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Weird Wednesday by Snuppy
Thursday, 1 February 2007, 9:13am
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(Yes, yes, originally this was yesterday’s post, but then we were treated to a delightful surprise by the delish CYM, so we decided to hold on to our own pathetic offering for another day, i.e. this one.)

RE: “Weird Wednesday”: work with us here, this is a new idea that popped into our heads like a zit that pops up on your forehead just before a big date, and you don’t know WHAT to do about it, so you try to cover it with your bangs, in the hope no one notices. Naturally, we don’t have any bangs to cover this post with, so we’re using the next best thing, a kick-ass BANG up video. But don’t let us spoil the surprise (“ish”, but not really) until after we’ve had a chance to tell you why you’re being treated to one in the first place. Mum’s the word, Bob’s yer uncle, and… uh… something something something.

* * * * *

SO, yesterday we were completely charmed and amused by DIESEL’S astute observations about the Oscars®, specifically: how stupid they are and why the hell aren’t the really good movies ever nominated, and well, then that Diesel made a big hullabaloo about the fact that BATMAN BEGINS was, perhaps, the best-movie, ever. (We have it on good authority he means this, and, well, you know how we feel about authority, so it must be true. Actually, we don’t even know what we just wrote because we’re practically drunk with exhaustion, but that’s another topic for another post that’s not the one we’re trying to write right now, especially in the midst of our drunken exhaustion.)

WE looked and looked and looked, and didn’t stop looking until we found something to support his contention. Oh wait, that’s a lie from the pits of hell, because we barely looked at all. We meant to, only somehow we got distracted. But that’s beside the point. Our point, for we had one before we got tired and forgot what it was, is that, um… Diesel’s probably right. Someday we’ll find out for sure. Nonetheless, we feel confident in our belief Batman Begins is better than the following Batman-related clip, because, as you’re about to see, it’s pretty lame, even by our standards. Although, we do think those dancers look darn hot. And by “darn hot”, we mean “Holy jazz pants! Did people like us-but-not-us really dress like that back in the 60’s?”

WAS that weird enough for you? Ah yes, there are few things we enjoy as much as a tightly choreographed dance routine. Too bad this wasn’t one of those. Also, if we’re the only ones who remember watching HULLABALOO while growing up, shut up. We may be old, but we can still make you beg for mercy, even as we complain loudly about our lumbago when we do it.

bunnyOH YEAH, since it’s also the first of February, we’d be remiss if we forgot to say Rabbit, Rabbit. That’s supposed to be a picture of a “Batman-esque bunny, in case you couldn’t tell — which seemed like a moderately clever idea when we first thought of it. But then, we were drunk with exhaustion at the time, so we can’t be held responsible for our inability to tell the difference between “clever” and “stupid”.



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i could say i was completely embarrassed to put up this post, but that would also be a lie from the pits of hell. well, sort of. i’m embarrassed, but also too lazy (and a bit too frazzled) to care about the fact that it was supposed to be a Wednesday post — or that it’s lame — or that i still remember watching Hullabaloo as a kid.

if anyone is so inclined and/or gives a shit, i HIGHLY recommend checking out the link on the word “distracted”. talk about your “vintage bit of Batman crappola that’s still pretty damn hilarious”. ah well — such was (and *is*) my mood, along with my state of drunken exhaustion. xox

OH, and PS, you-who-complained-too-loudly-the-other-day-by-my-use-of-the-run-on-sentence (and you know who YOU are): i “run on”, because i can. blame it on my ADD. or my inability to properly express myself any other way. or on the fact that i just don’t care.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

As far as I’m concerned, your sentences can run on for a paragraph. So whoever complained and they know who they are even if I don’t – bugger off!

As far as this post – a perfect follow-up to Disel’s post and even CYM”s! Even better a day later. And I know that last sentence was not a sentence but I aim to write as I speak not like Mrs. Appleseed taught me (hope Mrs. Weirsdo isn’t around). I’m sure we all aced English, but churning out the consistently funny enteraining posts that you do, I think not my friend. Sorry that your exhaustian is our entertainment (actually I’m not really sorry, but having said that, maybe catch a nap huh?).

Oh and Rabbit Rabbit!

Comment by Lampy

Holy work server Batman! I’ll be distracted by the Distracted link later whereby I can properly continue to indoctrinate my little ‘uns to the pop culture of my youth.

Comment by Lampy

Okay me again – now which should I be changing my blog to – WordPress or Typepad? This Blogger thing is getting out of hand! Grrrrrr.

Comment by Lampy

Before you judge them too harshly, you should take the time to get to know the actors, singers, interior designers, hairdressers, TV network and film executives, and the stylishly ragged homeless people who get to cast ballots for the Oscars.

And, if you did, you’d be plenty glad these folks were busy kissing each other’s asses instead of flying airplanes or brandishing scalpels.

Oh wait, I forgot about the plastic surgeons who get a vote, too.

Shit. Never mind.

Comment by Al

And, Diesel, everybody was sure “Lord of the Rings” big win in 2004 would shut the nerds and geeks up until at least 2010. But, there’s just no pleasing some people.

Comment by Al

Hasenpfeffer, hasenpfeffer….and what do you mean did people really dress that way back in the 60’s…we still do….don’t we?…..we-not-you-but-me?
We all missed CYM but did we miss the bounching ball aka MPKH? Huh? did we?

Comment by Mo'a Pretty Kitten Heels

Holy no rhythm Batman…did any of those dancer dance in sync with the others? No. Did any dance to the music? No.

And the skinny pant is back according to the Gap. Swell. I can’t even get my ass in regular pants let alone skinny pants. Damn the Gap. DAMN!!!

Comment by littlebluepill

Oh goodness me. You know Thea has asked me to replay that damn video at least a dozen times now as she tries to learn the dance. I spent 25 minutes getting said video uploaded to my ipod so I can play it on the tv. This is what I am going to have to listen to for the rest of the day Snupp so Thea can learn the dance. 🙂

Have a good day everyone. I’m being summoned to dance too. Oh what a beautiful day in the neighborhood it is!

Comment by cj

Groovy, daddy!

Comment by Walela

At last somebody explains “Rabbit rabbit”! I thought you guys were all nuts. But that’s what I get for joining in this game late. And not having much to say about the main subject, not having seen Batman Begins. Or much of anything else in the way of movies. Batman was fine in the comic books. I kinda wish he’d stayed there.

Rabid rabbit! 😉

Comment by oceallaigh

I just got a chance to view the video.

The Variety Show format is, indeed, dead. Suicide. The note read: “Can’t go on. Slacks too tight. Music too lame. And, what’s ‘choreography?'”

Comment by Al

Lampsha/NBFF: Mrs. Appleseed? heh. sometimes i worry that Miss Horseman (who had a face to go with the name, and explains why she remained a “miss” all her life) will show up on my doorstep and smack me with her ruler. then i remember she’d be like, 132 by now, and i breathe a little easier. (thank you for your kind words, hope you still love me after you watch that other clip. altho’ it IS funny) xox

Al: Al? Al??? Al, who? OH…. Al. uh… are you really back, or just teasing us with your fine/funny rhetoric?? xox

Mo’a: i DID miss you! you just didn’t notice, because i haven’t been around much, myself (last week was exceptionally “suck” for me — as well as our dear Lampsha. *and* for Miz B. *and* for teh Penguin. tho’, as far as i know, everyone else has been fine!) xox

LBP: RIGHT? i mean, that dancer on the left side (2nd to the left) was also off by a couple of beats throughout the entire routine. as for those “skinny pants”??? do not get me started… *shakes fist at Gap catalog* xox

CJ: i’m laughing because it actually occurred to me that Thea might like this dance and want to learn it (i fear the same fate may befall CYM’s daughter, Lil’ BoheMia, as well) still, it could be worse, tho’ i’m not sure how. xox

Walela: i know you’re a big fan of George Hamilton, so i thought you’d get a kick out of seeing him sans the tan. : P xox

O’C: any day we can help educate you is a good day, indeed! i loveloveloved Batman comic books, *and* the original series — if you click on that one link, you’ll see why. (what can i say? i’m a sucker for “campy” entertainment. and yes, that includes camping, not that we do any, but i wouldn’t mind if we did!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Al: so you ARE back? good to know. xox

Comment by snuppy

AIEEEE! so all you guys (you guys on Blogger, that is) have now converted to the newest “not-beta” version, which is fine, except for one thing: now i can’t get into ANYONE’S blogs at the moment. i thought the “not-beta” thing was supposed to make all the problems go away, not create new ones. oy.

sigh. of course, since i’m supposed to be out doing other Important Things right now, i guess it’s for the best. sorry for that interruption, i just wanted to vent for a nano-second. i feel better now, despite the fact that i’m holding in a lot of Very Clever and Interesting Comments that no one may get to read because STUPID BLOGGER WON’T LET ME INTO ANYONE’S SITES. no, really. i’m fine.

Comment by snuppy

I’m commenting, but I’m not posting again until some time after Groundhog Day.

According to Blogger, come February 2, if the Groundhog sees his shadow, they’ll have six more weeks of downtime.

Comment by Al

And I had a wonderful new post….so like Al, in designer jeans and loafers…..I cannot post…at least we can play in this pen and be as snarky as we please ;> Thank you for missing me….I missed you and G and Al and Miz Yummy and, and….. ;o

Comment by Mo'a Pretty Kitten Heels

So Al, if you see the shadow – you post and if you dont’ six more weeks until? Or vice versa?

Mo’a my head has been on the distract table or all together distractable mode this past week or so. But I’m back and very close to catching up. CLose. I always miss you so when I don’t see your whimsical charming place. Hope all is well.

I think I’m going to market a distract table – I don’t know folks, what do you think – does the idea have legs? I don’t know but the table probably should.

Okay I’ll go.

Comment by Lampy

Blogger’s been down off and on all day. Every time it tells me to get bent I start to hum the Jaws theme song.

I sqooshed into my “skinny” jeans last night. ‘Twasn’t pretty at all.I think i traumatized the mirror…and that’s saying a lot.

Comment by littlebluepill

Geez, I get here late one day and everybody’s gone freakin’ crazy.

Sorry, I’m dealing with not one, but two sick children today. The joys of semi-retirement.

According to IMDB, Batman Begins is only the 90th best movie ever made, barely edging out Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and the Wizard of Oz. It scores an 8.2 (The Godfather, at #1, scored 9.1, presumably because of Al Martino’s riveting performance). But using the authoritative Diesel Movie Rating system, any film about superheroes automatically gets a full point bump, putting Batman Begins at #1, with an amazing 9.2 rating.


Comment by Diesel

Al: 6 weeks? or 6 months? and is it a Groundhog they’re watching, or a weasel? (sorry, but that razzum frazzum Blogger just gets on my nerves) xox

Mo’a: oh my dear friend — you are ALWAYS missed, and ALWAYS a welcome sight when you return!! and yes — that b*tch Blogger won’t even let me take a peek at your blog, so i don’t know if you’re coming or going or sitting on Paloma, or WHAT! aieeeee! and sigh. xox

Lampy: “distract table”??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (sorry, but that was funny) i’ll take one, preferably one with legs, so it can run alongside those hot ideas poppin’ out of your fertile-yet-fragile little mind! xox

LBP: skinny jeans?? lemme tell you about “skinny jeans”, missy. skinny jeans are those size 2 acid-washed denims that have been hanging up in your closet since 1983. the ones you wore just before you got pregnant with your second child (the one who weighed almost 10 pounds when he was born). oh, you were able to squeeze into ’em once or twice since then (there might have been a couple of years in Miami and/or Boston when you worked 16-18 hour days and lost WAY too much weight) but, for the most part, they’re there to remind you of a time when you had to shake your “thang” to get it to move, as opposed to having it shake you just by getting up from a chair. just sayin’… those were the good old days. sigh xox

Diesel: well, everyone remembers Johnny cried like a baby, sang like a dream, and actually *did* act his way out of a paper bag, once the Godfather got the ball (and a head or two) rolling so he could star in that “film”. and after watching the “distraction” link, i completely agree with you, Batman Begins deserves a much higher rating. i mean, those special effects are a sight to behold, even as Batman beheld that ladder while he tried to get that Very Realistic And Not At All Fake Looking Shark away from the helicopter, before it exploded. wowie. too cool for school.

speaking of school (and/or kids) — so sorry to know your little ones are sick. that’s what they get for spending so much time digging around for buried treasures and/or dinosaurs. (hope they’re better soon) xox

Comment by snuppy

LOL. Very nice choice of video for weird Wednesday.
Tightly coreographed indeed.
but…is there anythign wrong with me, when I don´t find anythign particular embarrasing abotu teh clothing?

Oh and of course: Hase, Hase!

Comment by Penguin

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