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Saturday Spin by Snuppy
Saturday, 21 April 2007, 7:42am
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To say I had nary a clue (and still don’t really) what to post today would be an understatement.  I don’t have time to think (watch it – I heard that).  It used to be that inspiration might come the night before and I’d sit (with the Shabbos candles lighting my way) and bang out a Spin.  But more so,  I’ve been putting the kids to bed and getting talked into laying down “for just a minute”…

Next morning – here I am and having to run out to violin with my daughter.  So I will hastily present to you a band whose catchy tune has played from the dashboard of my car as I made my way to or fro.  The band’s name is Modest Mouse, from Washington State and you can find a bio of them HERE.

I’ve only heard the following tune, so I am not exactly schooled in all things Modest or Mice or Mouse or Mices:

And you know if you decide that you just can’t get enough of Modest Mouse, then check out this MusicBox link (that is if you want to find out what make-up shade you should be wearing) or the ole reliable MySpace profile.

Enjoy and do drop in a comment either way.  We get lonely here in The Snark on weekends cause we know that you’re all yucking it up over at HumorBlogs.com.  or following Diogenes.  While you’re here, you can also check out Snuppy’s post below (which I will when I get home) because anything with MST3K in it is a hit.  And as Snuppy reminded us, Sunday is Earth Day – be good to your mother.  Compost or recycle or hang your laundry out to dry, for Mother’s sake! 

I also wanted to thank all for your heart warming support of my niece Shannon in her walk this weekend.  It touched me like nothing else has.  XOX to all.

Have a great weekend.

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DJ Lampsha! wow… WOW! i lovelovelove this video! the lead singer kind of reminds me of Ric Ocasek (sounds like him a little, don’t ya think?) — but this one song also has the same kind of “feel” as The Cloud Room, another band i just adore. whatever — this is a GREAT song… a totally FUN band… and a FABULOUS SPIN! nary a clue? ha! i say… and HA! again!

in other words… i like these Mices, Modest, nices, and/or otherwices! xox


Comment by snuppy

They have a real ’80s sound. Neva’s right, they’re carsish. This’ll do for me. I’m sick of that Diogenes imbecile.

Comment by Walela

Are you lonely over here at Central Snark? That’s because everybody is over at Diesel’s trying madly to think something up for his Caption Contest.

Great video. This big, big fish almost kept me from coming here. I swear it was a really, really big fish. But I finally made it.

Comment by Theresa

Snuppy: There is a Ric Ocasek quality to the Dashboard vocals, now that you mention it! I actually love this video as I watch it all the way through now. Very fun. I took a listen to the MySpace tunes and they were different but I also liked – different.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed and hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous Saturday!. x0x

Walela: Diogenes is just seeking the truth, no need to attack him. This’ll do allright, I agree.

Theresa: Hah! That weasel, I mean Diesel. Hmmmm, was it the really big fish or those entries of yours for the Caption Contest (some of which I think should be in the final contender category). Whichever, glad you made it here – we’ll have to add you on in to friends of the Snark roll.

Okay, go enjoy some gorgeous weather today folks – I’m going to.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Lampsha: i am enjoying this fine day — in fact i’ve been enjoying it since 6:15 am, when i got up in order to take #2 Son (thanks Pia, i love that!) to work. THEN i got to drive my hubby to La Guardia, so he could hop on a shuttle to DC. i thought about calling you so we could go grab some coffee… but then i figured you’d be hanging with your homies at, er… home! i DO love this band, and think they make for another perfect Saturday Spin!

Theresa… by golly, i shall have you “enrolled” — or “on-rolled” or “IN-rolled” on the side-bar as soon as i finish up this comment! that said, i’m with Lampsha — you’ve got some great entries over at Weasel’s Diesel’s! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

wait — did i say i was watching this video at 6:15 am? clearly that’s a lie from the pits of hell, since you didn’t post until just before 8, but that’s beside the point. the point (for one just presented itself to me as i type) is that i lovelovelove this video… and this band! 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Lampy, I just came back to leave another comment. Here it is.

Comment by Doug

Great sound, cool video, I give it a 10! Pretty good work, Lampy, on the run. You’re a natural.

Comment by actonbell

Snuppy, 6:15 – 8:00, no diff really. Next time call me when you’re in the hood – you never know when I’m ready, willing or able to ditch my homies for a cup of latte joe. Glad you’re loving the band. They are fun.

Doug, thank you – it gets lonely spinning 🙂

Actonbell, a 10 – impressive! Thank you – my work here is done 🙂

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

You know I think I really hate those smileys /–\

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

oh, i’ll be calling you next time, you can take that to the Starbucks counter, and get a jump start on that latte. as for those smileys? eh — when you’re sick of the yellow-faced bastards, you can always go for the “green” (something to think about tomorrow…)

:mrgreen: …actually, i STILL don’t know why this so-called “happy face” exists, ‘cuz let’s face it, he’s kind of creepy.

truth be told, my favorite for Saturday Spins is this guy:
\,,/(^_^)\,,/ (not sure why i didn’t use him earlier, but there you go… and here i go. right into the kitchen to fix a little supper for myself and/or my dogs.) xox ; p

Comment by snuppy

Can I offer one more comment?

Comment by Doug

Wow! I like that a lot. Kind of a Cars meets Roxy Music meets Talking Heads sort of thing. Will be downloading…another great find Lampsha!

Comment by Joel

Thanks for the link! I swing by whenever I can, no big fish will ever keep me away. Well, maybe if it were a shark…

Comment by Theresa

Snuppy – hope you and the pups had a good dinner \”/(^-)\”/ or something. By the way, this song did pass the Julian test as he played it 20 something times consecutively. Well, it was a good aerobic workout anyway.

Doug – I’m becoming a little suspicious of your comments. I’ve got my eye on you bub.

Joel: Yes, all of those rolled up into one. Download away!

Theresa – You’re very welcome. Just put on that shark repellant and come on by.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Liking the Modest Mouse. Good stuff.

Comment by Diesel

Tjat was a really good video and song selection. I can see how that would appeal coming blasting from yoru dashboard 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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