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We Don’t… by Snuppy
Thursday, 19 April 2007, 8:02am
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Baby Jane (not funny)…feel funny. Go ahead, touch us. Do we feel funny to you? DIESEL “feels” funny and worries he’s not, yet he is. We don’t feel funny, and worry you’ll laugh at us anyway, for trying so hard to be something we’re not. Is it just us, or did those last two sentences make no sense at all? That’s us. Nothin’ but nonsense. (do NOT ask us what we mean by that, we don’t know, and you don’t want to). Uh… all this to say: Thank goodness for our oldest and dearest friends, who sometimes send us stuff via e-mail that makes us smile. Okay, so maybe once in awhile they send little more than a chain letter, inviting us to help some goofy (and/or delusional?) 4th grader realize his/her dream of receiving postcards/buttons/”smileys” from millions of people from around the world. Sometimes it’s a reprint of a hilarious and not at all stupid missive written by some PMS-y woman to the manufacturer of “sanitary pads”, pissed off because the company’s catch phrase is “Have a Good Period”, which she hasn’t had since, well, since she started having periods, uh… period.  Once in awhile we get offers to attend Gay Bingo. And, sometimes, it’s a link to a video that charms us, even as it cracks us up. No, not this one:

…tho’ a tattoo remover does seem like it might be our cup of tea, sometime down the road, if you catch our drift, and those of you (PENGUIN, LAMPSHA, BOBO?) who have seen that obnoxious Celtic Knot around our ankle, probably do…

NOPE, we’re referring to a clip that actually made us spew our TGSNWM out all over our computer — which was especially funny, since we were already cracking up yesterday at the post TEH PENGUIN had done about, what else? Starbucks. Not that the following video is about Starbucks. Wait… what were we trying to tell you? Oh yeah — forget Starbucks, and look at the funny video our friend sent us via e-mail yesterday. Apparently Will Farrell isn’t making as much money as you might imagine, despite all those blockbuster comedies he’s been in over the past few months. Poor guy, life’s a biatch, and so’s his LANDLORD. (this is pretty funny)

AND, just think, if not for our “oldest and dearest friends”, you might have been subjected to a little something we call “Hot Sex” today. Minds out of the gutter — Hot Sex isn’t what you think it is. Okay, so in theory, it is, but not on this blog. Er… um, how can we put this? Once we show you our Hot Sex, you’ll undestand. In the meantime, take a cold shower  and/or uh… something. Hey, we know, maybe go visit Humor-Blogs.com, trust us, it’s hard to think about sex when you’re laughing so hard coffee snorts out of your nose.

And now, a note from our caring and — we hope — more charming side:

relay for lifeAs you go through your day, noticing the ones you lovelovelove in various amusing and/or annoying modes, remember how wonderful it is to have them here, in front of you, in order to provide you with amusement and/or annoyance. All this to say, our dear Lampsha has a beautiful and accomplished niece, who also happens to be a Cancer survivor. This niece — let’s call her Shannon (it’s her name) — will be participating in the Relay For Life over the weekend, in order to raise money for The American Cancer Society. This event takes a lot of time, not to mention fortitude, and we know we’re impressed (and possibly too lazy to do something like that ourselves), which is why we were happy to donate. That said, just because we did doesn’t mean you have to, but why wouldn’t you want to? $5 can go a long way towards research — $50 can go even further. Whatever you can and want to give will be fine. No one’s going to check to see if you donated anything, let alone how much. You can find all the information you’ll need HERE, and we hope you’ll at least click over, if only to send out a few good vibes and/or prayers to a bunch of dedicated and wonderful young people taking the time to make a difference, even as we stay home to read blogs and/or watch our dogs frolic in the yard.


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this post didn’t start out to be the convoluted mess you see before you — but that’s what happens when i sit at the computer after, oh, say, midnight, and try to write until, oh, say 2:30 A.M. that said, the second video (which i couldn’t post directly to the page) is really very funny.

also — i PROMISE no one will be upset if you don’t feel you can or want to contribute to Shannon’s Relay For Life, but at least visit the site –this is a wonderful and worthwhile event, and i thank Lampsha for sharing this link with me, so i could share it with you guys!

d’oh! time to get my house ready for Not-Hazel, who’ll be here any minute (you know what that means… cleancleanclean. me, not Not-Hazel) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

You snupsters feel pretty funny to me.

A few snickers in those videos, thanks, and for plugging a great cause, too.

Comment by al

That was a pretty funny video. I liked the tattoo remover best, though.

Comment by Doug

2:30 you say? Oh, I hate when that happens. I say skip the tattoo removal and pick me up for the Gay Bingo!

Thank you so much for your support and adding the link to Shannon’s fundraiser. What can I say? Lovelovelove ya! xox

Comment by Lampsha

Ok, I can´t watch video one for soem reason, I haven´t even found link two yet, and I thought I read carefully. Clearly I haven´t slept enough…*gets her Pjs on*
I saw your tattoo, liked it two and I believe some of us have more than one? It is funny that tattoos shouldl come up today…I have been drawing on my hands for a few days now…first I thought it was boredom, then I thought it was my psychological self trying to tell me to get that darn tattoo I have been thinking about for years. Better get to making the video work then.

Oh, and I already encountered teh very worthwile cause Shannon is premoting on G´s site. What can I say? Amazing, inspiring and worth-wile!

Comment by Penguin

Ok, I can´t watch video one for soem reason, I haven´t even found link two yet, and I thought I read carefully. Clearly I haven´t slept enough…*gets her Pjs on*
I saw your tattoo, liked it two and I believe some of us have more than one? It is funny that tattoos shouldl come up today…I have been drawing on my hands for a few days now…first I thought it was boredom, then I thought it was my psychological self trying to tell me to get that darn tattoo I have been thinking about for years. Better get to making the video work then.

Oh, and I already encountered the very worthwile cause Shannon is premoting on G´s site. What can I say? Amazing, inspiring and worth-wile!

Comment by Penguin

Look at me, over eager above 🙂

Ok, saw teh landlord clip. That was funny, kids cna be scary, but i wouldnæt need to tell you that 🙂

Otehr clip is still not working for me!

Comment by Penguin

Are you kidding?! The snark is a very funny place and always has been! I LOVE the snark.

The tattoo removal thing: LMAO!!! Not that I have much A to LO, but there you have it.

Thank you for bringing attention the the Cancer Society. We should all try to help whenever we can.

Not to sound like a PSA, but I just wanted to mention that April is also autism awareness month. As some of you know, my oldest, 10 year old, is autistic and I can only say that when he was diagnosed at about 4 years of age, autism rates were around 1 in every 400 children. Seven years later it has risen to 1 in about 166. This is just awful and I wouldn’t want one more child to have this disorder/disease. If you can spare just a little more, either now or in the future, find out how you can help with this as well. Or ask me any time!



Comment by Pavel

🙂 That lil’ girl wasn’t drunk – just buzzed. Gracie walks like that too, that must be the problem!

The relay is great!! We’re participants each year… however we don’t do our walking until August. Its because the rest of th year is so damn cold we wait until its ungodly hot to do it. This way we have a bigger volunteer squad to walk over night because its the only time its not 100 and humid as hell. 🙂 Also, hooray for Companies who do matching donations. Both Erick and I work for ones that match…. so our donation goes 3x as far. Its worth checking into!!!

Well… Grace Eleanor tells me she needs to get her (soy) Drink on. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well!

Comment by cj

you’re doing a great job as always snuppy, don’t be so hard on yourself.
had to snicker at the tatoo remover video because I’ve pondered this issue a few times when I’m out in public and see a young woman bend over to reveal a gigantic lower back tatoo. who knows what the future will hold!

thanks for telling us about Shannon’s cause too.


Comment by kyahgirl

Pavel, on the bright side: I think autism has always been one in a 166…it is just that the criteria wasn´t detailed enough, nor researched enough to identify all grey shades within the obvious autism. At least we can thank modern medicine, more focused attention and enough interested people to promote a pressing research to help almost every child with a hint of autism, rather than just the severe and obvious cases.

Comment by Penguin

Pavel, Snuppy’s self abuse is just palmolive for the soul. I think the penguin is exactly right about autism, the trend in the disorder may be up but I think it’s the diagnosis mainly. I work with adults with developmental disabilities and I had a booth at an autism convention hear in LA. A lot of people introduced themselves and by the time I had their names I knew they also had autism or aspberger’s syndrome and as we talked I found out that they’d only been diagnosed recently.

In any case, I hope you and your 10-year-old find any help you need and have a great time together between sessions. I really like the people we help with autism and most of them end up different from neuro-typical but also much more interesting and actually charming.

Comment by Doug

Somehow it’s fitting that I was born during Autism Awareness Month. My son (Climber) has also been diagnosed with Asperger’s, although it’s a high functioning variety. They call something a “syndrome” when they notice a bunch of people who are a little off and decide they need a name for it. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just a little off. Like me. 🙂

I love that video. Do they have anything for scrotal piercings? A, uh, friend was asking.

Comment by Diesel

BTW, I’m feeling better. I think I might be able to come up with a post that isn’t borderline retarded next week.

Comment by Diesel

Still laughing at the Will Farrell video…what a foul mouthed toddler! As for your tatts…love’em Snup, especially the one you failed to mention or show.

Hey Diesel…now don’t you go changing…we like you just the way you are.

Comment by BoBo

Oh crap! How fucking stupid and blah do I feel now since I was seriously thinking about getting a tattoo when back in SF (as well as a piercing or two… I used to hang at my piercer’s studio more than I ever went to the hairdresser and such… let’s just say I ain’t a pedicure and hair salon bohemian!) and though several spots were considered, the lower back was on the top of my list… now? Not so much. Dammit!

*sighetty sigh* DAS FO SHO!

And though I may complain (because I have been faced with my own mortality and unavoidable aging and sagging… AAAAAAHHHHHHH…) it was just a brilliant video I tell you, BRILLIANT!

And you? Not funny? Dios mio! Speak not such sinful words I tell you! SPEAK THEM NOT for you are nothing short of FABULOUS and AWE INSPIRING oh amiga mia that is very much missed!

Well, off I go to see if I make it into the other vid… hope you are having a faboo week… mil besos!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

OOOOOH! Hey Penguin! Maybe if I finally decide on what kind of tattoo I want and get over this complex I now have of looking ridiculous with one, we can get one together when you make it to SF!!! I can surely wait until then and hey! You would get to meet my tattoo artist-to-be (?)/piercer extraordinaire! He is tattooed all over, looks scary with big holes in his ears and is the sweetest guy ever AND goes to circus school (I plan to attend once I am back)… will make for a day to be remembered I tell you! 🙂 So, whaddya say?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Count me in, I have just been told by people that are very important to me about the idea of a tattoo and in no uncertain terms have I been left with the impression of: “No, you´re not!”

so yeah, it is settled then…absolutely! I am game! seriously!

tattoo here I come!

Comment by Penguin

ya see what happens on the days Not-Hazel shows up? i get so carried away putting things away (so she can actually clean) that it takes the balance of the afternoon in order to put everything back! (i need another housekeeper to do that for me, i supoose 😉 )

anyway — NOW it’s gettin’ late and BoBo and I have got to get out and work off our TGSNWM’s, so we can enjoy a plate full of lasagna (yes, Penguin, ’tis the ONE thing i cook — and will for you, once you come back!) glad you guys liked these goofy videos — i did, too! (and thank my friend, Joanne, who sent ’em both to me, yesterday)

uh — CYM? Penguin? i say go for it! and get those tats! but then, that’s what i did — and i believe we all know how that turned out. oh wait, they turned out great (just ask BoBo…) the first tattoo i ever got was on the heels of a nasty breakup with a guy who — among a bunch of stupid moves — “forbade” me to get one. goodbye, Mike, hello Heart-shaped tattoo on my, ahem, boob! still looks pretty good, too, even after all these years (just ask BoBo… again) 🙂 xoxox

Comment by snuppy

“supoose”? heh. this is what i get for trying to type a quick comment to all your comments while waiting for Joel to change his clothes (after watching the Dodgers play some fine baseball) and come down so we can walk. d’oh! 🙄

i supoose i’ll have to come back and properly respond to one and all… later. and… i supoose i will! xox

Comment by snuppy

Saw that SNL epi when it originally aired. So funny!
My darling manchildren call them ‘tramp stamps’ LOL
Good cause, too. I think she’ll exceed her goal!

Comment by Claire

well… apparently i failed to do what i was supOOsed to do, and come back here to respond to one and all! d’oh! ah well… two day’s later, and, thanks to DJ Lampsha’s fun spin (Modest Mouse? too cool for school!) it looks like i don’t have to.

that said — manymanymany thanks to one and all who popped over to visit that link for the Relay For Life, and for offering up words of encouragement and/or cold hard cash in order to donate to the cause Lampsha’s gorgeous (and i *do* mean gorgerous) niece is participating in this weekend.

Claire: “tramp stamps”? heh. can’t wait to tell my kids what their mom has on her ankle! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

gorgerous? oy… altho’… it does have a nice ring to it… GORGEROUS. yep. that’s a keeper. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

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