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We Boop, Wednesday by Snuppy
Wednesday, 7 March 2007, 10:51am
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boop boop de doopDID somebody say “boop”? Why yes, we believe someone — who’s name, for all intents (his) and purposes (ours) shall remain DIESELdid. Or was his phrase “boop boop“? Eh, it doesn’t really matter. Our turn, our post, our boop oop a doop reference and/or hook (please keep yours away from us).

ACTUALLY, we had a lot of grand ideas for this post, all of which involved clever references to BETTY BOOP, that animated minx who first boop oop a dooped her way onto the screen in 1932 (or somewhere there ’bouts — if you’re so damn interested, read the article, that’s what it’s there for). Anyway, our plan was to get an excellent night’s sleep, get up early, then whip up a tasty mélange of facts, fiction, and funny for your reading pleasure. Hahahahaha. Too bad we forgot to mention our plan to one of our (my) wayward sons, who decided it would be a good idea to spend the evening drinking/getting high playing video games with a few morons old friends, who were not willing to A) drive him home at 2 AM, and B) let him stay inside their house after they went to bed (at least long enough for his pissed extremely annoyed/exhausted mother to pick him up), forcing him to C) stand outside in sub-zero temperatures while aforementioned bleary-eyed mom struggled to find the goddamn goshdarn street, located in an area of town she had never been. Kids. Can’t live with ’em, can’t get ’em to move out, can’t chain ’em to the radiator. (we can’t emphasize this enough)

SO, blah blah blah, this was supposed to be a hilarious — possibly award-winning post (or, at the very least, a contender for a coveted spot in the side-bar on HUMOR-BLOGS.COM), but now, it’s not. Oh well, life’s a bitch, and we plan to be one, too, the moment our son gets up (which will be soon, because why let him sleep in when we can’t). Yada yada yada, more words that might have had you all in stitches. Humor us, and laugh anyway.

ORIGINALLY, we cued up a swell little short featuring La Boop at an Invention Convention — a sweet tie-in (by our way of thinking) to Diesel’s TiVo-related offering yesterday. Instead, we’ve decided to share one a bit more bizarre — a sweet tie-in (by our way of thinking) to our current state of weariness and/or need of something stronger than a triple-grande-soy-no-whip-mocha.

DOES Betty’s voice sound familiar? Assuming one or five of you are fans of the same cartoons/music/films we are, it should.



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i hope you guys do get a chance to watch this crazy video — it’s a trip. gotta love a product called “Jippo” (turth in advertising, right?). as for my son and/or my ability to write a post that’s mildly amusing/coherent? maybe he’ll decide not to go out tonight, so i can be more rested/in better writing form tomorrow. (one can only hope) 🙄

and now i’m laughing my ass off (i wish) by one of the “spamments” i found in our spam catcher: a product that promises the help all you guys out there “catch the most beautiful women in the world” with a special pheromone (that staves off the ugly ones in the process, i assume). “Jippo” is alive and well, apparently, just being sold under a different name (marketed, no doubt, by our old friend, Mr. Skin.) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

You did fine today, Snupster.

When we had kids at home, ’round the age yours are, I remember tuning into something on the Discovery Channel very late one night as I was waiting up for one or both of them.

It was a show about a species of bird whose adults, while their chicks are out and about on their very first flight, tear their nest down and fly far away themselves. When the chicks come back, there’s no nest, no parents, no food, no TV or video games or free beer — just the whole cruel world laid out before them, in which they must now and forevermore fend for themselves.

Kinda makes you wonder why “birdbrain” is an insult, doesn’t it?

Comment by al

Just watched the clip. Explains why four out of five scat singers recommend Jippo.

Comment by al

That was weird. Great comment, Al. My favorite weirdness was the guy with the pegleg that turned into a hand with cane.

Just for historical purposes, I think Betty Boop was a live action character in the silent era before a cartoon. And nekkid, too.

Comment by Doug

Betty Boop was the original “butta.” As in, everything butta face. What is with that horrifically deformed cranium? Oh well, paper bags are cheap.

Did anybody else notice that guy turned into Butthead at the end?

Comment by Diesel

I am still laughing about Al’s comment…..bird brain indeed…we should all be so smart.
Is there a parent out there that has not or will not, want to tear their hair out over some of our/their children’s antics?
You are fun/funny no matter how tired you are 😉 I expect to see you in the coveted sidebar.

Comment by Mo'a

Al: i hear ya. WE (me ‘n the hubby) hear ya. don’t think we haven’t considered doing the same damn thing — if not for that so-called “job” of Joel’s, we’d be sittin’ pretty on a nice beach in Hawai’i, with nary a concern (let alone kid to pick up in the middle of the night). as for the Jippo? heh heh. i think you’re right! (one of the things i adore about Betty Boop cartoons is the music, Max Fleischer was clearly a fan of Jazz, and many jazz artists were clearly a fan of La Boop!) xox

Doug: i laughed at that weirdness, too! Betty was often nekkid and/or close to it — AND she originally had dog ears — i think in the very earliest ‘toons, she was an animal (French Poodle, to be exact). later, her floppy ears were turned into big hoop earrings (more Jippo?) i don’t know… i was too tired to peruse the article for details. of course, in later years, she was “forced” into longer skirts, making her Boop, less appealing to Oop a Doop, i suppose. xox

Comment by snup up a dupp

Diesel: buttah her giant head, than mine. Butthead? hahahahaha. i thought that guy looked familiar! (that peg-leg-turned-into-a-hand with a cane moment reminded me of the “Patrick Duffy-as-a-peg-leg on Scuzzlebutt” moment on an early episode of South Park) xox

Mo’a: awww. thanks. and you’re right, Al’s very correct to question the veracity of “bird-brain” as a legimate insult. so, if that’s not what i feel like (and am sure my son IS at any given moment of any frozen late-night pick-up) — what am i? wait… don’t answer that. i think i know. i’m a maroon. 😉 xox

Comment by snup up a dupp

I can’t tell – is Jippo a product I need to stock up on? I’ll see tonight!

And a daughter of Orthodox Jews? Or just purported and then not…Betty Boop that is.

No matter what, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to our kids. Eventually, they’ll be 80 and we’ll be dead, don’t worry. A little story about birds (maybe it’s a little long-ish, but what the heck):

One morning I went into the local coffee shop to get my fill for the road. I came back out, went to get in my car and jumped back – there was a little bird who had landed on the handle of the car. He was frightened certainly more than I. I looked up and there was the mama bird and a nest in the store awning. I was with a napkin trying to coax the bird “go on, shoo, fly home to mama”. A crowd had gathered and a Russian barber in brusk manner came cupped the bird in his hands and threw him skyward.

The bird faltered and flew up to its nest. We all clapped and I said to the barber – “therein lies the difference between mothers and fathers”.

So it goes.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Pretty clever for a tired woman. As for the boy…I’m thinking the circus? An order of Monks far, far away? Involuntary servitude in Lichtenstein? I do like Al’s solution too! Oh yeah…great Boop!

Comment by BoBo

Lampsha: Jippo is, indeed, the “product” Betty, KoKo (the clown) and company are trying to peddle in this crazy-ass video. you can show this one to the kids, tho’ it might make them afraid of drinking water (for that’s what Jippo is, in reality). and, how much do i lovelovelove that story?? T-H-I-S M-U-C-H, my friend! now see? there’s another great one to add to your collection of soon-to-be-published short stories. this is gold i tell ya, GOLD!! xox

BoBo: heh heh. you say the word, and i’ll pack our bags (or his, as the case may be!) xox

Comment by snup up a dupp

I’ve never actually watched Betty Boop before. I’m surprised that the word BIMBO is actually in the title.

Comment by actonbell

Snuppy, for being up that late you did a wonderful job this morning. Is it ok for me to point out right here, right now that I think boys are more difficult to raise at that age???

You guys, stop throwing things!

Comment by Penguin

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