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Saturday, 7 April 2007, 9:20am
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Where to start? I’ve got so many links, I just couldn’t leave one out. You may have heard the story of this group, but if any bears repeating, it is theirs.  I can’t do justice with words, but I will bring you a link to their music.

This week I am featuring THE SIERRA LEONE REFUGEE ALL STARS or alternately Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.  This group started off with just two members as you’ll see in the YouTube clip, but developed into a group of six musicians.  The group was born of the strife from the civil war in their homeland of Sierra Leone in Western Africa.  They fled from their homeland in the capital city to neighboring Guinea where the music sprang forth.  A documentary was made of the group while in the refugee camp which brought the group its well deserved worldwide attention.  The following clip shows the simplicity of their roots.  Give a listen to all the links, they will alternately make you cry for their loss and shed tears of joy from their infectious roots as roots gets Reggae beat. 

Click this link to be transported to the magic of their music and view information about their 90 minute documentary which will be aired on your local PBS station on June 26, 2007 at 10 PM.  

Here are two excellent links to hear their music – the first is an NPR story dating back to 2005 and the second is to their MySpace page.  Please click both where you will see additional information and really get to hear their beautiful music.   

And as always, have a great weekend.

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wow Lampsha. that’s all i can say for this amazing/powerful/wonderful music. right up my musical alley, i might add. and you’re oh-so-right, i find myself alternately crying and smiling as i read about and/or listen to SLRAS perform. what a story! and what music! thank you, my friend, THANK YOU! (i really like this post and lovelovelove this “band”, can ya tell?)

,,\/(^_^)\/,, peace, baby. xox

Comment by snuppy

Beautiful and heartwarming story indeed! Reminds me of many a link my pal, Jason, from the Zenformation Professional provides oh so much when he does music reviews or random links to people and bloggers and musicians and artists and whatnot… and the recurring theme I see from musicians in Third World countries is something that underlies our musicians’ needs to create as well but that, perhaps, in the comfort of our world often gets drowned out by commercialism and capitalism and that is the very basic need for humans, no matter from what walk of life they may be, to create and to find some form of escape through some form of art and what more universal and touching form that music?

And to me, the beauty lies in that… in the transcendence of their music, of any music really, and in the beauty of their intention that was to provide some relief and release through something so beautiful as art… teary eyed I am, I am… *sigh*

And my contribution to y’all shall be to zip MY boca SHUT for my wails would achieve just the OPPOSITE I tell you! Yiketty yikes DAS FO SHO! 😉

Faboo post and music and spin sweet DJ Gina G! You are one happenin’ mama! WOOH!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Outstanding find Lampsha! Love the music and the backstory is equally impressive.

Comment by BoBo

Snuppy, glad you liked. Set your DVR for June 26th! peace to you too baby! xox

CYM: The stories are very touching behind the music. I haven’t seen any of Jason’s links, time for a visit anyway. Besos to you.

Bobo: Thanks to WFUV! Agreed.

Enjoy the music and your day all, I’m off to get the kids outdoors before we all go mad! XOX

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Very cool, Lampsha. This one had my daughter dancing. 🙂

Comment by Diesel

Perfect choice for Easter. Thanks, DJ Lampshade!~

Comment by Walela

That’s very inspiring, G. Thanks, and happy Passover.

Comment by weirsdo

Diesel, she knows good music when she hears it!

Walela, huh, I hadn’t even thought but consider it my gift – Happy Easter.

Weirsdo, I agree. Glad you enjoyed. Thank you and Happy Holiday to you.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Happy Passover, G.
Love this, I’m chairdancing!
Hadn’t heard of this before, almost enough to make me wish I had TV

Comment by logo™

Have to let y’all know that the film will be available on Netflix too… Please check it out!

Comment by Zach Niles

Music transcends circumstances. A Phoenix from the ashes of Sierra Leone has risen.

Comment by Bice

Thank you Logo and a HappyEaster to you (do Pastafarians still celebrate Easter?). Well you can always just listen to the music – it’s all good. :p

Zach: Thanks very much for that info. I most certainly will.

Bice: It does indeed. It has risen and it’s got a story to share. People are listening.

Thanks all for dropping by. Happy Easter/Passover/weekend/whatever. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Whoa! color me impressed, Lampsha! *i* do a post and we get 57-gazillion spamments from a wide-range of scam artists and/or porn sites, YOU do a post and we get a lovely comment from the director of the documentary film excerpt you featured. very cool. kind of makes me lovelovelove SLRAS even more (not hard to do, considering their music is so amazing and their story one of pure inspiration). 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Now that is beat you can´t resist moving too.
The power of music, the dedication to their roots and the simple perseverence instinct of them all…nothing short of inspired!
Brilliant. “Mental Slavery” I just canæt get out of my head!

Comment by Penguin

Snuppy, I have to say that speaks volumes about the committment to this film. Really nice.

Penguin, I am loving this too. Will have to pick this up for sure.

Comment by LAMPSHA

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