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Colbert v. O’Reilly by Snuppy
Monday, 29 January 2007, 9:42am
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BELIEVE it or not, we intended to do the following post last week, but did not, because we were treated to a couple of happy surprise “pop-in posts” — first by the beautiful BoheMian, CYM, and then by the gorgeous gal behind the red glitter lips, LBP. As a result, we wound up tossing our own meager offering into the garbage can, since we didn’t know what else to do. Imagine our relief and/or joy to see the delightful post by our dearest NBFF, DJ LAMPSHA, over the weekend, as it provided us with the perfect impetus to pluck our pre-written Colbert-related post right out of the trash, in order to throw it up on the Snark today. And by “throw up” we mean share our words, not our puke. Tho’ you may think this is a pukey post, but then, you didn’t have to rummage through the garbage for it late at night, and who are you to judge us anyway? But, we digress. We had this post, and now we get to use it. Yay.

BEST TELEVISION EVER. A couple of weeks ago, an “exchange” of quips and/or ideals occurred between two forces to be reckoned with. Well, we’d prefer to reckon with only one of the forces, because we truly believe he’s a breath of fresh air, while the other is a sack of shit windbag. We’re speaking, of course, of the guest appearances of Stephen Colbert (breath of fresh air) on Bill O’Reilly’s (sack of shit windbag) The Factor, and then O’Reilly’s on The Colbert Report. When all was said and done and TiVo-ed, O’Reilly got totally pwn3d. Naturally, we have no idea what happens when someone gets “pwn3d”, but we think it’s bad, and we’re quite sure it applies to O’Reilly.

IN THIS CORNER, Steven Colbert on The Factor:

IN THIS CORNER: O’Reilly’s weak attempt to but barbs with Colbert.

WE laughed, we cried, we renewed our cable subscription to ensure we’d never miss an episode of the Colbert Report for as long as Stephen’s on the air. By the way, along with the sheer elegance of Colbert’s zingers (for instance his remark that O’Reilly has no idea what it’s like to be victimized by a  sex offender. Or the book with a 30% off tag covering O’Reilly’s face. Or that picture of O’Reilly dressed as an “undercover secular progressive”) — we were on the floor in stitches over the sheer inanity of O’Reilly’s responses (not to mention his utter cluelessness as to what was happening). Surely that’s what it means to get “pwn3d”, Shirley. That said, the following week Colbert very nearly pwn3d HIMSELF, which was, needless to say, hilarious — and by “hilarious”, we mean check out that link when you get a chance, because it is HILARIOUS.

ALSO, at the end of the program, Colbert showed the audience a microwave oven he said he’d swiped from The Factor’s green room. Apparently… that was true. Friday morning, O’Reilly called in to FOX News show (while they were on air) to complain about Colbert’s shenanigans. Okay, we never watch that show, so maybe he was laughing about the aforementioned shenanigans, but, either way, COLBERT STOLE A MICROWAVE OVEN in order to display it on his own set. That sound you just heard was the crushing of O’Reilly’s fragile ego, after gettin’ pwn3d three times in a row. Oh snap.

FINALLY, not related to Colbert, trash, stolen microwaves, puke or anything else we’ve discussed thus far, we have a question, in the form of a … er… question. What do you think we should be calling DIESEL’S regular Tuesday features? We’re thinking Diesel’s Reel to Reel, or Diesel Gets Reel, or Diesel is Reely Funny, or Diesel Will be up a Reel Shit Creek if He Fails to do a Post for Us Tomorrow. Thoughts and/or suggestions will be appreciated. Reely.


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i know, i know, there’s a lot of “linky love” in this post, but i hope you can all take time at some point to watch all these clips, because they are truly funny. fall out of your chair laughing funny — something i do on a regular basis when reading Diesel’s blog on any given day… and he doesn’t even require video links, which shows what a cheater/poor writer i am, but that’s beside the point. the point, for i have one, is that the Colbert/O’Reilly show-down was brilliant. and, oh yeah, hilarious.

ALSO — and speaking of Diesel, i do believe we need to come up with a “cool and/or clever” name for his Tuesday “column”, if only to keep the pressure on him in hopes he’ll keep doing them!

😉 xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh woe is me for my damn computer is not letting me open links from this site only… I have to figure out what ails it as my blog is infested with Imageshack logos taking over my site and they do not show up when viewed elsewhere! *sigh* I am ON it! At least I can stay connected! I was having trouble with that for many days on end too!

Sooo… all that to say that though, at the moment, I have yet to view the vids, I DID hear about the story and have been oh so anxious to view such amazing-sounding Colbert antics!

And my dearest Snuppy, if I have not told you how in awe I am of your wit lately, then know that everytime I read you I always think that… this is a brilliant post and my god how your words flow and how your wit grabs me and though I have yet to see the vids, I am most definitely in stitches and applauding you loud and proud FO SHO!

I will be back later as I am off to the pediatrician to get the boy an all-clear letter in order to ship him back to school tomorrow! And so the Spanish (mis)adentures continue!

I hope you have a fabulous day my dearest friend and, once things quiet down, I hope to speak to you very soon! Muchos besos and all my love siempre!

Me(ow?) 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I have sai dit beofre and I´ll say it again. That man is ingenious. The little bits and anecdotes I do get aorund here have me in fits. Can´t you guys talk to somebody about airing it in Iceland…
oh and also…teh second video doesn´t work any longer, is there a replacement.
Morning everybody and welcome to this new week, new potential and soem fresh coffee 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Dare I say…I think Colbert has now surpassed Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Great TV moments!

Comment by BoBo

CYM: aieee! i don’t know why you’re getting those other images, i try to be very careful about what links i use, because i HATEHATEHATE those stupid pop-ups! (maybe you should use “spyware” to see what kinds of “adware” you have on your computer (spyware will also remove it for you. it’s a free program, and it works GREAT! you can find their site/free-download HERE) as for your other kind words??? *blushity-blush* aw shucks, Mizzy B… i’m wordless! xox

Penguin: i am SO GLAD i saw your comment and was able to fix the link before i left my house!! i’m such a nerd — usually i double check the links to make sure they’re working, but forgot to do so last night (in my defense, it was working just a couple of days ago!) anyway — i’ll start looking for some funny stuff from Iceland to post! (or just redirect folks to YOUR BLOG, since i find that extremely entertaining and/or funny on any given day!!) xox

BoBo: it pains me to say this (well, not really, tho’ kind of) but i have to agree. wait! it doesn’t pain me to agree with you, it pains me to think that Colbert may have surpassed Stewart in the “funny/fake news” department. i’m thinking Stewart needs to get his former EP back, pronto! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Brilliant. I am glad I came back this quickly, befor ethis version becomes unavailable too 🙂
Thanks for fixing the link in such a speedy Gonzales kinda way!

Comment by Penguin

I really wanted to get a sneak peak last night. And then ChooChoo woke up and well computer off. I even meant to tape these when I read about them in the paper and well something happened there too. Man! But I will watch them this evening one way or the other. Colbert is just so damn funny!

Now then – Diesel’s Tuesday post…some of your names are catchy. Let’s see – Diesel on Flicks. Reel Diesel. Diesel gets Reel is good. Get Reel with Diesel. Let’s go Dutch to the Movies…Dutch Treat! Okay, let’s all settle down – come on Diesel, what are you thinking (besides Saturday Spin which I had to trademark – ha :)! Speaking of which, maybe I need to come up with a real name besides Saturday Spin…

Great post my dearest NBFF and I’m really looking forward to Monday night as a result. Hope all is well with you. XOX

Comment by Lampsha

Morning everyone!!! I loved watching Bill Orally and Colbert. I saw that last week and loved it. I personally have to agree with snuppy and htink that Bill Orally is a sack of shit – especially after his intelligent comments on the Shawn Hornbeck case. He obviously just swims in ingnorance. Eeek. I’ll get off that rant. 🙂

I think I like Get Reel with Diesel as well.

🙂 Sorry I missed your post G… I was snowmobiling all weekend in a land where the internets forgot. *L* I didn’t have high speed interet this weekend but I did have a polaris 900. So it all worked out. I’ll head to that post now!

Comment by ckmunson

Amoebae aren’t supposed to be watching videos at work. Especially TV-phobic ones. So I’ll have to wait until it comes to a play computer near me.

But I did find out what Lake Superior State had to say about “pwnership”.

Y’know the worst thing about Diesel’s Tuesday post, “This Is Reel”? Does anybody out there who’s younger than BoTox or Grecian Formula know what a “reel” is without googling?

Comment by oceallaigh

You know, I could never figure out why seemingly intelligent people would sit still and play the straight man for interviews with Colbert or the Daily Show. Now I know why: Because that’s all you can do. If you try to be funny next to Colbert, you look like an idiot.

“Get Reel with Diesel” is suitably self-important and Colbertian. Colbert-esque?

I really have no opinion. Pick something. I’m sure it will be fine.

BTW snuppy, I wrote a post for tomorrow several days ago, but I’m withholding it until you and Lampsha stop by and comment on my site. You have been MIA lately, and it’s not the same.

Comment by Diesel

cj: It wasn’t the same without you! That’s a good reason though – hope you all had a good time.

OC: Are you telling me there aren’t film reels in the booth anymore?

Diesel, I just hopped over to your place and began to catch up, but I need to go order those fake testicles for my car – eeek! Mea culpa, it was a tough week but I’m catching up. Blackmail always works! Where’s that Snuppy? She had a tough week too but she’d better get over pronto!

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha – I was kidding of course, although you two are missed. I see that you’ve had a rough few days. Be assured my post will be on its way shortly. It’s a little light on hilarity this week, but I’ve doubled up on the snark. Feeling grumpy.

If you buy some of those testicles and put them on your car, send me a picture and I promise to post it.

Comment by Diesel

I loooooooooove Stephen Colbert. “And perhaps…I’ve said too much.”

Ack my pizza is burning!!!

Comment by littlebluepill

Phew…close call.

Where was I? Oh yes oohing and ahhing over Colbert. Do you think he needs a young, Canadian mistress? Cuz, y’know, I’m available.

Have no suggestions for Diesel’s Tuesday movie schlepping. And OC…I -know- what a reel is. 😛 It’s that thing on a fishing rod.

Comment by littlebluepill

Penguin: i’m SO happy you came back and were able to see that before it became “unavailable”, too! (so far, so good tho’, right?) 😉 xox

Lampsha: oy and aieeeee! not sure what happened to this day, but it’s over now. that said, i’m hopeful you DID get to see these videos, and maybe get in a laugh or two (laughing is something you’ll definitely do when you do finally see these!) don’t our kids know we have more important things to do than worry about whether or not they can’t sleep? (said the mother of a 22 year old who suffers from the same problem…) xox

CJ: oh sure, rub our faces in the fact that you were off doing something totally fun/exciting while we were stuck at home dealing with the trauma of… er… being at home. GLAD you had such a blast — GLAD to see your happyhappy face back here! xox

Amoeba: over-used, eh? figures. we never catch up on things until they’re so old they’ve been left on the side of the road for any old non-jargon savvy person to pick ’em up. or something like that. (watch the videos, i believe you’ll appreciate them more than you might imagine!) xox

Diesel: Get Reel with Diesel has a nice ring to it. of course, we could always apply the “internet/gamer/overused” kind of thing to it, and call it G3t R33l with Di3s3l. or not. (fine. i read your HILARIOUS post, and even left a NOT-SO-HILARIOUS-BUT-WHAT-THE-HELL-I-TRIED comment. NOW will you do a post for tomorrow????? pl333333333333333se??) xox

Lampsha: that Diesel’s got some balls, eh? (don’t ask me what that means… i have NO idea!) xox

Diesel: why do i think Lampsha’s gonna ask you to show YOUR testicle-adorned car, first? xox

LBP: i’ve heard Colbert *is* looking for a mistress, but her name has to be “Charlene” (it’s been a running gag on his show, since day one). change your name, and i have no doubt the job will be yours for the asking! xox

Comment by snuppy

Ha ha … I’m a big fan of the latter … or “I’m going to run over Diesel with my kid’s go-go-tanker-truck if he doesn’t write for me tomorrow” … I guess that would have to assume you have such a vehicle. If you don’t, you can borrow my sons.

Anita 😉

Comment by Say No to Crack

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