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Saturday Spin by Snuppy
Saturday, 14 April 2007, 7:51am
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Dear readers (and listeners), if it is good music you seek, then run away and click the nearest link to flee this post immediately.  Yes you won’t find it here today.   Scream and run away!  Goodbye.

Still here?

Then if you were brave enough to stay with me, I shall introduce you to the terrible and scary Stephin Merritt and his band (or some would say musical project) The Gothic Archies.  They have put out a cd The Tragic Treasurywith 13 songs that correspond to the 13 books of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Notice I have not yet added a link, I do not want to do this to you, dear reader, but you’ve left me no choice – you won’t leave on your own.  I must therefore provide the link which will immediately open into the delightfully horribly charming haunting music from the brilliant twisted mind of Stephin Merritt. 

Don’t say you weren’t warned:  PLEASE, OH PLEASE DON’T CLICK HERE!!!

 Oh, you haven’t left?  Then you deserve not only every bit of what you hear, but what you see.  The link below which can also be accessed from the above link (which I’m really hoping you didn’t click) is a link to the videos.  If Diesel or Snuppy or someone else knows how to embed, well then this crowd is asking for it,  they won’t leave!  If not, and you haven’t come to your senses of the dangers that lie ahead, then just go ahead and CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO of Scream and Run Away which is hysterical terrible and should not be seen.  But if you do see it and the cruel Count Olaf has not kidnapped you to participate in some vile performance of his theatre troup, then I’m betting there are other videos and other entertaining links, like the one to MySpace or the direct one to the elusive author of the series himself, Lemony Snicket.  There were some games somewhere on the site (sorry I really do have to sream and run away to violin with Tali, who incidentally is responsible for hooking me into this Series in the first place – the books, that is).

I heard about The Tragic Treasury back in the Fall on, you guessed it, my favorite (can’t you see why) radio station, WFUV.  I just did not want to torment you with it, until now when I remembered about it and needed something to post.  I hope you do enjoy and Count Olaf does not do anything terrible to you, dear readers.  I hope Actonbell sees this Spin as I think I’ve read a review or mention of The Series at her wonderful blog where she muses about such, Paradise AlleyI don’t have time enough to find the particular post, but go muck about, there you won’t be tortured or in danger, at least I don’t think so. 

 Oh, and have a wonderful weekend…if you survived that is.

spinning out of control since 2006 (really since the day I was born or was it the second year of high school?)

PS:  You won’t get tortured or be in danger (at least not terribly) at HUMOR BLOGS.com .  But you might if you don’t vote for Neva in Diesel’s Caption Contest at  The Mattress Police!!!


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Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I LIKE IT! Count Olaf is a hoot! What’s wrong with me? Is it curable? Fun spin Lampsha.

Comment by BoBo

I survived!

Where’s my t-shirt?

Comment by Al

ARRRRGGHHHHHHH! die-die-die-dyiiiiiiinggggg!

oh, that was clever scary, Lampsha, and mighty entertaining terrifying, to boot. what a great find! and what a hilarious and/or perfecet horrifying and/or frightening way to kick off a weekend that promises to end in a little something forecasters are calling… “The Perfect Storm” (talk about terrifying)

i’m with Al… where’s my t-shirt? 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

I kind of enjoyed that actually, DJ Lampshade. Shabat sholom.

Comment by Doug

Very cool. I think my kids would love this. Oh, and do I know how to embed! My embedding is legendary around these parts.

You’ll be happy to know that Neva came in third in the caption contest. Or maybe you’ll be disappointed. Anyway, she came in third.

Comment by Diesel

Bobo, it is indeed not curable as I suffer from the same thing I think. Here’s to the appreciation of odd humor – where would we be without?

Al, if you return next week, they’ll be ready.

Oooh yes, this will make good scary background music for the storm – batten down the hatches! I knew you might enjoy this with Bobo. I have just started the books that Tali has been laughing at for a while now. Come back next week for the shirts. xox

Doug, how did I know that you might? Thank you – may you enjoy yours too.

Diesel, I think they might. Of course you know how to embed – but did you do that in this case? Nooo.

Well congrats to Neva, if only I could have slid in a couple of votes. And congrats to Pavel, I think, who looked to be on the way to a double win!

Enjoy your weekend all, off to visit Grandpa and his girlfriend!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

*blush* thank you for the link and the visit! And the music link:) I’m always looking for new stuff, and you are absolutely correct, that is right up paradise alley, and I must have it. The run away part has the added bonus of being Monty Pythonish, too.

I’m here so late because I’ve been up hideously early two days in a row and napped my afternoon away! I’ll be up all night, now. I have all night to dredge up info on The Gothic Archies. Thanks!

Comment by actonbell

I too will be manning the sump pump tomorrow during the storm from hell. Thanks for the link!
I LOVE Lemony Snicket and A.S.O.U.E!

Comment by Random Ponderings

Wow!!! That was pretty awful, in a cool sort of way.

As for Diesel’s contest; I voted for Neva! I love that line from the “Sixth Sense” movie. I used to work work with a computer nerd who had a sign on his cubicle that said; “I see stupid people, and they don’t even know they’re stupid.” Aside from the fact that the guy was very smart but had no social skills (and probably still lived in the basement at his mom’s house) the sign was pretty funny.

Comment by Pavel

Actonbell, hope you had a good night’s rest. Stephin Merritt had/has some really interesting and fun looking groups that he was involved in such as The 6ths and The Magnetic Fields. I’d provide links but they’re plentiful and you can find them by google or YouTube. Have fun!

Random Ponderings: Welcome and yes, we’ve battoned down the hatches here in NYC. You know my nine year old has read the whole series and her enthusiasm for them was catching so I am most of the way through The Bad Beginning and looking forward to the rest. Enjoy the links.

Pavel: Congratulations on a two time win – nicely done. I actually think my favorite was Neva’s “Doogie!” which didn’t even make it to the finals, but hey, I’m not the judge.

Awful! Okay “in a cool sort of way” saved you. I LOVE this guy’s music and am inflicting it upon, I mean sharing it with others. So do enjoy. 😉

Comment by LAMPSHA

Now that was one great crow song! I am unfamiliar with Lemony Snicket, but I do plan on an upcoming investigation of such. I’m captured immediately by the accordian wielding Gothic Archies, and hope to hear more of them. (as a fellow accordian player, I can relate 🙂

Thanks G for a wonderful introduction to some highly intriguing stuff. 😀

Comment by terry

Thing One, a HUGE Lemony Snicket fan also likes the Tragic Archies, well spun, darling.

Comment by logo™

Terry: Ooh so glad you liked. Lemony Snicket writes (or has written) a fun series of books which my daughter has got me hooked into. Love that it introduces dark humor at a young age. As to The Gothic Archie – I love their accordian wielding sound! And you an accordian player? How great are you!

Logo – Thing One and Tali would get on fine! That Thing One has good taste – maybe he’ll do a guest spin for us one of these days 🙂

Comment by Lampsha

reversed psychology had teh better of me. *curls up in teh fetal position soemwhere in teh corner*
Loved it!

I know I am late to this horrific party, but my weekend seemed as if it had 894 hours and 39 ri-you-head- off minutes. *breathes*

Comment by Penguin

There, there Penguin – just breathe in and listen to the accordian music…just don’t fall asleep while Count Olaf is around.

Comment by LAMPSHA

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