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Saturday, 28 April 2007, 7:39am
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Ole!  This week I have a duo whose fancy fretwork just amazed me the first time I heard them, and well continue to do so. They are Rodrigo y Gabriela, a guitar duo from Mexico City by way of Dublin (where they are #1 on the charts).  How do you like that McCafferty Himself?   

The story goes something like this: met in Mexico City where they are from; formed a Trash Metal Band; decided that was not the way to go to make a living and set off in their current incarnation. That’s the short version. For a little more detail, you can check out their artist bio here from the Bonnaroo Festival. Their metal influences come through in their covers of Stairway to Heaven, Wish You Were Here and Metallica’s Orion which sounds really beautiful here at their MySpace page.

And of course, here they are performing live on Late Night with David Letterman:

Funny, Tali (my daughter) has just asked me what do I rate them.  Hmmm, I never gave ratings before, but on a scale of 1 to 10 – I’d say diez!

Right, I’m off to violin with above daughter, so for now enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Rodrigo y Gabriella es MUY bueno, amiga DJ Lampshada!! on a scale of 1-10 i give them an once (ohn-say). and, on top of that… a WOW! loveloveLOVE them!


Comment by snuppy

and yes… i would MUCH rather have one of their CDs than one by Regis Philbin (just sayin’…)

in fact, i’m off to see if these folks are available on iTunes. Bravissimo! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh, I heard about these guys on NPR. Los headbangeros de Baja California, gracias a Dios! A funny part of their story is they used to play heavy metal on acoustic guitars in the hotels of Cabo San Lucas and people who heard them assumed it was a traditional Mexican folksong they were playing.

Regis Philbin has an album out? Next Saturday, right?

Comment by Doug

That was amazing!

Comment by BoBo

AWESOME. Thank you so much for making me aware of them. I’ve never seen anyone play quite like that!

Comment by actonbell

How can you not like something described as Acoustic / Folk Rock / Metal? Good stuff.

Comment by Diesel

thank you
I LUFF them!

Comment by logoooooo™

What fast fingers!

Comment by weirsdo

Snuppy, I agree! \,,/(^_^)\,,/ and I’d go with theirs over Regis’s as well.

Doug, that is too funny! And yes, Regis will be in on the Spin Rotation.

Bobo, indeed.

Actonbell, neither have I. Glad you enjoyed.

Diesel, that’s what I’m saying.

Logo, oooo glad you did.

Weirsdo, Ole!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Congratulations to our very own Snarkster Extraordannaire Snuppy on her first place finish in Diesel’s Caption Contest, followed closely by another Snarkster, The Penguin (or Minka) – each bringing their own brand of humor to the contest.

I voted for you both early and often. xox

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Genial! Rodrigo y Gabriella no son buenos, son buenisimos! Wonder why we haven’t got them over here yet, Mexican groups are pretty popular in Spain.

The David Letterman show is one of the things I miss from America, that and Saturday Night Live, is that still on? (How can I have survived 14 years without it?!)

Comment by Theresa

Congrats Snuppy on your caption win!!

Comment by BoBo

Wow……Love them. Entirely new to me.
And is it ok that I am totally enraptured with their album cover?
Amazing. Two thumbs up!
Her fingers must hurt though when she bangs the guitar with her knuckles and tips like that.

I miss Letterman, we just get Leno…although that bold dude (Paul´s his name?) give me the creeps! Sorry!

Comment by Penguin

Where did my comment go?

*puffs air and reaches for bag*

Comment by Penguin

OK…it won´t come back, but it does bear repeating:
Two thumbs up-no question!

And I totally love their album cover, too.

Can´t help but wonder how much their hands must hurt when they bang the guitar with their knuckles and finger tips like that. Wow!

very impressed!

Comment by Penguin

Theresa, maybe it’s because they’re living in Ireland now…which only brings them closer to you. Wow, you’ve been gone a while, and yes SNL is still on although I can’t tell you the last time I saw it so someone else will have to fill you in. Glad you enjoyed.

Bobo, yes congrats again to your very funny wife and my NBFF!

Penguin – YOur comments are in stereo! Oh I am glad you were so dedicated.

I love when I can showcase someone or a group who is brandy new. That album cover is entrancing if I do say so myself. Yes indeed she does give her knuckles a workout! Paul Schaeffer huh? Okay we won’t be showcasing him any time soon.

G’night Snarksters…Monday is trying to break down my door. xox

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

this was a brilliant spin, Lampsha — just brilliant! and thanks to one and all who voted for me and/or teh Penguin on Diesel’s caption contest! next time i think she and i will put our heads together and see if we can’t come up with something that WON’T put us in competition with each other! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

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