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Saturday, 3 March 2007, 8:10am
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Wow, I’ve got to whip this post into shape!  An all too familiar scene in The Lampsha Household goes something like this….Friday night – celebrate Shabbat.  We’ve been doggedly getting the house into order, cooking MAD food, breaking up the kids’ fights and whew light the candles…peace.

After our meal and cleaning off the table, it’s time for putting the kids to sleep, we are pretty tired ourselves  and will often succumb to the “lay down with me Mommy when you tell the story…”

Wake up with a jolt – no SPIN!!!

So work with me.  Today’s spin leads into the Jewish Holiday of PURIM which begins this evening.  This is a joyous holiday with much merrymaking, celebrating, of course eating and making lots of NOISE.  This is done while we hear the Megillah (yes the whole) in the Synagogue and any time the dastardly Haman’s name is mentioned, we boo, hiss, and make lots of noise with our groggers.  It’s one of the only Holiday services that Julian (my son) is well behaved in. 

Onward to the the SPIN.  It would seem only fitting that I showcase a Jewish artist today in honor of the Holiday.  This artist is not new – in fact I heard him on the radio about 2 1/2 – 3 years ago and was bowled over.  Had to call Scissors and say “listen to this”.  In fact, he’s gone up to #4 on the Billboard charts, so chances are you’ve heard of him.  He is MATISYAHU, a Jewish dub-reggae/rapper and really defies definition.  Who he is, to me, is a most soulful young guy who brings a message of hope, peace and unity to the world, no matter who you are.   Can that ever be a bad thing?  SO let’s check him out together.  This first video is from his debut LIVE AT STUBB’s cd and is a live version of his song King Without A Crown:

and because I couldn’t leave out this song, which really brings the message home, here is JERUSALEM:

Lastly, here’s a link to his MySpace page. 

To my fellow observers:  Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom.  To my homies in The Snark, have a great weekend.

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I’m glad you featured Matisyahu. My favorite was King Without A Crown. chag sameach.

Comment by talimuffin

wow! we are, indeed, huge fans of this artist. our youngest son brought home his CD last year, and we had it blasting throughout the house for days. (and, of course, our oldest son shares the same name — well, not the Hebrew variation, but still…). excellent joyful and Rockin’ choice for this fine Saturday and/or holiday!

Chag Purim & Shabbot Shalom, dearest DJ Lampsha & family! i shall keep a grogger (is that the same as a ra’ashan?) by my side, in case i hear mention of that cursed Haman today (wonder if i can pick one of those things up at the grocery store…?) may this day be one of joy, fun, and (if i read correctly) great feasting! xox

Comment by snuppy

Great post…Matisyahu is one of the truly unique talents out there right now – like him a lot. Happy holiday.

Comment by BoBo

Is Matisyaha the guy I heard about on NPR a couple years back? That’s really good. Nosh some Hamantaschen for me.

Comment by Walela

talimuffin: Thought you might like this week. Chag Sameach Noopsie.

Snuppy: Thank you so much NBFF. Ah so glad you’ve enjoyed his music. He is quite magical. Grogger is the Yiddish name for the ra’ashan (Hebrew). You’ve done your homework. Now I can just picture you with your grogger, the dogs going crazy – you’ll drown out Haman’s name for sure! I’m laughing at the vision of you surfing the isles of your local supermarket in search of – now if you lived in Brooklyn, that’s another story. Thanks NBFF – have a great weekend. xox

Bobo: Thanks Bobo. I agree, his is a unique talent for sure.

Walela: That’s a pretty good bet yes. I sure will.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Well that was unexpected. Very cool tunes, Lampsha. Is this a good time to mention that I still haven’t received your email? I’m guessing we’re running into a size limit. (That’s what she said.)

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, glad you liked. I’m so unsure of what I sent and when I sent, we may have to go to a no-pressure plan B. Size limit indeed, heh heh.

Okay hope you all had a grand weekend.

We made some noise, ate and now we’re about the usual Sunday night business.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Wow. I was unacquainted with this. Thanks for introducing me. Happy Purim.

Comment by weirsdo

thank you, Lampsha, for helping to fill our home with fabulous music this weekend! Chag Purim… and, uh… Happy Monday! (just looked at the clock, and all i can think is “why the heck am i still up????”) xoxoxo

Comment by snuppy

Weirsdo, you are very welcome – enjoy. And thank you.

Snuppy, I just looked at the post time and I hate when that happens to me – the clock just sneaks up on you! Thank you for your holiday wishes and NBFF and Happy Monday indeed!

Comment by LAMPSHA

We like this type of music very much, anythign bouncy does it really for me:)

A new introduction to my world and have a wonderful holiday!

Comment by Penguin

I so too did comment!

Comment by Walela

Hahaha, thanks all.

Walela, I see Snuppy’s pawprints on your back…hahaha.

Comment by LAMPSHA

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