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I know these people!! yay!! I do have their work somewhere in the itunes collection. Great picks G!

Comment by ckmunson

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