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Wordy Wednesday by Snuppy
Wednesday, 7 February 2007, 9:49am
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open mouthYOU know what we thought might be fun today? We thought it might be fun to offer up something completely opposite to those WORDLESS WEDNESDAY posts we see all over the Blogosphere. Why? Well, because thinking in terms of “opposites” is kind of what we do, and posting in terms of “wordless” is basically something we don’t.

ANYWAY, we like words, and we try to use them as often as we can. That said, we do know we could use them more effectively. Actually, we don’t know that, but we suspect it’s true. Never more so than after watching this helpful film, which beautifully and dramatically explores the means for tongue-tied folks like us to further enhance our skills as grand and persuasive orators. We can’t wait to try out some of the techniques we learned, and plan to do so the first chance we get. Oh, we know what you’re thinking: what a shame some of us (me) can’t express ourselves (myself) as beautifully as DIESEL. We agree. Guess it’s because we’ve yet to discover a helpful film to aid in our pursuit of grand and persuasive writing skills. Not to worry, though, ‘cuz if it’s out there, by golly we’ll find it, or our names aren’t… uh… “Good Finders of Helpful, Grand and Persuasive Stuff” (which is what we call ourselves in the privacy of our own blog — until we can come up with something more succinct).

ALL this to say, what could be better/more entertaining/more hilarious-tho’-mildly-pathetic than watching a 50-something man/dad/boss, who is woefully lacking in verbal skills, struggle to be more “explicit”? A word he learned from his son, by the way, who, despite being in high school, looks to be around 28.

DID we mention anything about knowing and/or appreciating the fact that a lot of our Very Good Friends participate in Wordless Wednesdays? No? Well, we do know and/or we do appreciate. Believe us when we say we think those of you doing all that “not writing” should keep it up. After all kids, there are only so many words to go around on any given day, and, bloghogs that we are, we’d like to keep as many of ’em for ourselves as possible.

diesel's screen shotUM… thanks to DIESEL, we have a lovely screen shot from this film that begs to be, er, ah, explored in more, um… detail (poor poor Mrs. Willis).



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when you guys watch this, i’m wondering if you’ll think the same thing i did — isn’t this Mr. Willis guy a banker or something? he seems to have a Very Important Job, and yet, he’s as freakin’ tongue-tied as they come. no, wait, i mean, illiterate. or is it just me?

anyway — if the film has trouble “loading” (this morning it kept starting and stopping on me) hit the pause button and let a bit of it load up (you’ll know this is happening by the red line) before you try to watch. i know this particular post is dumb, but, truth be told, there’s not much i could write about that won’t seem dumb after that brillaint post DIESEL did yesterday — i mean, that boy talks real (or reel) purdy, don’t he? indeed he do! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Okay, now that was funny! I think we now know where the idea for “Leave it to Beaver” came from…same vocabulary, same cadence…I’m telling ya. Another classic from the Central Snark vault…well done Snuppy!!

It’s all about the worms Roxanne.

Comment by BoBo

BoBo: you have NO idea how hard it was for me NOT to use that line somewhere in here! but then, being the OCD girl i can be on any given day, i started to worry that everyone would think i was obsessed with worms, so i decided not to. besides, i figured you would — and i’m very glad you DID! “I was afraid of worms, Roxanne, WORMS!” hah! that still cracks me up. man, i lovelovelove that movie! (Roxanne, that is, not the one featured here today) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I’m with you, Snuppy; he seems to have the vocabulary of a 5th grader, although he’s dressed up like a big shot. Hey, can’t go by looks, I guess, since we can ALL think of some people who hav REALLY IMPORTANT JOBS and dress very well, who have trouble with words…

Comment by Pavel

You know, this video got me thinking. In the English language, there must be a hundred different words you can use to call somebody an asshole, and I just checked my vocabulary notebook and damned if they’re not all in there, every single one.

But, “asshole” is still the best.

(Great post today, Snarksters, and a great video. I’ll be back tomorrow to read Diesel’s review.)

Comment by Al

Snuppy, I like how you use your words as often and cleverly as you do! Don’t you even think about Wordless Wednesdays here, there’d be a revolution. People are lined up waiting for your words that tumble forth (I know I do). And I can’t wait to check out the video from home later of this poor slob’s attempt at being more explicit. Vunderbar indeed. XOX

Al, I have to agree with you – asshole pretty much encapsulates succinctly the deplorable traits of others. Now if you’d like a nice adjective to go along with it, might I suggest…

Comment by Lampy

Did anybody else get a good look at the word list Willis was writing? I had to take a screen shot to make sure I was seeing it right.

Comment by mattresspolice

BTW snuppy, your mouth image was broken, so I fixed it. 🙂

Comment by Diesel

Leave some of those words for me, snuppy! Even if they are spelled wrong. No, um, wait a minute, there’s a valEnce (good scientific word that), and there’s a valAnce. So whaddaya want? I’m a biologist, not an interior decorator! Who puts curtains in a cardboard box anyhow? :0

Come back, Diesel? That’s not the explicit word you were worried about? Hmph. See “biologist”, supra. Tame, mattresscop, really tame. I could unleash some vocab on you folks that would … ah, never mind. 😉

Comment by oceallaigh

oceallaigh – Did you even look at my screen shot? Come on, I spent a lot of time on that.

Comment by Diesel

Pavel: like our so-called “president”, right? 🙂 xox

Al: i’m hard-pressed to think there is a better word in any language for “asshole”. (okay, i have one that’s WAY worse — i mean better — that i only use for people who are so bad, so low, so *awful*, that calling them an “asshole” would be a compliment, but i don’t think i should say bug-fucker on this blog, for fear of offending someone….) xox

Lampy: i smile even as i blush — and remind you that your words are like music to my own… uh… eyes. you’ve spent enough time with me to know the term “wordless” ain’t even in my vocabulary! xoxo

Diesel: OH MY GOD HOW I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED! you are way too funny, my friend! (thanks for fixing the picture at the top, too — not sure what went wrong, but i’m glad you were there to take care of it!) xox

O’C: i suspect you could kick our collective vocabularic-asses with the words you know — heck, probably the words you doodle on that notepad you surely keep next to your computer! i shudder to think — tho’ trust me, i do so in admiration! xox

Diesel: seriously, can we put that “screen shot” up there on this post? because DAMN, it’s a thing of beauty/hilarity!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Diesel: too late! i couldn’t resist. (tho’ you can make it larger, if ya like). as for me? laughing and laughing… and laughing. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I take it that everyone made a note of where the clitoris is thanks to Diesel? Right under her valance. Because, y’know, that’s where you find it!

Comment by littlebluepill

Ok, I made it a link so it’s easier to enlarge. Er…

Comment by mattresspolice

LBP: well, yeah. (especially if, by “valance” you mean “hood”) too bad MR. Willis doesn’t know that — one assumes the “conception” of Pete was anything *but* exceptional and/or memorable and/or pleasurable, let alone “explicit” (groping, sweating, grunting comes to mind). xox

Diesel: excellent! (i have GOT to learn how to do that — off i go to “study” the code-thingy in the queueueueue…) xox

Comment by snuppy

that was most impressive. i was exceedingly engaged by that televisual item.

Did I express my ideas very well??

Also. the screen shot. Do mine eyes deceive me? “Clitoris.”

I suggest we all write that word down, and the use it several times in a sentence. In a school report.

“Excuse me, I need to go and check on my clitoris”

or, if you prefer

“Yes. No. No. Yes. To the left. That’s right my love. What you’ve discovered there is what we call “the clitoris.” I suggest you go and write that word down, along with the coordinates, and then use it in a sentence…”

Comment by Joy

It does, after all, seem like a word he wouldn’t know.

Comment by Diesel

Joy: spoken like a true academician. also, a woman. also, a woman who recently had a baby, yet probably needs to get laid, and SOON! xox

Diesel: seriously, he didn’t know what “feasible”, “allocate”, “ultimatum”, “comb-over” or…uh, “vocabulary” meant, so it’s safe to say he had never heard of the word “clitoris”, let alone how to find one what one might be used for. xox

Comment by snuppy

Is it just me or does the third word ( and I do not dare speak it´s name!) a little unappropriate for examples of articulated writing?

some words sure have it in them 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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