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Saturday, 3 February 2007, 9:08am
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Morning all.  You know this artist has been in the hopper for a while.  So before she releases another album and I’m still featuring a song from 2001, I thought that I’d throw her out there. 

Her name is Kasey Chambers and she is quite the sensation in her native Australia mate.  Each of her four albums has gone platinum there.   I don’t know so much of who’s who on the Country Music charts, but I think she has a spot on them.  For all I know, she’s on the pop charts here.  Her music gets played on my favorite little station that could WFUV and this song was once featured on an episode of The Sopranos.  Me and Tony are like this (what’s the emoticon for fingers crossed )( – well, you get the point.  

She’s got a really fetching voice and  is certainly chart-worthy.  Go give a listen and if you like her, here’s ANOTHER LINK for you to rummage about in, which has her present album released this past summer titled Carnival featured.  Hope you enjoy.

 What are you still doing here?  Weekends are for fun – go have some.  Or at least some coffee, yes that would be good. 

~  DJ  LAMPSHA                                                                                                                                                    (spinning out of control since 2006)


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ah, dear Lampsha: i confess to sneaking in to the queueueueue last night in order to listen to this artist, and was completely charmed by Kasey Chambers’ voice and this video.

what a perfect way to start the weekend, my NBFF — knowing what a busy one yours will be, i hope you’ll have time to sit and enjoy this soothing (lilting? lovely? delicious? even more charming? whatever, it’s excellent) tune a time or two before heading out the door! don’t know how you manage to come up with these winners week after week (since 2006, you say?) but i, for one, am VERY GLAD you do!!! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Actually Snuppy, no heading out the door early for us today – no violin. We’ve already enjoyed it twice as it won the Julian “play it again” seal. Glad you liked. Yes all the way since 2006 – amazing huh?

Okay did somebody mention coffee? Onward.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

right behind ya, my friend. well, in spirit, at least. i would be in person, too — but a certain someone who’s exhausted from a 2 day business trip is still sleeping… woe is me, and my need to be caffeinated.

as for your hectic schedule? aieee. i guess i was thinking of LAST week (see? while you’ve been “spinning in/out of control”, my head has just been spinning. oy.) glad you *don’t* have to race out and *can* enjoy this fine day in the comfort of your own home/timeline! xox

Comment by snuppy

Ahem…just for the record it was a 3-day business trip if you please and that extra day was a killer.

Great selection DJ Lampsha…she has a bit of Alanis Morrisette (sp?)in her voice with a little softer tone…like it!!!

Did someone mention coffee?

Comment by BoBo

sorry BoBo, my bad — and of course, no one is more aware of how long you were gone than ME! (and no one is MORE glad you’re home)

and yeesh, based on the slow “traffic” around here today, it would seem everyone else in the blogosphere is out of town, too. (that or gearing up for the Super-Duper Bowl.) oh well, their loss — this is on fab spin for an even more fab Saturday. xox

Comment by snuppy

What an excellent new find! Thank you, Lampy; this was a wonderful pleasure to listen to and I will have to investigate further…

Comment by Pavel

Well, I am late to the party but oooooh on that fablous-voiced-and-oh-so-magical newest discovery! She has a quality about her voice that, apart from sexy, is cozy and familiar and draws me to her… another fabulous find my dearest G! FO SHO!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Snuppy, yes out of town out a world class resort without internet connection 😉

That’s okay, between Julian and Tali, they listened enough for everyone. They’re big fans of this song. So much so, that I think I no longer am (I mean 27 times consecutively ChooChoo?). But I guess the test was – I sang along with each spin.

Pavel: Glad you enjoyed. She is a pleasure to, I agree.

CYM: Nobody’s ever late to a party thrown by me FO SHO! I agree on her voice, she uses it beautifully. Glad you enjoyed.

And have a nice relaxing Sunday all.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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