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Happy Birthday Mr. President by Snuppy
Monday, 19 February 2007, 11:15am
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george washington in dragTRUST us, we have reasons for thinking the following video is appropriate for today, beyond the obvious “hey, this is kind of an opposite to the bluesy fabulousness of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals that DJ LAMPSHA treated us to over the weekend”. We’ve provided a few of our thoughts on today’s post below, in no particular order of importance. Please let us know if these suck, because we can always make up a few more:

1. Today is a Big Important Holiday* in the United States. President’s Day, to be exact. We can only assume this particular day was selected out of 365 possibilities because 2 of America’s greatest leaders were born in this month: Lincoln (12th) and Washington (22nd) — so we figure the legislators decided to split the “birthday difference” and picked a day inbetween. Math skills are, apparently, not necessary, when applying for a job in government, so we’re sure someone said , “Hey, let’s make it for the 19th!” and everyone else said “Huzzah, huzzah” (“huzzah” being the congressional way of saying “Party on, dude!”)**. Uh… where were we? Oh yeah, so today is President’s Day.

2. We didn’t want to re-share the George Washington Video we used a few months ago, which was hilarious and would have been so perfect for today and how stupid are we for not waiting until now to use it, anyway? Color us maroon, gang, for that’s what we are.

3. We really wanted to share THIS VIDEO (from Fark TV)– because it’s hilarious, too, but since it’s not yet available on YouTube and we are maroons (see above) we couldn’t figure out how to paste it directly onto this page.

3. Yesterday was the start of the Chinese New Year — the year of the “Golden Pig”. We think that’s very cool. So, in hopes of doing something “Chinese New Year”-related, we did a little free form association, but somehow, by the time we were through, pigs turned into boars which turned into bores which became presidents (boring in all ways only a President worth his weight in salt pork can be) and we were back in President’s Day Square One. (We’d like to provide a helpful graph showing exactly how we accomplished this feat, but that would require math skills we only pretend to have.)

5. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Gong-Bong Il turned 65 on Friday, and the entire country rose to celebrate the ocassion with, um, fireworks, and celebratory songs of, er celebration, and cake. From what we’ve heard, he’s a rotton pig. A ronery rotton pig, but a pig, nonetheless. Oh, and a president. Who enjoys celebratory songs of, er, celebration.

6. Marilyn Monroe sang the best ever celebratory song of Presidential Birthday Celebration, ever. (this is one of the cleanest copies we’ve been able to find of her memorable performance, making it all the more enjoyable to watch)

Desite the depiction at the top of the page, we have no reason to believe George Washington was gay. We just like that picture because it made us think of the extremely clever/funny post DIESEL wrote last week — which led us to remember he was due to write another one, tomorrow. That sound you just heard above Diesel’s groan of dismay was our collective sigh of relief — and has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the daily pains of coming up with fodder for this blog. (heh, we said “coming”)

HEY, if anyone is really interested in reading something related to George Washington today, someone WE CALL AL (it is his name, what else would we call him, Fred?) has a fabulous post up rightthisminute. (Considering the fact that his post already has a shitload bunch of comments, we’re guessing most of you already know this, and are laughing behind our blog-tardy backs, even as we type)

* That’s a lie from the pits of hell.

** Also a lie. The day was picked in not-so-random fashion as a means of ensuring government workers had a 3-day weekend. Because that’s just how much our country cares about it’s employees (since they’re often the only ones to benefit from these things).



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the last reason for this post (not to mention what time it finally saw the light of day) is that ONE OF US (me) is sick. Not terribly sick, but kind of yucky, snotty, coughing, blah, “I can’t believe I have to get out of bed and try to conjure up something. Too bad post ideas don’t flow out of my head the way snot flows out of my nose because then I’d have enough fodder for the next 3 years” sick.

sorry about that (dumb/late post). and, uh, Happy President’s Day. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I tried to publish this earlier as I thought that perhaps you’d really overslept. But apparently it was some technical difficulty. Unless this was what I published earlier and it just didn’t take my comment.

Either way, if it is me, it looked like a perfectly good post and I saw no reason not to share it with the rest of The Snark.

And I am happily ensconced in the warmth of my home due to this Presidential holiday, so there’s that to be in a good mood about. Let me go check out some vids!

Comment by Lampsha

Ohh, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’ll run over with a pot of well, not chicken soup, vegetable soup right away! Drink lots of tea and go back to bed! Feel better soon NBFF, hate to hear that you’re not feeling well. Get some rest. XOXOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Lampsha: you are such a doll! i was just veryvery late getting around to putting this one up (guess that’s why it’s better for me to start writing the night before!). i’m okay(ish) it’s just a stupid head-cold. Elderberry and Umcka and Zicam and i’ll be snot-free/cough-free/ache-free in NO time! (seriously, just a dumb thing that’s sure to be gone by tomorrow. i only mentioned it as a means for getting off the hook for the lateness of this post) 🙄

so glad you’ve got the day off, my dearest NBFF, and are enjoying the day inside your warm/cozy home (too damn cold outside to do anything else today, right?) and yes — definitely check out those links, but keep the kids away, since there’s a bit o’ language in the “Ronery” one, as well as that kick-ass “Washington” video — it’s that one we loveloveloved that Diesel sent us a few months ago. that Diesel (golly i hope he remembers to do a post tomorrow, otherwise i am so up that sh*t creek again…) xox

Comment by snuppy

Happy President’s Day from one who is not afforded the opportunity to enjoy a lovely three day weekend couresty the federal government…nope in my business there are no holidays (technically true, although I end up taking most of the big ones off anyway). Did I mention that I too have a cold? Oh well…the president’s birthday party from Fark TV lightened my mood considerably although it did little for my burning eyes…poor me.

Comment by BoBo

Get well Snuppy…I’m pretty sure you gave me this cold.

Comment by BoBo

…oh, and the “father” of our country does look a bit like a dandy in that picture…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: yeah, i really thought that Fark-TV skit was funny. too bad it hasn’t been uploaded to YouTube, otherwise it would have been today’s “feature”… still, this is a neat version of Marilyn’s birthday song, don’t ya think? and George does, indeed, look like a dandy (not that there is anything wrong with that… i just wish i had found that last week, to further “enhance” Diesel’s Gay-themed Presidential-related Movie post. on the other hand, i’m guessin’g Diesel’s glad i didn’t!)

and yes — i should have mentioned that fact that YOU’RE sick, too. sick and at work — because that’s just the kind of stud you are! (okay, so you really are a stud, but that’s beside the point). hopefully you’ll come home early so we can sit on the couch and be pathetic, together. xox

Comment by snuppy

That Fark TV was pretty funny. That Marilyn Monroe was something special. Actress, model, chanteuse.

Comment by Walela

I love Fark! 🙂

Hope you all have a fantastic Prez day!

Comment by cj

Good point, Wally. Frequently celebrated for the size of her, ummm, lungs, Marilyn Monroe was nonetheless rarely recognized for her vocal talent.

And did you know that, in the fifties, she once corrected Einstein’s math? Of course not, that sort of stuff never made the papers.

Comment by Al

Walela: once in awhile i get lucky. also, once in awhile i find good videos. (no idea what that means…) as for Marilyn? not sure what it was, but she sure had it. xox

CJ: hope you have a fantastic Prez Day, too! xox

Al: now, if only she had done so in Lower Manhattan, you’d have yourself fodder for another good post (lovelovelove the one you have up, today!). of course, with Einstein in New Jersey, you might be able to fake a connection by “fudging” the location… none of us are smart enough and/or would take the time to correct you, so long as your error is minor. no, wait, after today’s commenting brouhaha, i’m guessing your posts will be looked at by at least a few of your regular female readers through a fine-toothed magnifying glass from now on. (fine-toothed magnifying glass? admit it, you like the imagery) xox

Comment by snuppy

Yes indeed, that was farking funny! Now where’s my fine toothed magnifying glass, I’m heading over to Al’s…

Feel better you cold germ breeders and get some rest. Bobo, take a nap under you desk.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Just had a chance to watch the Marilyn Monroe “happy birthday” clip…that was awesome. Not sure I’ve ever seen this version. I Couldn’t help but hold my breath when the two guys brought out the enormous cake.

Comment by BoBo

Lampsha: resting/drinking tea as we speak (well, i will after i leave this comment) thanks for the kind thoughts — and let me know how ya make out with that fine-toothed magnifying glass tongue? no tongue? inquiring/sick minds want to know! (“make out”, get it? oy. i am sick) xox

BoBo: i couldn’t help but hold my breath when she started bouncing around in that dress. according to Wikipedia (where would i be without that site?) there were 2500 rhinestones hand-sewn into it, and the dress, in turn, was HAND SEWN onto her. yowza. (and wowza, because, let’s face it, she looked specacular — tho’ it must have been a bitch to take off) xox

Comment by snuppy

Great post!!! Loved it and now I know so much more. What an educational blog this is (cough) not to mention funny!

Boy, that Marilyn Monroe can melt ice…

Comment by Pavel

Since I didn’t have today off, I couldn’t care less about Presidents Day. I’m not bitter, but–there’s just no excitement in the day.

I like the Marilyn video! Hope you had a great Monday.

Comment by actonbell

Gaaaah! Is that tomorrow? I’d better start typing.

Comment by Diesel

Logophile made me sing her Happy Birthday yesterday in this voice.

Comment by Gawpo

Pavel: to be honest, i didn’t know the dead presidents had an annual bowling party, either. xox

Actonbell: i agree, it’s not the most exciting “holiday” of the year, by any stretch of the imagination. just an excuse to put stuff on sale, and little more. xox

Diesel: tomorrow. tomorrow. you must write, tomorrow. tomorrow’s another day (i don’t have to write). xox.

Gawpo: and i’m just betting it was every bit as wonderful and MM’s! (loved that post of yours, too) that Logo was one lucky Birthday gal! xox

Comment by snuppy

I knew about the Chinese New Year, last year was teh year of the dog, I am born in the year of the snake and the pig just started and that is the extend of my knowledge on the subject! 🙂

president´s day? Forget about it, we had Bolludagur yesterday and today we have bursting day;)

Comment by Penguin

what can I say: Andere Laender, andere Sitten!

Comment by Penguin

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