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“What the Hell” Wednesday by Snuppy
Wednesday, 28 February 2007, 10:32am
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rupaul dollFOR a nano-second, we considered offering up something witty, warm, wise, whimsical and/or winsome (winsome? whatev) for this, the last post for the last day of February. But, in the end (as in “the end of our efforts/ability to figure out what kind of note to wrap up the month with”) we figured “What the Hell”, let’s go with something fun/fabulous and maybe (just maybe) mildly freaky. Next thing we knew, RUPAUL popped into our heads and/or onto this post. Literally, ON to this post. Now, we don’t know about you, but when someone wants to work it that hard (even if it’s only in our heads), we tend to stand back and let ’em do their thang. Shantay, Shantae, Shantee, Shantey, Shantaaay*.

WHAT, not a fan of RuPaul? Tough titty, said the kitty. Or did she? Hell if we know. More to the point, hell if we care. Consider yourselves lucky to be entertained at all (assuming more than one of you are). Originally we were going to call this “Who/What/Where Wednesday”, and let you all play a simple game of TWENTY QUESTIONS while we slept in, but only because A) we’re tired, and B) that 20 Questions site is friggin’ awesome and wa-a-y more fun than it should be, much as it pains/embarrasses us to admit.

daisy hiding out*Not only do we NOT know how to spell that, we’re too lazy to look it up. Oh, and don’t think Miss Daisy isn’t more than a little “dismahyed” (as she’s come to pronounce it) by the fact that we’ve featured a picture of a RuPaul Doll instead of something more “Miss Daisy, Supermodel Extrordinaire” (as she wants to be known, at least for today) focused at the top of this post, because she is. Not only is she upset, she’s beside herself with angst — and we quote(ish) — “in fayact, the vaypors ahr po’in’ ovah me, evan as ah spayk.” We fear it’s gonna take the better part of the day and/or evening to coax her out of that potted plant and into a relaxing bubble bath, in order to calm her fragile-yet-frayed-and-very unfocused nerves. Poor thang.



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don’t ask, and i won’t tell. i mean, don’t ask what the point of this post is, and i won’t tell you “i don’t know”. i think it’s better if some things are left to the imagination. cleary mine is shot, so i’m really counting on you guys to fill in the blanks for me. (not sure what that means, but then, i don’t know what this post means, either.) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I liked the post sometimes things don’t have to have such profound meaning – I mean that is profound in its self. 🙂

Comment by cj

CJ: hah! yep, i believe i was going for profundity, unfortunately, i didn’t know it at the time! mostly, i was feeling kind of blah, and figured a little RuPaul might kick it out of me. (okay, and i also thought a post that just said “Hey, check this out” that linked to the 20 Questions thing would be way too abrupt/lame. however, based on today’s turnout, i guess it wouldn’t have mattered! oh well… hope YOU are having a perfectly fabulous, not-too-terribly-profound, Sashay/Shante kind of day, my friend!! 🙂 xoxox

Comment by snuppy

A RuPaul “doll?” The unholy offspring of Barbie and Ken? Wouldn’t that be a RuPaul Action Figure?

Comment by Al

Al: depends. what “action” are you referring to? of course, that said, you bring up a good point: do RuPaul dolls have a special panty liner to go along with the girly stuff, that can be easily removed in order to let the not-so-girly stuff hang out when the doll is dressed in menswear? xox

i would also like to point out that that 20 questions thing is really cool. the game was originally offered online in 1996, and pitted people against an Artificially Intelligent foe — “intelligence”, by the way, that gets smarter everytime the “foe” plays the game — it has a humongous database, and, according to their website, guesses the right answer 80% of the time (98% when it has 25 questions). the first time i “played” i chose a person (Lucille Ball) and 20Q “guessed” the right answer after only 15 Q’s. call me crazy, but that’s impressive. or maybe it’s just mildly interesting. what the hell. i did it, and you guys should, too. the end.

Comment by snuppy

It depresses me that RuPaul has better legs than me. It really does. Off to check out the 20 questions now.

Comment by littlebluepill

I won. Took 25 Questions to figure out I was the Chronicles of Riddick.

Comment by littlebluepill

LBP: you’re awesome! i suspect there’s less data on newer titles. it took all 20 for it to “guess” Southfork Ranch (from the show, Dallas), but only because i apparently didn’t answer one of the questions in a way consistent with others’ who’d used it, in the past. still, it’s fun, right?

oh yeah — RuPaul’s legs? i believe we *all* feel the same way as you. damn him/her and those heels, anyway! xox

Comment by snuppy

I can only see likethe first 30 seconds of the video before it jumps off. Is it just me? And now excuse me while I go check out 20 questions…sounds like soemthing I´ll enjoy!

Comment by Penguin

My legs kick RuPaul’s ass.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel why don’t you post a similar video and we’ll be the judge?

That’s an old gem. The 20Q game is cool – I may have to go back for a round to get the real hang.

Nighty night.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Daisy, don’t be dismayed, or dismayed or mad – you are the hottest spokesBarbie of The Snark for sure.

Comment by LAMPSHA

That was pretty clever. The video, I mean. I liked the scene with the bevy of women in suits.

Yeah, and the post was clever too, Ms. Snup.

Comment by Walela

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