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Starbucks Through The Ages! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 9:11am
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starbucks logoAs many of you know by now, Minka went to America. And one simply cannot say one has done America without having had set foot into a Starbucks. They are literally at every corner. So with good company *winks at Joel and Neva* I took those flippers of mine and firmly placed them into such a coffee shop somewhere in Connecticut. It was go-hood! Here is High Five for TGSwoWM! Oh yes, to order such a delight you need to be familiar with the code of inconceivable abbreviations at a really fast pace. It took me a day or two!

But that is not what should concern us today. When I went back home, proudly holding my first Starbucks cup, I looked at its logo. Pretty lady, I thought. Crown too, long hair, breasts covered…all very appropriate. On closer examination: What the heck is she holding in her hands? Scissors, crap claws or limbs from the other two contestants for this picture?

Back home and with the help of the worldwideweb I was dedicated to find the answer. And Voila:

older Starbucks Logo

A slightly older version of the Starbucks logo brought some insight. Flippers! Imagine my joy. So I went with mermaid/siren. Possible origin in mythology. Notice that our little minx features a very attractive belly button.

But I would be a very bad researcher had I given up my search then and there. Way before Starbucks came to focus on coffee exclusively, the business actually featured a variety of products as you can see in this image:

coffe/tea/spices   siren-old-starbucs-logo.jpg

and would you just look at our little vixen. The crown is sorta different, you might say…the crown is what you are focusing on? Female body characteristics are openly depicted! A bit more body hair too. Ups, where did our belly button go?

And here we go. Our formerly attractive young and propriety-concerned young woman has turned into an open twin-tailed siren from the 15th century.

twin tailed siren

See how the tail legs separate? That´s just naughty! A bulging tummy and quite some body hair to boot! And the belly button is back too. *averts eyes*

So much for sexual enlightenment, ey? Sure, it seems we got prettier, less hairy and a bit friendlier over the centuries, but we sure do cover up more!

~Penguin out!


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some of us are satisfied to sip on the tasty brew, even as we admire the attractive logo, and leave it at that. it takes a Penguin with a penchant for language/history — okay so maybe she’s a girl with more than a passing interest in the brew, too! — to A) give us a fascinating lesson in the evolution of the Starbucks’ logo and B) find teh sexual deviancy in the aforementioned logo, and crack us up as she does. as in life (oh please let this be true) we do get prettier and/or less hairy as we get older! (okay, so some of us get more “less hairy” than others, but that’s beside the point) ~ snuppy

ps: i fear i messed up teh Penguin’s first picture — she had it linked to a larger version, which enabled us to look at the details a bit more closely. i’ll see if i can’t fix it, but if i can’t i’m bettin’ she and/or Diesel can (sorry Lampsha, but you and i both know that, er, you and i are maroons when it comes to this whole “linky” thing!) also… i have a suspicion Monika meant to say “crab claws”, but since “crap claws” had me in stitches, i figured i’d leave it in! you know me, always up for a good laugh at someone else’s expense! 😉

PPS: let me just say, for the record, that i LOVELOVELOVE our penguin and am more than a little grateful to her for this fine, informative, and oh-so-funny post! 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Aye, she’s a fine Penguin, much finer than her original Starbucks mermaid. But hey. You take a bunch of guys, coop them up on a wooden rust bucket for two months at a time, and then show them a siren over the side, and see what kind of pictures you come up with. No, not that Sirenia. They wouldn’t get a logo, they’d get a broadside. Even if they are from Norway. Just sayin’

But then, I’m immune to Starbucks. And all forms of Coffea arabica. Whad’cha expect …?

Comment by oceallaigh

Haha – no apologies needed. I would never even be able to give it a shot. But I am laughing and laughing at the crap claws – twice actually. Once as crap claws and once more for my reading it as an exclmation – “Crap!!! – claws!” as if they were to come off the cup and grab us. I keep watching my cup for any false moves.

Leave it to the Penguin to take this on a research course. One that I was happy to read if not to realize just how unobservant I am. What I notice on the Starbucks cup and read is the bottom print that says: “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot”. Then the reverse side (also at the bottom) says: “This is the author’s opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks” – which is actually underneath a little “The Way I See It” series on their cups. I am thinking this leaves room for a little misunderstanding in the wrong hands. Okay, I’ll go now.

Good to see you up in lights in The Snark little Penguin. xox

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: okay, so now i’m laughing at “Crap! claws!” too! and at that “author’s note” on the back of the cup, something i’ve never noticed before! (eh — who can pay attention to teensie tiny words at the bottom of a cup when one’s drinking the coffee in order to wake up? surely not me, Shirley!) xox

Comment by snuppy

WOOH! ‘Tis the pingüinita! Way to go for the European end of the Snarkster team (because dios knows that one of us simply ain’t around! Shame on you BoheMia!) which is one of many reasons bohemians just looooove you DAS FO SHO!

I loved this post and thought your take on it simply faboo! Yep, been to Starbucks, even worked at Starbucks when a teen and attended Starbucks coffee school (yes, they call it coffee school!)… but alas, unless it is Turkish coffee we are talking about with someone ready to read my fortune, then I am not one too crazy about coffee… do I get to be part of the club if I admit to loving the smell of coffee though? 😉

Hey, a bloggin’ friend (from SF no less!) once did a post on Starbucks too and I dug up the link in case you might like it… it is here



Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

So glad you got to get to Starbucks Penguin!! 🙂

I’ll have to go and dig up in my starbucks book when and why the logo changed. *L* I remember reading that somewhere. I am not sure why they choose a siren and if there is any connection to Moby Dick as “Starbucks” name came from the book. Hummmmmm

🙂 Have a good day!!

Comment by cj

I think she’s got an outty

Comment by furiousball

Snuppy, it’s come to reading the fine print on Starbucks cups – anything to put off tackling the paperwork on my desk. Oy vay!

Comment by Lampsha

I may never look at my TGSNWM the same again! I’m trying to figure out if it makes me want one more or less. The original “vixen” is more than a bit scary…mellowed with age to be sure, but damn. Nice job Penguin.

Comment by BoBo

Bugger you guys, the pictures are way too small to take in teh whole experience of what I am talking about. I´ll try to make them bigger and then get going on commenting on your comments.

Comment by Penguin

in that original picture she looks plumb tuckered out!
I wonder why.
thanks for the history lesson Monika 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

So storks bring babies and flippered queens bring whatever a TGSwoWM is? Flippered queens rule! Hurray for the return of the Penguin.

Comment by Doug

Neva, well… before you credit me with too much effort, the web is a good place to find those pictures and then you just add your own sping to it and voila…there one goes.

Oc, I have noticed you are more of a tea kinda guy! helathier probably, but are there interesting pictures on the packages. I love teh teddy on Sleepytime Tea 🙂

lampy, Oh crap, i´ve got claws! You take it to a whole new dimension, and where would you be for laughter today if it wasn´t for a mis-spelling inclined penguin:)

Miz B…now that would have helped yesterday…I was looking for a bigger variety of the pcitures and there they all are. Bugger, that would have saved me a couple of nerve cells and yelling at my PC yesterday! Next time, please turn your premonition on and let me know beforehand! 😉

CJ, I actually read soemwhere yesterdya that it is named after a character in Moby Dick…so it might be true. Stranger things have happened!

furiousball, outty? is that something to eat?

lampy, I have a masters degree in putting off things, actually I am doing it as I am commenting here. Way more fun, too 😉

Bobo, the older version looks a bit out of sorts don´t you think? Maybe she´s cold? LOL

Penguin, aw my sweet Penguin!

Comment by Penguin

kyahgirl, it ain´t easy being a twin-tailed siren, let me tell you. You ahve to sing all day and lead strong-headed sea-faring myths astray. It´s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Doug, you saw me order that very same drink! Triple Grande, Soy, no Whip, Mocca! It´s college talk for hot chocolate with a bit of coffee 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Nice post, Penguin, very well-researched.

It was saucy chicks like that last one in your post who kept the sailors coming back out to sea.

Comment by al

Al…and kept them there for quite a bit, had women weave tapestries and damage their own work. Nothing good can come of it!

Comment by Penguin

I think we should start a petition to Starbucks to change their logo to a Penguin. You’re kind of like a siren after all. Look at all the people you’ve lured out of hiding!!
(and you’re much better looking than the gal they got there already) ♥

Comment by kyahgirl

Sorry, Penguin. I thought you were ordering in Icelandic. I was so impressed with the counter-dude, too.

Comment by Doug

kyah, that…or a sexy Canadian in a Catwoman suit 🙂 Meow!

Doug, granted we were in California…if it could happen anywhere, it would have been there! Besides, you were way too busy giving the baristas sarcastic definitions for beans and mugs, to hear my propper pronunciation 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Thanks for that horrifying image. No really thanks.

Comment by Dave

“It´s college talk for hot chocolate with a bit of coffee”

WHAT?? I’m pretty sure that amounts to nothing short of blasphemy! And I thought you had become a follower of the S’Bucks…sad, very sad.

Comment by BoBo

Dave, it was my pleasure! No really, don´t mention it!

Bobo, I never said that “hot chocolate with a bit of coffee” wasn´t really good! I was tricked into syaing all those things, by him *points at Larry*!

Comment by Penguin

That’s very interesting, Minka!
I like Starbucks, too:)

Comment by actonbell

ah, Minka, ’tis true! that Larry was nothin’ but trouble from the get-go! (he still asks about you, tho’, and is expecting at least ONE visit upon your return 😉 ) still… with 3 — count ’em THREE — shots of espresso, along with that mocha, you’re talking about something a wee bit stronger than “hot chocolate” in each and every TGSwoWM you drink! xox

Lampsha: still cracking up at the juxtaposition of the “Careful…hot” part of the cup and the “This is the opinion…Starbucks”. been laughing at that all day! (i know, i’m weird, huh?) 😀 xox

Comment by snuppy

Snunppy – not weird at all, at least I’m not just amusing myself any longer, NBFF! xox

Minka, you’ve got us all hepped up with this post. By the way – an outie refers to one’s belly button and whether it is in – or concave, or out. Dr. Lampsha strikes again. My job is to confuse so that nobody looks for my med school diploma on the wall.

Okay, off to homework with the kids.


Comment by LAMPSHA

actonbell, i always thought of you as a well adapted kinda woman 🙂

snuppy…some of us are more easily amused than others 🙂 I am not saying to which category I belong!

lampsha… hey that means I have a concave belly button then. You should watch me swoop that into the next conversation over coffee I will have. People´ll think I have a degree or soemthing 🙂 xox

Comment by Penguin

I’m just waiting for Starbucks to expand into a Fundamentalist Muslim country. Will they cover the mermaid up completely?

Comment by Harry L

Harry, they might equip her differently though 😉

Comment by Penguin

I am very late to this post, but its humor made me LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Starbucks – and especially like their logo. I never dreamed it would be taken apart and analysed in such a fashion – LOL ha ha ha ha it makes me die of laughter reading the truths you publish… oh my goodness….I’ll never look at that logo that same way. I thought she was a pretty mermaid-like image, but frankly, the claw hands never registered. Thanks for that enlightenment… you know your site is funny as all getout. Always a pleasure to stop by and have a good read 😀

Comment by terry

Terry, I am sure you ar enot thinking of me when reading this…..but I donæt have any problem taking a compliment directed at somebody else. Thank you!

Comment by Penguin

starbucks is amazing i love it but the old logo is kinda wacky like her legs that is just rong!!! the old mermaid is fat and ugly but the new one is warm and nice!!! you gotta love starbucks!!!!!!

Comment by fred

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