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Saturday, 10 February 2007, 8:46am
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Can you ever get enough soul? Soul mixed with blues? No? Then check out JAMES MORRISON, a young emerging artist from the UK. Somehow you don’t expect somebody to sound so soulful who was just born in 1984 (sorry youngfolk out there). His debut album, Undiscovered, will hit these shores mid-March. A dj who interviewed him mentioned in her intro that sounding like this, he won’t be undiscovered for long. So hear for yourself and see what you think. 

And now for simply the words (but a great song):

The following is a link to WFUV. The link will pop up with a line “Search Audio Archives”, you should then type in James Morrison and two different feeds will appear.  One is a shorter interview – Take Five and you’ll find a little more in Words and Music in Studio A. Sorry, for the extra steps, I couldn’t figure out how or if you could link directly to the interviews (but hey if anyone else can <..>, how grand would that be?). Also, here is a link to James Morrison’s MySpace page which has a song or two not featured here.  Look, it’s the weekend – what else do you have to do? Build a house? Yeah, do what I do, ignore it.

Have a great weekend all!

~  DJ  LAMPSHA                                                                                                                                                    (spinning out of control since 2006)


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Sorry…little Jimmy is way too young to be that talented. I believe there’s a law. Another excellent find DJ Lampsha. Not sure how you do it, but keep ’em coming!!!

Comment by BoBo

I have not had a chance to hear about him. *S* Yay new music Saturday for me!! Its always nice having something new to listen to on the way to dance on Saturday mornings!

Comment by cj

wow. seriously, Lampsha, WOW. this kid is fabulous. i’m very impressed, and belive i will, indeed, be listening to his music quite a little bit over the weekend.

as for your links? oy. that one to WFUV wasn’t working, so i ‘relinked’ to the page that can get us to the audio-files… but, like you, i am woefully incapable of doing a “direct” to those interviews. perhaps the one who really is “building a house” will pop in later today and fix it for us both! lovelovelove this! (oooooh and how PROUD do you think i am that you did all that linky love all by yourself?? sigh. guess that means you don’t need me anymore, eh? like we always say: “they don’t stay puppies — or bloggy newbies — long” oh, and ALSO, because i, myself, am such a “linky nerd”, i added one to your post — “Undiscovered” will direct one and all to his website, which is really nice, too (i know this was an oversight — and what about “in a past life i was the quintessential Jewish Mother” was i unclear on?? heh heh! i’m laughing as i type, because you know it’s true. even my son told me i “meddle” too much, sometimes. little punk… but i digress.) 😉

well done, NBFF, on ALL fronts!!! \,,/(^_^)\,,/

(sorry i got here so late, by the way, i was a little distracted — don’t know if anyone’s watching the news this morning, but there is one HELL OF A PEP RALLY goin’ on in Springfield, Ill. that Barack Obama is one impressive guy, and whoa, lookin’ mighty “presidential”, for one so young)

Comment by snuppy

Wow, what a voice.

These links should work, btw:

James Morrison 1
James Morrison 2


Comment by Diesel

okay — i have GOT to learn how to do that! thanks DIESEL! (i’m guessing Lampsha wouldn’t mind ONE BIT if you just added those links directly on to her post, by the way…)

okay — i’m ready to take a few linky classes, dude, and i’m guessing Lampsha will be happy to join me in my quest to get better and/or more adept at putting up these things! YOU ROCK! thanks again! xox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Bobo: They just fall into my lap as I’m driving. Glad our little circle here is enjoying. He is too young to sound so good no?

cj: See you have something to dance to on your way to dance – a tune up or warm up if you will. Yay for you for dropping in.

Snuppy: Ooh I was out and about all day and come back to fixed/enhanced links all taken care of. Yes Jewish Mama, that actually was an oversight that I meant to, then I didn’t then I just posted and then – well you have my back as always! So good job on all fronts! And I think that’s a great idea for Diesel to school us and bring (me especially) up another notch on such matters. Your sons will thank you some day (I am sure) for your meddling. Oh wish I had seen the news, I’ll have to catch it over the weekend – Barack Obama is indeed impressive.

So glad you enjoyed Snup and thanks for fixing up my post (you’re too good).

Diesel: Glad you liked. Thanks so much for fixing that up. We’re ready for our classes (make mine the remedial). Thank you.

SNuppy: He does rock doesn’t he?

Everyone have a great Saturday evening, chilling.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Oh,my gosh, that’s just precocious. However you spell that. Thanks!

And I hope y’all had a great weekend–went waaaay to fast, so it must have been fun:)

Comment by actonbell

I was lucky to see James Morrison perform at the UK Hall of Fame Awards in November (I also saw James Brown strutt his stuff and couldn’t believe the man was dead 5 weeks later).

James Morrison was inducting Rod Stewart who couldn’t be there as he was in LA. Morrison then performed The First Cut Is The Deepest a million trillion times better than Rod Stewart could have ever done… he is a name worth looking out for indeed

Comment by ann

Actonbell: Glad you liked, I agree. It did go way too fast, I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Ann: You lucky devil, that’s a great experience. I saw the YouTube video of him singing that song and I have to agree with you 100%.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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