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Monday, 26 February 2007, 11:37am
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stuck in snowDID anyone hear about the “Great Snowfall in the Northeast of ’07”? Yeah? Well we did, too. Funny how 4 inches of snow can seem like an enormous amount when you haven’t seen much throughout the season. We’ve tackled shoveling after several inches/feet have landed in the driveway, following a Major Wintery Snow-laden Storm, but this morning, our backs are achin’ after moving aside a fraction of that amount. Why tell you this? Uh, because we can. Oh, and because it’s (kind of) the reason this post didn’t get up in a more timely fashion. Heh, and you all thought we were a little late in order to give everyone enough time to wish our dear PRINCESS LAMPSHA and her hubby a proper Happy Anniversary, since so many of you missed out on the chance to do so, yesterday. Well, you were right. But that’s beside the point. 

THE POINT, for we had one before we got side-tracked by all this snow, is that it’s Monday, and, once again, we’re forced to reach into the vast coffers of our pathetic brains in order to conjure up a little something “appropriate” to follow DJ Lampsha’s fabulous Saturday Spin. When we first logged into our computers, we planned to take the “easy” way out by featuring another old-but-cool video of a very young Bob Dylan (the “original” Mason Jennings and/or Dan Bern), but for some reason, while looking for a video/song we liked, we kept hearing someone repeating the word “Motown” over and over and over. Well, we don’t know about you, but when a voice like that urges us to get down with the music that fuels our soul, we don’t ask “Why?”, we ask “Where’s that voice coming from?” Then we scratch our heads and say, “OK”. (Later, it will be discovered that our TV was turned on to The Academy Awards® Show — at the exact moment a musical performance from the Oscar® nominated film Dreamgirls was underway.)  

WHATEVER it was that kept getting into our heads and/or the way of our plan to share something along the lines of our normal “opposistes/cheap laughs” Monday fare, we’re glad it did. After searching high and low for the “perfect” something to best represent the magical music of MOTOWN, by golly, we think we found it. Behold the glory, the soul, and the “check-out-those-moves” that is: THE TEMPTATIONS and THE FOUR TOPS. Get down, get funky, kids. If your toes aren’t a’ tappin’ after watching this video, we can only assume it’s because you’ve been out in your own snow-lined driveways too long, and are suffering from backache, frostbite and/or brain freeze.

vintage hula girlFINALLY, we would be remiss (or would we? we don’t know, but we’re not taking any chances, just in case) if we didn’t remind you that, according to DIESEL (who’ll be doing — what we’re quite certain will be — a much more meaningful post for you all on Tuesday) today is INAPPROPRIATE CARD DAY. So, uh, Happy Whatever, Congratulations, and, uh, Get Well Soon.



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this is why i hate Mondays. well, ONE of the reasons i hate Mondays. it just so damn difficult to snap out of “weekend mode”. and, trust me, it didn’t help that our snowplow guys left veritable “mountains” of snow next the the garage, which would have made it ne’er impossible to get my car out later.

by the way, we didn’t really watch the Oscars last night (except at the very end, when that song from Dreamgirls was on). not sure why, but i think it was because we just didn’t care. (that said, one of the ONLY films we did see was “The Departed”, and it was pretty darn good, so we think it’s nice that it won. not that it would have mattered to us if it hadn’t.)

sigh. it promises to be a long day. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

So sorry you had to shovel…remind me again why we have two grown boys living in our house? Oh well. Great video, especially for a Monday. Be sure to get a TGSNWM…it will make you feel better.

Comment by BoBo

yeah — well, they’ve “grown”, alright. grown into big babies. heh heh, just kidding. i merely did some “pre-emptive” shoveling, but i saved plenty for them (as they’ll discover, once they get their sorry/big baby asses out of bed.) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh, I LOVE the Temptations and the Four Tops!!! You GOTTA tap toes and even jump up and down every now and then!

I haven’t been able to watch the prior video with Mason Jennings, though. I’ll have to find another way.

Comment by Pavel

I didn’t watch the stupid Oscars either. Although, maybe I should have, because now it’s going to be difficult to write some snarky commentary on it for tomorrow.

Or is it?

Happy Inappropriate Card Day, everyone! Mazeltov (or however you spell that) and my thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. God knows I don’t need ’em.

Comment by Diesel

Happy Thanksgiving!
To G
and to you all!

Comment by logo™

*smirk* 4 inches? We had 18 over the weekend. Its white and its beautiful and even better – we can go snowmobiling!!

Happy Anniversary G – 🙂

Inappropriate card day? Oh I can’t wait to celebrate this one!!

Have a good day everyone!

Comment by cj

Oh yes, the great snowfall, but it’s a wet one – much heavier to shovel or so I’m guessing. I’ll ask Scissors. Oh and thank you (blushing) for your sweet wishes everywhere I turn. Really thank you.

I know we will be dancing around the kitchen to this one tonight so thanks! You can never go wrong with Motown – no mam. And sorry Pavel – I dare not suggest that YouTube is down so I’ll ask what everyone else seems to – did you check your speakers? 🙂 Another little insider jokie.

Thanks cj and Logo! And Happy Arbor Day to you all!

Comment by Lampsha

Pavel: that’s exactly how i feel about these performers, too! tap away, my friend, tap away! “Arrgh… Avast be Celebratin’ Pyrate’s Day, Me Hearty!” xox

Diesel: hmmm. somehow i’m thinking not only CAN you do a post about an event you didn’t personally watch, i’m hoping you DO. and here’s a quote for you to add, if you so desire/need a few extra ‘worms’ to round things out:

“You only get one chance at it, and the people who don’t win will never be seen again.” ~Simon Cowell (American Idol judge) to Jennifer Hudson (voted off contestant, 2004)

“I just have to take this moment in…if my Grandmother was here to see me now.” ~Jennifer Hudson, in Oscar acceptance speech, 2007

(just a nice/silly touch o’ irony — that set of quotes was sent to me by MY SISTER — i swear, she finds the BEST quotes, ever. and all the time!)

oh yeah, and “Happy Birthday, 3-year old. You’re a Big Boy Now, yes you are!” xox

logo™: same to you, and “Congratulations on Your New Home!” 🙂 xox

CJ: yeah yeah, we know. 4 inches is NOTHING (that’s what she said… heh heh 😉 ) and “Way to Go, Graduate! You’re On Your Way!!” xox

Lampsha: aw… i just wish it had occurred to me to do something a bit more special a bit sooner!! still, i’m so happy to know your day was as special as you are!! and, “Roses are Red, Shamrock’s are Green, May you grab that Pot ‘o Gold, Without bein’ seen! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” xox

Comment by snuppy

hey, I like these new pictures you always have in yoru corners now…happy Picture day and may the printing press be re-invented. What? I don´t know! Brainfreeze, I suspect!

I actually watche dteh Oscars last night, I had a night shift and well, it was the only thing on TV, since we are so ahead of time here, it started to air around 2 in teh morning 🙂

As to the Temptations…yummy!

also snuppy, Happy check your e-mail day 😉

Comment by Penguin

I loved Dreamgirls! It was the only movie of the Oscar nominees that I saw (so I didn’t watch). Jennifer was fantastic and Beyonce’s voice has really matured. Love, love, love her song – “Listen”
Merry Christmas everyone and to all a good night!

Comment by Claire

Good stuff! And was that Smokey Robinson doing the intro?

Comment by Walela

Penguin: i’m glad you like the pictures! i just figured it was a nice/cheap way to spruce up the joint. as for “Happy Check My E-mail Day”? i did, and i was! Happy Hallowe’en! 🙂 xox

Claire: Dreamgirls is on our “to see” list, which is fairly short. of course, we tend to put these things off, so it’s a good bet well get around to watching the movie when it shows up on TBS. sigh. Happy Day-After Inappropriate Card Day Day! xox

Walela: i wondered who that announcer was, as well. that voice might belong to Smokey, but i’m just not sure. actually, it kind of sounds like Michael Jackson, but maybe that’s just me. hope your Mother’s Day was filled with Joy, Love, and the patter of tiny feet, and that they (the owner’s of those feet, not the actual feet) served you breakfast in bed. xox

Comment by snuppy

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