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Saturday, 10 March 2007, 8:56am
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This may be my record shortest post.  Heh heh — funny, I heard that.  Everybody’s a comedian.  Yes, due to the fact that nothing technological is instrinsic to me, I must always bring forth music I want to share via the traditional blog medium of YouTube, or the Artist’s own site.  So I am forced with the dilemma of it being midnight, needing to do a post as I know I won’t wake up early enough and now what, tap tap tap.  My bed is so near and so warm and my husband is…snoring? Sigh. Love. Now when I say love you best believe I mean LUV, spelled L-U-V. Sorry, just channeling J. Geils there who was channeling someome.

Now then – this week I’m spinning an artist, M. Ward — see even his name is short. And if you had paid one iota of attention to those best of 2006 lists I was hawking at the end of last year, you would have seen his name on them.  Actually, if I had paid one iota of attention I would have noticed his name, but that’s not how I operate. No I must hear it, catches my ear and then you know put it here for the 4 of us to listen to. So I know very little about M. Ward except that I heard this song on the radio and it just felt like I was in a different time, from the past. Remember those old Glen Campbell specials in the 60’s? Of course not, you’re too busy turning 30! Happy Birthday, again CJ. Well I wouldn’t say he reminds me of Glen Campbell, anyway –  his music is very fresh yest reminiscent feeling. His album that this is from, Post-War has been out for about 7 months or so and is really quite the critical darling. I must admit from what I’ve heard, I’m not arguing. So check out this video for the song Chinese Translation from the new album:

And short post or not, I wouldn’t be worth my salt if I didn’t give you a link to his MY SPACE page or throw you an outside link to a LIVE PERFORMANCE in some radio studio or let you see for yourself what the critics say or if he’s playing someplace near you any time soon so you can say “Ooh now that’s a good show” and then think to yourself “I’d like to see that”. Then you’d even say it aloud to garner interest from anyone floating around and then look at the calendar and see what day of the week it is, then realize how much of an effort it would be to get a babysitter and schlep into the city, or eek, go out during the week and so then you’ll content yourself with putting him on a Saturday Spin.  Yeah, just be cool in your head, it’s much better that way really — so much less effort.

So enjoy and have a great weekend.

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Snuppy, is it my advancing years or has the font changed and gotten smaller? Didn’t have time to do more than muse about it, we’re off to violin.

Catch ya later.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Thanks, DJ Lampshade. I really, really like that.

Comment by Doug

i agree! this guy is fantastic, and the video is absolutely delightful — not unlike yourself, you clever lampshade!

as for the font? looks fine to me (after i went in and “fixed” it, heh heh). LOVE this Saturday Spin, my friend. wait… did i say “LOVE”? i meant to say L-U-V!

and Happy Belated Birthday to CJ! xoxoxox

Comment by snuppy

You’re right…kind of like a Glen Campbell for the 21st century, sort of, only better. Like him – unique sound. Another good one DJ Lampsha!

Comment by BoBo

Happy birthday CJ!

Comment by BoBo

Thanks guys!!!! 🙂

Off to see the video!

Hope you guys are all doing well – I miss the snark.

Comment by cj

Doug, glad you liked. The whole combo is grand.

Snuppy, Ooh I think I may be blushing. Aha, crafty one aren’t you – the ole font switcheroo! Glad you like M. Ward. XOX

Bobo: That’s it – sort of only better! I agree.

cj: Hope you all are doing well and Erick is recuperating. Take good care all of you. XOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I liked the graphics too. Thanks again, DJ L.

Comment by weirsdo

Weirsdo, the graphics are lovely and are a perfect accompaniment to the song. You’re welcome and thanks for dropping in.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

By the way, Julian has declared that “I hate that song!”, Tali enjoyed it and pointed out things in the video that I had missed. That’s about par for the course.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Yeah…I like dthis so much that I checked teh links quite frantically for an upcoming visit to Iceland. Nope! But he´ll play on teh 5th of April in New York City…you could go;)
and yes, I´ll be turning 30 soon too. Hence, many a wonderful reference on this blog escape my notice. But even with the rest I more than delighted and I might buy this CD as well. If we were ever to drive in a car together, I think the choice of music would not be a problem!

Comment by Penguin

Great call on this one, G. I enjoyed the music.

And now I’m thinking of heading on up to Division Street for some haute-Chinoise.

Comment by al

Let’s see if this comment goes thru…

Penguin: I am so glad you liked him! I could go, couldn’t I?:) Ooh that’s right, you turn 30 in July! And I agree, I bet we’d have a grand time on a drive 🙂

Al: Thanks, glad you liked. But even more so, glad to inspire your dinner. 🙂

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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