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Saturday, 17 March 2007, 9:16am
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Top o’ the mornin and begosh and begora, it’s Saint Patty’s Day.  Yes it tis.  And I don’t have a proper post prepared, no I don’t.  Partly because we have been iced under here in the Northeast and my stuffy head took that as a sign to sleep – early and long. 

I could go on and feature an Irish group and give you all sorts of information about them, but I won’t do that either.  Because, had I mentioned I slept a little too long?  This post won’t be up until noon at that rate.  Instead, I’ll offer a pairing that is a perfect blend – Ziggy Marley and The Chieftans.  This further advances Scissors’ claim that there are many similarities of inhabitants or ancestors from these two islands, but I digress.   They are indeed a perfect blend.

We will return to our regularly scheduled Spin next week and perhaps put a little effort into it.  For now, enjoy your day, have a little corned beef, do a jig to a reel or whatever it is you might be doing.  And whatever that is, have a great weekend!

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Wow…that was awesome and a perfect selection for this St. Paddy’s Day! Well done DJ Lampsha!!

Comment by BoBo

That was great! Really, I would have never thought Ziggy and Irish music would mesh at all. 🙂 I hope you guys have a great weekend and thaw out well!

Comment by cj

Thanks Bobo and cj – glad you liked. They do make great sounds together. cj: we must seem like wimps to you Midwesterners and the truth is – we are.

Have a great weekend.

Comment by LAMPSHA

I agree with the above. That’s my favorite Bob Marley song and the Chieftans are great, and its cool that Ziggy sounds so much like his father. I wish you an Irish 7-course supper and may the six-pack be kosher.

Comment by Walela

top o’ the… er… noon to ye, dearest Lampsha! and what a wonderful choice for this St. Patrick’s Day, lass. aye, ’tis a grand one at that! LOVE IT! and you’re so correct — it’s a perfect artistic blend, a perfect song, and, on top ‘o all that, a perfectly beautiful message. *claps*

Comment by snuppy

I know this doesn’t make me unusual or anything, but I used to listen to the original version of this song on an 8-track, stoned out of my sorry little mind. I thought you should know that about me.

Comment by Doug

Walela: Thanks, I did indeed have a most enjoyable supper. It was a veggie burger, but twas the company that made it grand. And yes I love this Bob Marley song and Ziggy does indeed sound like his Dad.

Snuppy: Top o’ the evenin to ya lass. Hope it twas a fine Saint Paddy’s day and glad you enjoyed. XOX

Doug: It just endears you to me even more lad. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I listen to this song straight, does that make me, um, straight?
I love this version of it.

Comment by logo™

I am late, and ST. Patrick’s Day is over…I am so sorry I missed Manhattan Downtown parade celebrating, but I am sure they mad eit without me.
Womderful song selection!

Comment by Penguin

Logo, that makes you probably better able to remember. I love this version too.

Pengie: The party never ends – especially for you. There’s always next St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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