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Monday Blues by Snuppy
Monday, 19 March 2007, 9:07am
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blue man groupYES, we know it’s Monday, and that’s when we normally roll out the opposite music/cheap laughs carpet, but not today. After recovering from that stupid “late season snow/ice storm, traffic snafus, fatigue, a sick cat, the disapointment of missing out on $350 million lottery by 5 numbers (there are only 5, but that’s beside the point), and, uh, a really bad headache, we managed to get our pathetic little asses out of the house over the weekend, in order to do something fun, and we’d like to talk about that for a second or 2 (or 319).

CAN you guess what we did? Yeesh, we practically gave it away with our title, not to mention that picture up there. That’s right, we traipsed into the city and saw the BLUE MAN GROUP. And we liked them, a lot. Unfortunately, the show we went to did not feature such a grand stage and/or large audience as the one in this video, but trust us when we tell you that in no way diminished our ability to enjoy their performance. We bobbed our heads, pumped out fists, and gagged at that “camera down the guy’s throat” thing. We laughed, we yelled, we got blue paint in our hair. In other words, it was hella fun. Of course, it was also hella loud, which means we’re still saddled with that headache, but hey, at least our eyes were happy for a moment or two, and that’s got to be good for something*.

*Blog fodder — which, as far as we’re concerned, is enough.



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Blue Man Group rules! sorry, but it had to be said. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Yes they do! A good time was had by all, however, that day is now just a memory as we face the reality that is a Monday morning (although there are those among us for which today is still a day of leisure…and you know who you are! Not that I’m bitter…)

Comment by BoBo

I’m bobbing my head, I’m pumping my fist and generally having a good ole time. Woo Hoo – Blue Man Group rules!

Bobo, hope your traffic is extra light today 🙂

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

…I believe I still have blue paint in my hair and I’m not exactly sure how it got there.

Comment by BoBo

I LOVE the Blue Man Group!!! They came to Knoxville at the beginning of the month but unfortunately I missed them. Darn! I’ll have to settle for this great clip…

Comment by Pavel

I hope that the headache has gone away.. I had a bout with one but I think it was directly related to all the wine I drank the previous night. 😛

I love the Blue Man Group. I saw them in Vegas a couple of summers ago. Glad you had a fun venture into the city!!

Comment by cj

Wow, that looks like fun. You’d never get a curmudgeon in there so thanks for the video.

Comment by Doug

Oh hermano now why must you say things like that??? Do you not know bohemians love a challenge… LOVE I SAY… and are now much inclined to add “take that non-curmudgeon-because-he-actually-is-a-sweetheart-and-I-should-know-cause-I-am-his-hermana-and-well-acquainted-with-Scorpios self-declared-though-as-mentioned-right-before-this-hyphenated-whatever-not-accurately-so curmudgeon hermano to see the Blue Man Group” to my “to do list” of this rocky-as-of-right-now-but-only-cause-I-am-stuck-in-the-much-exhausting-and-exhausting-much-like-this-comment-land-of-blah-called-España bohemian life I lead… Bwahahaaaaaaa! be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!!!

Oh Snuppylicious Neva de mi corazón, faboo video and faboo experience you must have had seeing them in person DAS FO SHO!!! Ever since the obsession with the Blue Man Group by “Tobias” in Arrested Development (may it rest in peace no thanks to bastard network execs who do not know a good thing if it were to knock them upside the head or be shoved up their collective asses… although I suppose the ass thing is not that widespread a joyous thang but I digress… damn desgraciados de mierda that they are!!!!!)I cannot help but chuckle when thinking of the fabulous blue people! Muchos besos and hope that much fun is had by y’all this week! I am with Bobo who is stuck at work, my “stuck” being in Spain, in biting my tongue as I declare I ain’t bitter! Ha, ha, ha,haaaaa! 😉


No… I am not high… actually tired out of my damn mind but with no chance of napping so I am delirious… D.E.L.I.R.I.O.U.S… Ay!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hermana, tirito.

Comment by Doug

So…is there any way to stop the Yummy Mummy? I’m scared on where to go next.

I think Doug needs to go to the Blue Man Group – for no other reason than he needs to do Rock Concert Movement #4. I’d pay to see Doug put his leg behind his head.

Comment by littlebluepill

Blue Man Group
That is a good way to kick off the week, well done, Neva!
Doug, do not try that, do not even think about trying that. Walela loves you and does not want to have to find a new home.

Comment by logo™

In the words of Homer Simpson, “Total ripoff of the Smurfs.”

Comment by Diesel

They are fascinating those guys and you can’t help but bob your head, clap your hands and move with them. They have yummy physiques too 😉

Comment by Penguin

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