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TGI…WTF? by Snuppy
Friday, 16 March 2007, 10:12am
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Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative. ~Oscar Wilde 

car stuck in snowOH how we wish we had something clever to say today, alas and alack, we do not. You see, we’re in the throes of tossing another log on the fire, bundling up and/or preparing to shovel slushy snow off our front walk, due to a “late winter” storm that has us in its frosty grip. Yep, that bitch Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, figured it would be hilarious to thumb her — what we can only assume is bulbous — nose at the East Coast, in an effort to prove all forecasters tell lies from the pits of hell. We can hear her now, after tuning in to the Weather Channel: “Warmest winter on record? Ha! Take this, you bastards! And this, and this, and THIS!” Yep, she showed us, all right. Mother Nature? More like Mother F*cker, if you catch our snowy drift, and we’re bettin’ you do.

ALL this to say, we have no time to sit comfortably at our computers tapping out some missive for your humor and/or disdain. Spring cleaning continues, despite the icy coating in our driveway and/or the promise of 6-10 inches by the end of the day, (oh, to be a less ‘family’ oriented blog, for surely that reference screams for a line like “that’s what he says”, Shirley).

RELEVANT to nothing(ish), this video by ESKIMO DISCO made us smile, for reasons we can’t explain (well, we can, but we don’t want to). Let’s just say it has something to do with the juxtaposition of happy penguins, sunshine, and a toe tappin’ tune… and leave it at that.

GUESS what? That gorgeous, sassy and/or feisty BoheMian we all love and adore has a BRAND NEW VIDEO posted to her blog! Woo Hoo! And, just because you guys are a bunch of silent Sammys and/or Sallys here doesn’t mean you can’t go over there and say “hello”. Trust us, that’s what we plan to do, the very second our fingers thaw out. (we mentioned it’s cold, right?)



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uh… sorry? i’m sure this post would have been much better if i’d taken my time and/or thought about it a bit longer and/or um… cared. did i mention the snow? it’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE! did i mention my Spring Cleaning? it’s going no where fast (in a hefty bag, no less…) 🙄

Comment by One Hot Puppy

It’s snowing and I didn’t believe that it really would be so I’m totally not prepared, and live two very windy icy blocks from anywhere–which I love most of the time, but did I mention how when there’s no wind anywhere, there is on my block? And ice

Comment by pia

Snowing? Dios mio! And to think that here the tourists are flocking back into town in all their pink glory and we can practically go out naked and not feel cold… though it comforts me to no end since I just read a report stating that the North Pole may have no more ice by 2100 (although some reports state it may be as early as 2040)… *sighetty sigh*

Spring cleaning? You KNOW I would so LOVE to be there helping!!!! Although seeing that I am both bossy and OCDish I would be taking over and organising and categorising as well… oy!

Hope you are at least warm and cosy inside amiga mia!!! Besos and here’s hoping to connecting with you soon!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

There’s a saying I remember from Iowa “It only rains on the rich.”

I’ve been whining about the hot and dry this Spring and it’s supposed to be 90 in Santa Clarita tomorrow. I’ll trade you if you can find a broker.

Hey is that mi hermana just above? ¡Saludos, Chica!

Comment by Doug

Ah…near spring in New England…ice and snow abounds making up, in part, for the winter we really didn’t have. Love the Penguin disco video…catchy.

Comment by BoBo

Saludos hermanito! Te he echado de menos! DAS FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Pia: i hear ya, my friend… 67 degrees two days ago, and now a freaking ice storm? in the middle of March? i understand that “wind” thing, too. hope you didn’t pack away all your warm stuff (like i almost did) — apparently we’re gonna need it a bit longer! xox

CYM: ooooh! amiga mia! how we missmissmiss YOU! and do my eyes deceive, or was that a brand new video featuring our very own/beloved MIZ BOHEMIA i saw on your site, chica? were i less lazy (or had time to log into the Snark) i’d add a link up above. actually, i believe i WILL, as soon as i shut up here! oh, and don’t get me started on that global warming thing — i’ll keep you here all day (or night, as the case may be!) OCD BoheMians are JUST what the doctor ordered — since i can’t seem to figure out where to start, i don’t start anywhere. it’s a mess. a mess i tell ya, a mess! xox

Doug: what “special” group of people are the designated targets of sleet, ‘cuz we’re up to our ever-lovin’ eyeballs in the stuff. 90 degrees sounds pretty darn nice at the moment… xox

BoBo: i believe tappin’ our toes is a good way to keep ’em warm. okay, so maybe i’m just a sucker for dancing penguins — but this little disco number IS cute. and fun. and… uh… watching it beats a sharp stick in the eye. xox

Comment by snuppy

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