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Un-Wednesday by Snuppy
Wednesday, 21 March 2007, 9:28am
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upsetUH-OH. Due to circumstances happily within our control, we find ourselves unintentionally undone by an unbelieveably exhilarating-yet-exhausting week. Unfortunately, as a result of our recent flurry of heretofore undisclosed activities, we are woefully unable to write. Stop looking at us like that — see DIESEL’S post below and get off our unattractive case, rubber face. We realize how utterly unimpressive we are. We know our behavior is unacceptable. We recognize our uninteresting prose may render us unpopular. Needless to say, we are unthrilled with our current condition and thisclose to becoming unglued, but we think and/or hope that will be unnecessary, since under the Laws of Blogging we are of the understanding that everyone is allowed — at the very least — one or two uncreative, uninspired, and, um, ungood posts. This is un of ’em.

No worries, unless something unforeseen occurs between now and then, we’ll do our very best to ensure tomorrow’s post is anything but… forgettable.

Until then, you’re on your own.


PS: We considered sharing our thoughts about last night’s performances on AMERICAN IDOL, but we fell asleep on the couch as soon as Paula and Simon started to bitch slap each other around over the varying degrees of suck they were being subjected to (minds out of your crotches, kids). That said, Paula is either high on crack, or she really can’t tell the difference between a good performance, and that bag we wish she’d put over her head.

Unload those laughs you expected to use here over at HUMOR-BLOGS.COM.


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unless someone has something nice to say… shut up. that’s right. i’m tired AND cranky. okay, maybe not so much “cranky” as veryveryvery tired…

i’m fine. no wait. i’m tired. fine AND tired. and not cranky. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

You’re funny when you’re cranky. You missed nothing by falling asleep during Idol. With two exceptions they all suck!

Hang in there!

Comment by BoBo

Well I’m cranky, not too tired, but cranky so shut up. Maybe I’m not cranky if I can use the imagery of my mind to pretend I’m not at work. Okay, that’s fine, I’m fine. Now I’m fine.

I’ll bet you’re good – good and tired.


Comment by LAMPSHA

Lampsha…no offense but feel better knowing you’re back at work. Simple case of misery loving company.


Comment by BoBo

Great post today, snarksters.

No matter what anyone says.

Comment by Al

Bobo, I understand. I’m in good miserable company…those skies are mighty blue out yonder window.

Comment by LAMPSHA


Comment by BoBo

I am not tired, nor cranky and ready to do some singing. Snuppy, you better stay behind, becuase I’ll remind you quickly of those ovely performances last night in Idol.

*clears throat*
” … if this is where our monarchy is heading: count me out, out of service out of Africa, I wouldn’t hang about!”

See? I told you!

Comment by Penguin

I’m not cranky. I’m saving it up.

Neva, you’re doing fine. Exhale now, and no sobbing.

Comment by Doug

You are funny when you’re cranky. And presumably cranky when you’re funny. I’ll see if I can dredge my swamp-like mind for another post for you tonight.

Comment by Diesel

I’m not cranky or funny and will not shut up….so there.
I do wish Monday had lasted a week…Joel, Mondays can be fun…don’t mean to rub it in…but you had your chance. See what happens when a person is not cranky or funny…she becomes snarky.

Comment by Mo'a the Snarky

Energy ebbs and flows like a tide. So it goes…
I watched AI for the first time last night. Paula should be replaced with someone, anyone with a working brain. Once again the best singers were two black gals, Melinda (angelic voice) and LaKeisha. Hopefully one of them will actually win. The rest were ok, awful and alright for a junior high talent show.

Comment by Claire

So Diesel, how is that post coming and I am not cranky today either, must be soemthing in teh water in my hotel room!
Or maybe Mexican food is just THAT good!

Comment by Penguin

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