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D’oh by Snuppy
Friday, 23 March 2007, 11:09am
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“To start, press any key.” Where’s the “Any” key? ~ Homer Simpson

d'ohWOULDN’T it be funny if we forgot to write a post because we were forced to get up and out the door veryvery early this morning, in order to take someone to the airport, and, when we got back home we closed our eyes for a nano-second, and the next thing we knew the whole freaking day had passed us by without so much as as a howdy-do? And then, after we said to ourselves “hey dumbass, get off that couch, wipe the drool from your face, fire up the stupid computer, and see if you can’t whip out one of those humorous and/or witty posts you keep threatening to write!” we responded with something extremely hilarious like “whoowhatey”?



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the answer, by the way, is “no”. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

D’oh, I was just going to say I think it’d be hysterical! Whoowhatey, druel, Homer Simpson – I don’t think you can top that, heh heh.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Take the weekend off, snupsters. You deserve it.

Comment by al

I’m surprised you’re even able to type…get some rest babe!! A very appropriate post under the cirumstances.

Comment by BoBo

Reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons where Bart’s catchphrase (“I didn’t do it!”) is getting tired, so Homer suggests that he say something random like “Woozle Wuzzle.” Bart is in front of a crowd, desperate to come up with something funny, and all he can think of to say is “Woozle Wuzzle.” No one laughs, of course, and someone in the crowd says, “Woozle Wuzzle? That’s what passes for entertainment these days?” That’s now the standard response to a lame joke in our house.

Anyway, get some rest, Snuppy. I’ll try to do a better job of helping you out next week.

In the mean time, everybody should head over to my place for my first-ever caption contest!

Comment by Diesel

Listen to everybody else here, Snuppy. On top of a full week, you had to deal with a penguin and an amoeba and I-91. We’ll see you next week. And if I can get an Internet connection, I’ll shoot off an aloha from Manoa. 😉

Comment by oceallaigh

…..you too??? Well it would and is…..after my time with tech help…..the bad news…I painted some faces and then said…I think a nap would be just the ticket…woke up just in time for a Friday night date with Heineken 😉

Comment by Mo'a

The Homer Simpson line reminds me of the blond who could not dial 911 because there was no eleven button on the phone.

Comment by weirsdo

I so understand. personaly I think you shoud take another 6 days for rest and be really rejuvenated at teh beginign fo next week;)
Nothing like a Homer Simpson’s ignorance on a Sunday morning!

Comment by Penguin

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