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Monday, 30 April 2007, 10:49am
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AND other items for this, the LAST day of April — and a Monday, at that.

bunny guitarINDECISION — like indigestion — can be a terrible thing. Never more so than for a blog with ADD. That’s right, we said it. We have ADD. Or, as some of you folks call it, Attention Deficit, uh, something. Delusions? No, that’s not right. Designs? Nope, not that, either. Oh well, it’ll come to us… eventually. These things always do. Now, where were we? Oh yeah… indigestion. Boy, that was some good Mexican food we had last night. It was a perfect complement, we think, to the amazing sounds spun for us by our diligent, delightful, and never-delusional DJ LAMPSHA over the weekend. A’yup, we could play the música fantástica de Rodrigo y Gabriella lunes a viernes, y dos veces el sábado, and never get tired of it — OR them. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, is it? No, it is not.

ON most Monday’s, we do our best to bring you something we call “cheesy musical opposites for the sake of a few cheap laughs”. And over the past few months, we’d like to believe we’ve come up with a few winning entries. We’d like to believe that, but we don’t. That said, we don’t care. Sometimes it’s all about what makes us laugh, not you. Uh, did we just say that last part out loud? Damn us and our penchant for blurting out the first thing that pops into our heads. Pretend you didn’t hear that. What we meant to say is that we hope you find some of our “offerings” as hilarious as we do. To that end, we’re pretty darn certain we’ve come up with an excellent choice for this fine Monday, something that’s absolutely* out of this world — literally.

WITHOUT further ADDieu, we proudly present THE SPOTNICKS — a Swedish group from the ’60’s, who became famous with a little instrumental number called Amapala. But that’s not what we plan to share here, because honesty, it’s pretty darn good. As is their version of The Spanish Gypsy Song, which might also have made for great viewing, as well. Aieeee. Believe it or not, this group you never heard of was responsible for some decent music — despite the fact they named themselves after a Russian satellite and were so “fashion forward” they looked like they might’ve dropped off the planet at any second. Still, we were more than pleased to find several fine examples of their music. Unfortunately, ADD-bloggers that we are, for a minute or two, we couldn’t decide which one to play — so many choices, so little space (heh). Finally, we closed our eyes, and picked one — a rousing-and-more-than-a-little-curious rendition of, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. Bizarre and entertaining, The Spotnicks play outstanding guitar dressed up like a bunch of guys from the past who tried to look and/or play like there was no tomorrow. Or, like there might be a tomorrow, but it was gonna be strange. Whatever. Enjoy:

AS we mentioned at the top of today’s post, this is the last day of April. Normally, we’d wait until manana to wish you all Rabbit, Rabbit, but since DIESEL will be here with another of his clever musings white rabbit backwards clock(a post to reflect every one of our “comments” from Friday? We’ll believe that when we see it) — we figured we’d get a bunny jump start on our good wishes for the upcoming month, in hops, er hopes, it’s a good one for you all. If the Spotnicks aren’t your cup of enbärsdricka, you can always bid us adios and/or goddag, and go get your laugh on at Humor-blogs.com.


*”absolutely” cracked us up for a nano-second, because it reminded us of Absolut Vodka — which is manufactured in Sweden. Some of us may not drink, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get drunk on our own stupid jokes. Or, for that matter, high from winning and/or coming in second in one of DIESEL’S contests — even if it was Lost. (thanks to all who voted, loveyoumeanit)


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yoiks! so sorry i got this post up so late. silly me, i thought when teh PENGUIN said she was putting a post in the queueueue last night, she meant she was putting a post in the queueueueueueue LAST NIGHT! but apparently i misread and/or misunderstood. d’oh! (i do that a lot…)

that said, i’m thinking she’s gonna have something for us on WEDNESDAY (right my dear and darling and beautiful and clever and is this enough praise and i sure hope it is and now you’ll slap that puppy up there, Penuin??) which is something i know you’ll all enjoy. the fact that i won’t have to write anything for TWO WHOLE days, means i’ll enjoy it, too! 😉 xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Yeah it is already in teh snark, but one of these days the picture uploading over there is gonna give me a headache. I have to go to work now, so I´ll fix it later. the wirting is there…it´s just a matter of arranging the pictures *pulls hair*
And snuppy, I´d never interfere with your Monday post after the Saturday spin! I thought I´d mention that mine was Wednesday…I could be wrong though 🙂

ok, me off to work, read post later and I expect a death match between me and the picture loading later tonight!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Not sure what I liked most about the Spotnicks…the costumes or the choreography. Hey people laughed at Devo too don’t forget. I applaud their eclectic approach – clearly ahead of their time. Great find Snup!

Comment by BoBo

oh for the love of God, I can´t catch a break!
It is ME above!

Comment by Penguin

I suppose the costumes were meant to be ironic, rather than genuinely futuristic. It makes me wonder what people are going to think of the over-the-top videos out now, once the context has been lost. I mean, are people going to think that Devo was really trying to look cool, or are they going to realize it was all sort of a joke? Or is nobody going to be watching Devo videos in 40 years?

These are the things that keep me up at night. Those things, and writing my damn Snark posts at the last minute.

Comment by Diesel

odd (this is a good thing in this context),
but I still prefer

Comment by logo™

Penguin: (i thought i saw you hiding behind those false eyelashes!) hahahaha! actually, you DID say you were doing a post for Wednesday, but then you left another comment yesterday saying it was ready for “whenever”, and i just let my laziness and/or imagination get the best of me (okay, so i went to bed) and figured “whenever” meant “today”. this is what happens when i get too tired to fully think things through! 😉 xox

BoBo: yeah — i found this these videos a few months ago, and was waiting for the “perfect” Lampsha post to use one of them for (as an opposite, i mean). honestly, Spanish Gypsy Song made the most sense, but they look so strange in this one, i decided to throw all caution to the wind (or whatever it is i do with that stuff) and use it, instead! xox

Diesel: of course you’re right. i mean, i’d love to see what folks (anthropologists?) say about THIS GUY centuries from now! oh wait, he was weird (and yet, i just love him). as for tomorrow’s post? heh. trust me, i won’t hold you to the “comment” thing…i figured you were just feeling overly confident after you’d resolved that whole “ticket” fiasco with the DMV. 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

logo™: heh… “odd” is definitely what i was going for — as for your link? LOVE THE REAL MCKENZIES!! how can you NOT prefer their version of this song? you can’t i tell ya, you can’t! seriously, that was just plain awesome! thanks. 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Okay I can’t wait for a few Musical opposite yucks tonight as my day has followed suit from dropping my Starbucks latte as I exited my vehicle this morning and has been a whole series of “dropped lattes”.

On the bright side your ADD post made me laugh and plus as an added bonus, you linked to Klaus Nomi, whose name my addled brain attempted to recall as I read. So there’s that.

Okay, I’m going to dtop something…maybe Maxwell’s silver hammer on somebody’s head.

Comment by Lampsha

that was “drop” something or going to go drop something or…well, you know what I mean.

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: dropped lattes? yeesh-ka-bob! what a lousy way to start out the week. on the other hand, it’s a perfect way to end this month. let’s face it, April hasn’t been anything to write home about — unless you were writing to ask for additional umbrellas and/or an advance on your tax refund, that is. 😉

glad i could help jog your memory with regards to Klaus Nomi… the above link is to that one song on YouTube… HERE’S THE LINK to his site. or a site about him. or a site about a site about him. or something about something. oy… not only is my ADD rampant, according to the doctor i just saw, i have a freaking sinus infection. no WONDER i couldn’t come up with anything better to write about for today, turns out my head is “broke”. aieeeeeee! 🙄 xox

Comment by snuppy

ps Lampsha: hope you liked the picture i used at the top of today’s post… i used it in honor of YOUR post featuring Rodrigo y Gabriella — i mean, what better way to say “ole!” to fabulous artists AND “adios April” to a crappy month than with a bunny-shaped guitar? (in my “broken” head, this makes perfect sense. but then, so does that picture of the White Rabbit on a “backwards clock”. sigh) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh woe is me… I cannot view the vids… my laptop is on the fritz and my windows movie maker is wreaking havoc on the laptop even more so for now, this bohemian is outta the loop I am afraid (and my windows movie maker being outta commission explains my absence from blogging and vlogging…)

That said, you sure do know how to make bohemians laugh amiga! Hope everyone in the Snark park is having a faboo week! As for me, off to bed I go… buenas noches!

Oh! But I did get to see the Rodrigo and Gabriela vid on Saturday (it worked then, though commenting on wordpress did not go very smoothly!) and they were fabulous! Reminded me of flamenco dancer’s taconeo (th funky footwork they do). In Madrid, I lived in a gypsy hostal and all my friends were dancers and I was lucky enough to join one in rehearsal and watch them improvise a taconeo routine, alternating it with palmadas (the clapping action) and it was breathtaking… there is much soul in a good beat DAS FO SHO!

Ok, now I’m off!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

A blog that is afflicted with ADD is not really such a bad thing, simply because your writings may ramble on and on about nearly any subject and you are allowed to blame the digression on your ADD. Rather than being your fault, the blame lies in the very nature of the disorder.

And we all know that life is about placing blame elsewhere. If you can blame something else or someone else for anything, that is an accomplishment.

However, if you are dyslexic like me, ADD is defined as attention disordered deficit because, in my dyslexic mind, I transpose the words “deficit” and “disorder.” Then, ADD is no longer a disorder, but is, instead, merely a deficit.

Dyslexic ADD may result in finances that are screwed up because of disregard for the attentiveness needed to balance your checkbook. But that is cured in one session with Quicken.

Technology simplifies life once again.

Comment by McCafferty Himself

You know what I’ve been needing? I’ve been needing to hear space Swedes sing Bring Back my Bonny. Thanks, Central Snark!

Comment by Doug

And Rabbit! Rabbit!

Comment by Doug

That was…surreal!

Swedes, as a group, tend to be weird. But it might be an Icleandic perspective. We Scandinavians, as a whole, are a weird representative of the Human race.

now for you post…you are funniest when all over the place.

rabbit, rabbit!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

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