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Wanton Wednesday by Snuppy
Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 9:10am
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AS you all know (or should, unless you’ve been living under a rock and/or are immune to all things related to “romance” as defined by card companies and/or marketers and/or sappy/overly sentimental partners), it’s Valentine’s Day. Which means, we suppose, we should do something in honor of l’amour. L’amour we see you, l’amour we try to accomodate your every need. What can we say, we’re givers. It’s what we do best. L’amour you get to know us, l’amour you’ll know this without our having to constantly pound it into your thick skulls and/or pea brains. Uh, heh heh… we kind of got away from our unselfish/overly accomodating selves there for a minute, sorry about that. Now where were we? Bad puns about “l’amour”? No? Oh yeah, givers. That’s us, all right. Always thinking of ways to better serve our friends.

WE know what you’re “wanton”, and we’re here to see that you not only get it, but that you get it “right”. Whip out the chapstick, kids, and pucker up.

NOT really sure who Bill Plympton is (lieslieslies from the pits of hell, because, thanks to HIS WEBSITE and/or WIKIPEDIA, we actually know quite a lot) but we sure as heck lovelovelove his take on the “fine art” of kissing. At least we did when we first watched this cartoon — before it grossed us out.

DO we care what our “kissing style” is? We do not. That said, we’re willing to bet some of you do. So find out for yourselves, HERE. Mind you, normally, we don’t like these quiz-things, but in light of the pseudo-holiday, we’re willing to lift our self-imposed link-to-silly-quizzes boycott for the greater good of the Blogosphere and/or our own edification, because we really do like kissing — especially with the one we love most. For the record, we are intense. And soulful. And, uh, passionate. And, well, starting to get hot and bothered…

FORTUNATELY, we have a remedy for all that hot & botherediness, a final “looking-for-Love-in-all-the-silly-places sans flowers and/or chocolate palate cleanser, if you will, to commemorate the day, even as it tickles the funny bone (as opposed to some other “bone” some of you who are not us might want tickled by some of us who are, well, also not us…). Uh, where were we again? Oh yeah — here’s the kind of thing that screams Happy Valentine’s Day to those of us who aren’t fans of having romance crammed down our throats (we don’t care what our boyfriends in high school tried to tell us, surely there are better ways to say “I Love You”, Shirley). Enjoy.

SORRY. It’s just that we adore Teen Girl Squad, and since this latest edition showed up on YouTube justlastnight, we couldn’t resist adding it to our already longish post. It’s Valentine’s Day, show us the Love by cutting us some Slack.



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i should NOT be allowed to do posts for days like this one, because it brings out all the silliness in every fiber of my being. i know it’s a day meant for all things “romantic”, but what’s “romantic” about a day set aside for “romance”? not much by my way of thinking.

not that we didn’t USED to celebrate the day in as fine a fashion as has ever been deemed a “fine way to celebrate Valentine’s Day”. Bobo used to send me enough flowers to fill a field and/or funeral home (one year it was 3 dozen pristine long-stemmed roses, and they were spectacular, until the NEXT day, when they had all died, because they had spent too much time in the back of that Boston Florist’s van. but don’t think i wasn’t then envy of my friends/coworkers for a minute or two — especially my gay friend, who was sure the arrangement was intended for him)

ah well — Happy Valentine’s Day, whether any of you “heart” it, or not! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy


Comment by Walela

Walela: “phew” as in “too long”? or “thank G*d no one’s celeb”rating Valentine’s Day here, either, because i’m sick and tired of all that ‘hearts/love/flowers/won’t you ple-e-ease be my Valentine’ crap”? whatever — apparently you and i are the only ones around to NOT celebrate. at least here that is. i KNOW no one likes us (me), but do people (who are NOT you) have to rub our (my) noses in our (my) unpopularity, today, of ALL days? yeesh. xox

was this comment too long? maybe that’s why no one else is commenting today. sigh.

Comment by snuppy

Phew as in that second video was kinda manic. Lovely prose, of course.

Comment by Walela

Well hold on now, give me time to trudge in from my ice driven snow filled hazardous driving conditions and defrost while sipping – okay, belting down my latte. I can’t waitwaitwait to see The Teen Girl Squad or the other video for that matter.

Ooh and now I’m defrosting with all this talk of kissing – hacha cha cha! XOX

Comment by Lampsha

Walela: yeah, but at least the video is “pink”, so, you know… there’s that. (what can i say? i think Teen Girl Squad is hilarious… surely some else does, too. right, Shirley?) xox

Shirley: that’s right, i’m talking to YOU, NBFF! oh yeah, the “roads”. sorry for that whining, i *know* you had a rough drive in to work this morning. heck, it took BoBo almost 2 hours. aieeee! and now i’m off to drive in the aforementioned hazardous conditions myself — in the name of “let’s make sure our son is taking the right meds and/or i REALLY need a TGSNWM!” xox

Comment by snuppy

Such sarcastic hostility, and all directed at a simple romantic holiday…

I love it. Thanks.

Comment by Al

So… do you like cloth?

Comment by Diesel

eeee, I’m sorry, but that kissing video was gross. Gross. Funny, but gross.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Comment by actonbell

Hope everyone is having a ♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

Comment by canine karen

Okay so I’m like the only one who did the quiz? -le sigh-

I like cloth!

***You Are a Passionate Kisser***

You are the most likely type to kiss a sexy stranger

Your kissing style is unpredictable and free spirited

You could kiss anyone at a drop of a hat

It’s all about where your passion leads you

I know…shocking. So…where the sexy strangers at?

Comment by littlebluepill

Al: Al, who? xox

Diesel: yes. yes i do. xox

Actonbell: i know! still… i had to laugh. (tho’ not as much as i did when i watched the latest episode of TGS, ‘cuz those gals are SOOOO COOL!) xox

Karen: i can’t speak for anyone else, by my day is grand, thus far (if by “grand” i mean “holy crap, it’s raining ice pellets that make driving incredibly dangerous, aieeeeeee!”, and i do.) xox

LBP: i took it. i did! “intense”. “soulful”. “passionate”. and…. uh… “chocolate-y” (okay, so that last one is my own description, but trust me when i say it’s apt!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Nice way to end this long day…nothing quite like an ice storm to get your day going. Great animation on the kissing vid…and Teen Girl Squad scary funny. Wonder what drugs you have to be on to do that sort of thing?

Comment by BoBo

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