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SATURDAY MONDAY(ish) SPIN(ish) by Snuppy
Sunday, 1 April 2007, 8:56am
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*Apparently Lampsha’s not the only “thing” we can’t find these days… believe it or not, we have a new post (for Monday), but for the life of us, we can’t remember where it is. (damn it, anyway) No doubt we stuck it in some cupboard in our attempt to tidy up the place before our cleaning lady, Not-Hazel, arrived. (damn our need to clean before she cleans, anyway) Oy. And, er, enjoy. Because Lampsha’s Saturday spin (ish), that did NOT get underway until Sunday, was fabulous. Were we smarter, we’d have pretended we left this particular post up a bit longer on purpose. (damn us and our Not-Smartness, anyway.) Oh well, even if we can’t provide you with something new and/or entertaining today, we’re confident DIESEL will more than make it up to you with something hilarious, tomorrow. (he damn well better)

*          *          *          *          *          *

scared womanWHERE’S DJ LAMPSHA?!? *races around park, tries not to panic* Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?? Aieeeeee! *picks up piece of paper off floor, notices funny cut out letters pasted on the page, fights urge to hurl, sifts through handbag for loose change, pulls out coupon for free cup of coffee, smiles*

OY. We’re pretty sure nothing bad’s happened to our NBFF, but we confess to being mildly alarmed by the fact she was unable to Spin herself into a Saturday corner first thing this morning. (what do we keep telling you about that round house?) Nevertheless, based on the scattered pieces of a post she left in whatever hasty retreat she beat out of here, we fear she may be unavoidably detained for a good part of the day, not that our Nancy Drew skills have afforded us any particular insight as to why. What to do? What else? We shall gamely pick up where she left off, by scooping up the various elements of an entertaining music-related post, grab our glue stick, and see if we can’t fashion something that remotely resembles a Saturday Spin. Hopefully Lampsha’s fine, and won’t be too terribly distressed by the mess we’re about to make of her post. Again, we’re not the least bit concerned for her safety, despite the fact that the first — and only words of her missive began with: “Calamity!  Seems I’ve heard that word somewhere before.  I’m late, I don’t…” Surely she’s fine, right Shirley?

OKAY, here’s what we think: Lampsha intended to talk about some fancy-not-so-schmancy alt country/indie rock band influenced by the music of South America and the United States, that goes by the name CALEXICO. We think that because of THIS LINK TO THEIR SITE, as well as the following video:

…not to mention the fact that she also had a link to thier site on MYSPACE.

We’re guessin’ Lampsha planned to include something like: “I heard this group on NPR while driving home from work one day, thought they were interesting, love the fact that they’re from Arizona, hope you like ’em, I know I do. Who’s that at the door? What do you want with my post? Get away from me… arrrgghhhh!” Seriously, she’s fine. “Arrrrgggh” just Lampsha’s way of saying “Hmmmm, I wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight? Darn this post anyway, I have to get it done. What the heck? Who’s that at the door? Get away from me… aieeeeeeee!” Don’t worry. We have everything under control. With luck (and payment of a small ransom plus a Starbucks coupon) she’ll be back in the park by this time, tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

singing bunnyOH, and lest we forget (what with that Lampsha abduction disappearance, and all) Rabbit, Rabbit. What’s up with that picture, you ask? (you know you did). Well, in our heads, a “singing bunny” is a freaking hilarious way to represent the 1st of the month within the confines of a Saturday Spin. (ish)

~NOT-the-DJ Snuppy


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you might think we cooked up this ploy for the purposes of A) synching the post up to the first of the month and/or B) synching the post up to the first of the month, which also happens to be…wait for it … April Fools Day. you’d be wrong, we’re not that clever and/or coordinated uh, yeah, that’s the ticket. that was exactly what we had in mind, all along… hahahaha. ha. heh. *croses fingers, again* 🙄

Comment by One Hot Puppy

ps: this group is FANTASTIC! i hope Lampsha resurfaces later today, in order to take a proper bow for such a wonderful find! 😉

Comment by One Hot Puppy

So is this the Saturday Spin or the Sunday version of the Saturday Spin or a “Special Saturday Spin” on Sunday? Whatever…another great slection which actually works extremely well on a Sunday morning. Not saying it wouldn’t have worked on Saturday but it seems to have that “Sunday vibe” whatever that is. I’m going to shut up now.

Comment by BoBo

Oh and Rabbit, Rabbit…wouldn’t want to forget that for God’s sake.

Comment by BoBo

RAbbit, rabbit!! You got that pic from the yawning rabbit site, didencha? Love it!

Comment by actonbell

Actonbell: uh, well, i er… yeah. (i lovelovelove that site, too!) still, that bunny does look like he’s singing, don’t ya think? Rabbit Rabbit, girlfriend! xox

Comment by snuppy

WTF – the song cut off! I didn’t give it a listen all the way through once I saw the it was the song I wanted. Ah well, I’m sure the full version is on their MySpace – you get the idea. And I’m to my elbows in ridding our home of chaimetz, which is bread to you. So back to the cleaning grind I go.

That’s right – it was all done to sync the post up to the first of the month, April Fools and Rabbit Rabbit.

Comment by LAMPSHA

Now it’s my turn – where is Snuppy?!! Hopefully no harm has befallen her and she’s had a TGSNWM! Oy.

Comment by LAMPSHA

hah! Lampsha, i fear i am more frazzled than anything else. believe it or not, i WAS working on a new post, but something happened between the “writing” part and the “posting” part — late hour/imminent arrival of Not-Hazel & her cleaning cohort, Not-Alice (they pair up on Mondays) along with a bunch of other (annoying) multiple distractions. eh, with luck i’ll put it up later, OR hang on to it for another day! (i never mind having a few on the back-warmer, if you catch my responsibility-shifting drift, and i’m guessing you do!)

besides, Calexico was such a grand find, it seemed like a nice idea to give anyone who hasn’t heard them yet the opportunity for a good listen, before moving on to something new (and significantly less engaging) 😉 xoxox

Comment by snuppy

tough crowd today… 🙄 xox

Comment by snuppy

Glad to see that my blog isn’t the only quiet joint in this neighborhood today.

All I can say is that these guys are no Climax. (Did you hear about the girl who was going to try out for Climax but couldn’t get her boyfriend to take her there?)

Rest assured that I’ve got every little detial of my brillaint post for tomorrow worked out. Now to figure out the main points….

Comment by Diesel

I stand opposed to the Mondification of Saturday Spin!

Comment by Doug

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