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We bring you this message… by Snuppy
Saturday, 31 March 2007, 7:35am
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….due to circumstances beyond our control, our Spin is in a holding pattern. 

I will be back and it will spin, just a little later. 

Do stop back, it gets lonely dancing by myself.  

Okay, I’m not really back, but in the vein of Snuppy’s comment, of the girls dancing and the boys gathering on the sidelines.  Here’s one of those 7th Grade dance songs where the girls/boys actually did dance together.  That is if you consider that awkard two step saunter dancing.   Come see life in 1972 with me:



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not to worry, NBFF, if no one else shows up later today, i’ll be your dance partner. it’ll be just like it was back in 8th grade, when the boys hung out in the back corner of the gym while the girls rocked out with each other to tunes of the Beach Boys, Sonny & Cher, anything Motown, and, uh, Nancy Sinatra (what can i say? she was big back in my day, and her boots were made for dancin’…) Woo-hoo! 😉 xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Ok…does warming exercises. Ok…I am ready whenever you are!
*starts humming and then covers ears*

Comment by Penguin

Snuppy, hope you don’t mind a slow song, while I put up the regular post…wait a minute – somebody’s at my door. “What’s that?” “No, I did not order any, aieeeee……!!!!!”

Comment by LAMPSHA

and i’m dying here! it’s like i’m back on the Cafetorium floor at Cherry Ave. Jr. High with my best friend, Suzie Moore (she was such a good dancer). too funny, Lampsha! Lampsha?? LAMPSHA?!!!!

where’d she go…?

Comment by snuppy

Oooh. I could lose myself in that fringe.

Comment by weirsdo

Wow…all of a sudden I was back in 8th grade! Didn’t go to dances much (long story based in strict religious upbringing)but did listen to the radio (please don’t tell my Mom…to much guilt involved).

Comment by BoBo

Will I get hate mail if I point out that in 1972 I was barely walking never mind attending dances?
Yeah, I’ll skip that detail and just say…
spin me, baby!

Comment by logo™

in 1972 I was still a bottle of milk in a covenience store! I was always worried I missed something, but maybe not 🙂

*braces self and swoops over dance floor*

Comment by Penguin

Snuppy: Cherry Ave Junior High – it just doesn’t get any more wholesome than that. What ever happened to Suzie Moore?

Weirsdo, always considered you on the fringe.

Bobo, your radio secrets are safe with me. Look at the bright side – you avoided that awkward stage at the dances.

Logo, no of course you won’t get hate mail! Slams door shut and turns up the music…

Penguin: I don’t know Penguin, this song is growing on me all over again. Julian and I just had a slow dance to it. That’s it, sway to and fro…

You’ve got it~! You’re an awkward pre-teen – welcome!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Sorry, I was outside all weekend planting trees and building a treehouse (not in the same trees). So now I’m catching up on my Snark posts. And… I’m so glad I did. Wow, I’m really glad I was only 2 when this song was popular.

Comment by Diesel

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