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Friday, 11 May 2007, 10:20am
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coconut clapLAST WEDNESDAY (the 2nd) we told you about the Great Monty Python Coconut Clap (sounds like a funny variation of a British veneral disease). Imagine. Over 5000 happy/clappy Brits in Trafalgar Square clip-clopping away like there’d be no tomorrow. Fun fun fun. At least we thought so.

mad tea partyLAST THURSDAY (the 3rd) we remained in a British Limey Vein (sounds like a bland-yet-scary tea), by going out further on that Holy Grail limb, with our ridiculous-yet-stupid post about Spam (or “spamments” as we hoped you’d all come to call them, sometime down the road).

general cornwallisTHEN all hell broke loose — or we started whining about nothing in particular, we can’t remember which — and we left off without completing our hilarious British Themed Series of Posts (sounds like a stack of communiqués from Cornwallis to his troops). Well, we can’t have that now, can we? No, we cannot. (okay, so maybe we can, but we don’t want to).

THE following — which we initially intended to feature last Friday, is our idea of a hilarious “wrap-up” and/or “tie-in” — a sort of combination of limes (“limeys”) and coconuts (coconuts) in the form of a nifty tune by Harry Nilsson (an old favorite of ours) What can we say? It’s dumb. It’s fun. Come on, it’s Friday — consider this your Moment of Zen. Listen to it two times and call us in the morning (at which time you can thank us for not showing THIS VERSION of the song, featuring Kermit the Frog, which is totally cute, but not nearly as cool). Oh, but make it late in the morning, will ya? After all, it’s the weekend and some of us may want to sleep in. Those of us who aren’t DJ LAMPSHA, that is, who will most certainly entertain with something fantastic — enabling you all to get this particular tune out of your heads.

mom and sonPS: those of us who have gone through the agony joy of childbirth and/or raising a pain in the ass child wouldn’t mind in the least if our ungrateful darling bastards sons and/or daughters stopped ransacking the house playing nicely in the backyard long enough to remember that this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Not that we expect you to buy us anything, mind you — but a hug and a kiss can go a long way towards softening our resentment making us feel loved.


We bet we’ll find a lot of hilarious Mother’s Day cards on Humor-Blogs.com.


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woot! i was so intent on getting this thing up hours ago. not sure why that didn’t happen, but it might have something to do with the fact that i couldn’t decide between Nilsson’s version and Kermit’s. finally, i had to wake up my son and get his opinion. we agreed Nilsson’s is WAY cooler… hope you guys do, too!

also ~ it’s not too late to vote in DIESEL’S CAPTION CONTEST… Lampsha’s totally kicking my ass, which makes me happy. that said, do i really have to finish with a lousy 7% of the votes? come on! show the love… or at least the like!! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Nilsson was definitely the right choice…the gorillas make all the difference. Happy Friday and an early Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there…you know who you are.

Comment by BoBo

Yip, I like the Nilsson version too.
Not that I’ve heard the Kermit version,
but it’s all good!
The monkeys are a little scary tho’.
They remind me of the wind up monkeys with the clanging cymbals, and they terrify me the same way that thick ear-hair does. Not that I have any of my own, I’m just saying!

BTW Snup, can you come over and give me some advice about my bra fat? Thanks. I would do a little permalink thingie here, but it didnt’ work out to well over at Minka’s place. :0) Thanks. Bring some good ideas because bra fat is just as scary as ear-hair!

Comment by Zoning Out Again

What the?! Where is everybody? I mean I have my excuse – signed and everything. Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up. I hope that’s the song, I can’t imagine what else it would be. But I will be listening to it over the weekend for sure.

Here’s to you and finishing with AT least 9% of the votes. I can’t even see this version of the poll from my office, no less vote for you. Hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous day! xox

Comment by Lampsha

BoBo: i knew you’d like the monkeys. or i hoped you would. or i didn’t really think about it too much because hey, they’re monkeys, what’s not to like? xox

Zoned-Out: when you get older you’ll find out that the “cure” for bra-fat is bigger bras and/or tee-shirts. that, or liposuction, but that probably hurts. i mean, what’s the alternative… exercise? ewwwww. xox

Lampsha: i’m sensing it’s time to do another “Nobody Likes Us” post, and you know what that means… we’re all gonna have to eat worms. man, i hate when that happens. 🙄

no need to look at the poll, NBFF, you’re totally kicking ass (tho’ that Sher is giving you a run for your money and/or autographed pic!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Wasn’t this song in Reservoir Dogs? Or am I insane? It’s oddly enjoyable, anyway.

At least you didn’t abandon your post, snuppy.

Comment by Diesel

We already had Mother’s Day over here, but Happy Mother’s Day to all who haven’t celebrated yet.

Comment by Theresa

I feel weird now. Mother´s Day is teh 8th of March were I come from in Germany. I wonder when it is in iceland? I really do. Mom was grumpy yesterday…*prays to the heavens*

Comment by Penguin

Diesel: those leather straps are more difficult to chew through than you might imagine. (and yesh, Coconuts was in that soundtrack) how we doin’ with those comments? Mrs. Diesel come around yet? 🙂 xox

Theresa: well happy late Mother’s Day to you! but really, when you have kids, isn’t every day Mother’s Day? 🙄 xox

Penguin: how long you’ve lived in Iceland?!??!? hee hee. give your mom a big hug, some nice chocolate, and offer to cook dinner — she’ll be okay in no time! (want me to send out another Starbucks cup, for good measure??) 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

yesh? YESH? yeesh… i don’t drink, but apparently i write like a person who’s had too much. either that, or i just did a spontaneous impersonation of Sean Connery again. man, i hate when that happens! 🙄

Comment by snuppy

ADORE this song, and Nilsson… miss him may he RIP.

That song is my high school classic – and I’m so horrified to remember (yes, I knew it but blanked it out) that he has passed on. Do you remember “Jump Into The Fire”? whoa – high school memories…

Comment by tsduff

Terry: i do. and i know exactly what you mean — i was shocked the day this talented man died (car accident, right?) so tragic… Nilsson Schmilsson is still one of my all time favorite albums. … “Makin’ Whoopee”? ah… good times! so glad you enjoyed this — nice to share a memory or two with someone who remembers and/or got to enjoy the artist back in his heyday. (so many of these “kids” haven’t, don’t ya know…) 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

snuppy, another Starbucks cup would come in handy…you see, mine broke, after teh first try out. the handle just broke off…it was upsetting. Now I drink my coffee out of it without the handle 🙂 I am not gonna let go!

Oh, you mean for MOM? I´ll think some nice flowers and a restaurant invite will heal all her wounds. I asked her this morning and she told me I had been a good daughter over the years, not great…but good enough. I made my peace with that 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: “…not great, but good enough”? WHA-A-A?? okay, that’s it. pack your bags… you’re moving in with us. 😉

as for your cup? hmmmm. we can’t have you hanging on to a broken cup, for cryin’ out loud. no… i’m pretty sure i see a new one heading your way by the end of next week. xox

Comment by snuppy

Happy Mother’s Day, Snups. I put a lime in a coconut for ya. Feel better?

Comment by Doug

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