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Saturday, 5 May 2007, 8:00am
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Here I am, rushing in to get a spin together before I head off to violin with Tali (my daughter). It has become abundantly clear (sort of  like an anvil dropping on my head) that I could actually write the Saturday Spin on say, Thursday evening in a more leisurely fashion. But we’ll talk about procrastination in another post.

For today, I’ve got Brandi Carlile (no relation to Kitty that I know of, Snuppy). She’s a young singer songwriter who hales from Ravensdale, Washington (somewhere due east? of Seattle) and I can’t get this song out of my head that I’ve been hearing lately. Let me know its effect on you, here without further adieu (see I don’t ALWAYS procrastinate) is THE STORY, the song to which I refer and is from the cd of the same title out in stores now. That “out in stores” does sound rather quaint since everybody seems to download from <insert favorite source of download here>  rather than buy cd’s, but I’m a purist in that way. And uh, I’m getting around to thinking about buying an ipod.

Okay, I’ve got to run but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Brandi is already quite the little Gray’s Anatomy darling and a few of her songs have served as backdrops for some riveting televsion (well not that I watch much but according to this video, a lot is going on)!  I didn’t want to feature it earlier because something gets taken away from the artist and the song when you’re getting caught up in your favorite TV show. So here, for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans see The Story:

And lastly, here’s a link to Brandi’s MySpace page where you can check out a few more tunes. And you’ll excuse having to live through a Castor Motor Oil commercial for the sake of The Story video on CMT, I hope it was worth it. 

Okay, I’m out of here – have a great weekend.

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When factual errors or typos appear and they will, be kind – I had no time to re-read.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

She’s good, Lampsha, thanks.

Comment by Al

I remember this song from Grey’s…oops…did I just admit to being a fan of that girlie show? I meant to say I overheard the song while Snuppy was watching. I think I was in my office watching a baseball game at the time – yeah, that was it. Whatever, she has an interesting vocal quality. Beautiful song. Nice going Lampsha.

p.s. I’m not a girl…really.

Comment by BoBo

ooooh Lampsha! i loooooove this singer — i can see why you can’t get that song out of your head — it’s haunting. and lovely. her voice is really unusual — there’s a cool Bonnie Raitt quality to it, tho’ Brandi has a better range (i think). thank you dear NBFF! excellent choice for this weekend — kind of a nice “anti” Cinco de Mayo…(which i believed you covered in perfect fashion last week, with Rodrigo y Gabriella!!) as usual, YOU ROCK! by the way, i highly recommend iPods, they “rock”, too! (seriously, you’ll love it!)
\,,/(^_^)\,,/ xox

as for Bobo?? trust me he’s NO girl! just a sweet sensitive guy who indulges in my need to watch cheesy soap opera-ish programs from time to time! 😉

oh yeah… and i’m thinkin’ we’ll need to have that “procrastination” conversation sooner, as opposed to a lot later, if you catch my drift, and i think you do!

Comment by snuppy

Al! Glad you like.

Bobo, I’m sure you were belching too right? Nah, not you. It’s okay to watch girlie shows, you’re safe with us here.

Snuppy, she does have quite a range, doesn’t she? See that’s why I can’t tie my posts into anything! Duh, how perfect would Rodrigo y Gabriela have been today! Damn! I was even going to comment that I know there are a couple of notable things this weekend and tying in posts and yeesh! See all of that would have required far too much planning.

I think I catch your drift but then again, I played Rodrigo y Gabriela the week before Cinco de Mayo, so help me with this anvil okay? xox

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

DJ Lampsha: the second i hit the “submit comment” button i regretted even mentioning Rodrigo y Gabriella (or Redrigo y Gabriekka, as i just typed)! i say it was BRILLIANT to have posted their music LAST week, because that gave one and all enough time to have the CD in time for Cinco de Mayo! so stop! Brandi Carlile (no relation to Kitty) was the perfect choice for today, and i lovelovelove her music!! xox

planning“? i’m not familiar with this word. 🙄 xox

Comment by snuppy

OMG, Lampy, I love this!
New find, new find, and I adore it.

Comment by logo™

She’s purty.

Comment by Doug

Snuppy: I’m laughing at Rodrigo y Gabriekka. Oh I don’t take these things on too seriously as you may have guessed. I really did sit musing at my computer this morning saying to myself there are a couple of anniversary type things this weekend…nah.

Logo: Ooh – a new find AND you love it? My work here is done.

Doug: Yup she’s purty and she can sing.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Yes, I like her. She sounds a bit like Bonnie Rait. And I’ll admit if I had a guilty tv pleasure besides LOCI, ah, it would be Grey’s Anatomy.

Comment by Claire

I hear ya, Claire! LOCI is definitely a guilty pleasure — as is Grey’s Anatomy (tho’ i’m startin’ to get tired of the “woe is me” soap opera aspect of GA, and don’t plan to keep watching if the storylines don’t start gettin’ better….) 😉 xox

slow goin’ in the blogosphere, dearest NBFF — but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t a fabulous spin, for this artist is wonderful and i thoroughly enjoyed hearing her music (sans the cheesy “high/low lights” from Grey’s Anatomy)! can tomorrow really be Monday?? oy. xox

Comment by snuppy

Definitely a song that stays with you. She allows her soul come through.

Comment by Nessa

Late, but not too late:)

Like the song very much and have to admit not being an insider to this show everyone is talking about.
Seeing a few clips from it now through the video…well, I might check it out!

don´t spin too much this fine Monday…a dizzy head is just not very effective 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Claire: LOCI? I know that I should know this, but I’m blanking. I am sure that Snuppy will school me on that. And I did watch Gray’s the first season and maybe the second – twas a guilty pleasure of mine as well. Just have fallen out of the loop. Anyway, glad you liked her.

Snuppy: Yeah – all that whining and woe is me on Gray’s – enough already. I know the whole montage was a bit much ay? Oh, the drama! Not only can tomorrow be Monday – today is Monday, what a coincidence! Ay.

Nessa: She does indeed which is what really made me take notice.

Penguin: You know we just keep a spinnin here so that you’re never late! Ay, but now that you mention, I am feeling a bit dizzy. Ooh so I hipped you to a new artist AND show!? My work here is definitely done.

DJ LAMPSHA OUT (sorry my little CattyYummy MIZ B, it just worked so well ;).

Comment by Lampsha

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