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Duck You by Snuppy
Friday, 2 February 2007, 10:27am
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duck soupOOPS. We meant to say “Duck Soup“, as in, the hilarious 1933 film starring the MARX BROTHERS, that featured a particularly brilliant/funny bit, in which 2 of the brothers (Groucho, aka “Rufus T. Firefly”, and Harpo, aka “Pinky”) mirror each other’s movements as two sides of, well, a mirror. (Long story short, the mirror was broken by “Pinky”, who was disguised as “Rufus” at the time for reasons that don’t matter, and when “Rufus” went to investigate, “Pinky” pretended to be his image, in hopes he (“Rufus”) wouldn’t notice the missing mirror and/or the impersonating “Pinky”. Make sense? We didn’t think it would.)

WHY bring that up today? We’re a little embarrassed to tell you, for fear you’ll realize how totally bizarre our way of thinking is. Nonetheless, we do belive in full disclosure, so here goes:

Today is GROUNDHOG DAY. We considered using a clip from the 1993 MOVIE as a means for recognizing it “properly”, but decided not to, since EVERY DAGO and their groundhog already was (sort of). So then we thought “Hmmmm. The point of Groundhog Day is to see if the groundhog notices his shadow, which will then determine how long winter’s going to be. How stupid is that? Why are we asking ourselves that question? How stupid are we? Shut up, now we’re confusing ourselves. Since we’re supposed to be concerned about shadows today, let’s feature a video that has something to do with shadows. Crap. we can’t find anything like that, at least not anything we like. Hey, we know, instead of something with shadows, let’s use that hilarious “mirror” bit from DUCK SOUP. Only instead of the original “bit” let’s use the “bit” as it was performed by HARPO and LUCILLE BALL, because we love Lucy, right? We bet our sweet asses we do. Okily dokily, we have to stop talking to ourselves now, before someone thinks we’ve gone crazy. Or is it too late? Damn us and our stupid/bizarre way of thinking!”

YEP, it really is that strange inside our heads, but it’s never boring. Anyway, here’s the Marx Brothers bit, as performed by Harpo Marx and Lucille Ball on one of the best comedy shows ever in the history of TV, I LOVE LUCY:

WHOA. We just went back and read what we wrote, and we are mortified. This post was supposed to be about “groundhogs and shadows”, as represented by “comedians and mirrors”. Why did we use that picture at the top? What the hell is wrong with us? (Why are we asking you?)



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This is another excellent example of why writing Very Late at Night is a Very Bad Idea. Something that can seem so funny at 2 am almost always turns out to be something so dumb at 8 am in the morning — a truth I learned the “hard way” back in my drinking days, but managed to forget, until now.

oh well, Happy Groundhog Day (is that what one says on this occasion? my brain is so fried i don’t even know!) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Here in Maine, I have to be careful about the duck jokes. Somebody might think I’m a loon. A mercurial loon

Comment by oceallaigh

O’C: since mercury makes one go mad (or so says the Hatter), how crazy is a “mercurial loon”, anyway? (okay, i joke here, but i have to say that link has me totally depressed. first it was tuna, now it’s the loons?? aieee! i have to go lie down. but not before i first find a way to donate to some kind of “mercurial loon cleaning” organization… thanks a lot) xox

Comment by punxasnuppy

it’s official, Punxatawny Phil did NOT see his shadow. so i guess we can all relax and start thinking about early planting. (i said thinking which is SO not the same as doing)


Comment by One Hot Puppy

Wow. You’re on the other side of the looking glass today.

Comment by Walela

A mercurial loon is, ah, kinda loony. [ducks]

But before you rush off looking to dispense your dinero, remember that, for more than a century, Maine was full of hatters – and tanners, and papermakers, and all kinds of other mercurial stuff. Plus, all those heavy metals from industrial stuff (and, I reckon, from millions of car catalytic converters) get picked up by the jet stream and dumped on us. And mercury, being elementary, ain’t goin’ noplace anytime soon. Maybe if they dredged the entire state …

Hey. We cope. Just don’t do an elemental analysis on our hair samples.

Comment by oceallaigh

Ok!!! the clip was funny….I cannot make up my mind whether I love Lucy….in any case I loved this clip…maybe I love Harpo….so I was thinking of using the Royal we like OHP so here goes.

We cannot make up our mind whether we love lucy….in any case we loved this clip….maybe we love Harpo….it works, this is a keeper…..Oooops!!! wrong blog…..perhaps this will be yet one more thing we will steal from the veryvery Hot Puppy….we are just saying 🙂

Comment by Mo'a Pretty Kitten Heels

Great clip. I love the Marx brothers. I may need to watch me that movie tonight.

Comment by Diesel

What an excellent clip! Excellent excellent (and I’m only slightly biased by my love of all things Marx Brothers). I am long overdue for a Marx Brothers movie myself. As to the picture up top – the duck soup made perfect sense to me.

I’m on the run to pick up my own little shadow from school. Happy Friday Snarksters! XOX

Comment by LAMP-O

Walela: on the other side, *through*, and upside down is more like it. xox

O’C: just as i suspected… and, hey, at least folks in Maine still *have* hair to sample, so i guess all’s not lost yet. xox

Mo’a Who’s Heels are as Pretty as her Artwork: feel free to steal anything you like, girlfriend! xox

Diesel: so young and yet you have such great taste in film (for the most part). somehow i figured you to be a “Marx Brothers” kind of a guy — just another of your many redeamable qualities (don’t worry, i won’t tell anyone) xox

LAMP-O: hahahaha! (just loveloveloved the “Lamp-o”) if ANYONE was gonna “get” the duck soup picture, i knew it’d be YOU! (and thank goodness for *that*, my friend, otherwise i’d have to go bury my head somewhere in shame for the craziness i manage to impose on folks on any given day in any given post. sigh) xox

Comment by punxasnuppy

i’m so lame-o…. first i want to be “snuppy’s shadow”, as in: “ha ha… if i see mine i have to blog for 6 more weeks”. then i realize that’s not only NOT funny, it’s stupid. dumb. and, did i mention “lame”? i did? good. so then i’m thinkin’ it should be “punxasnuppy”. as in: “hee hee… like Punxatawny, only snuppier”. bad idea.

now i’m tryng out “punxatawny snupp”, but only for this comment, then i’m chaning my handle to something catchy/funny/more entertaning/happy, like: “i love snuppy” or “snuppy ball” or “harpo snupp” or “snupp to my lou my darling”. why? i dunno. maybe i’m just bored. or crazy. or… just plain-o lame-o. sigh.

Comment by punxatawny snupp

Now that had me laughing quite a bit. Good old television, ey?

It must be quite a tough life to be a firing neuron in your brain area…leaps must be taken every day 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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