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Saturday, 12 May 2007, 8:11am
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So many ways to tie in a spin.  Too bad that I never give it much thought because well, I usually have no time to think it through to such conclusion.  Actually just enough time to pull together a spin in the hopes that you’ll all be wildly entertained and say to yourselves as you’re out and about on the weekend “you know I just can’t wait to get back home and listen again to what DJ Lampsha is spinning”. 

Now today is National Limerick Day (or something reasonably close) so when I thought of the artists that I’m featuring today, I thought “they do rhyme with mothers”, so here goes:

There was a group called The Holmes Brothers
Who interpreted songs of others
Many hearts they could shatter
With golden voices on platters
Go buy their cd for your Mothers!

or something something. Hey, short notice as I said – I hate the tie-in. No good at it. On to the music before I lose my audience of three. The Holmes Brothers are comprised of brothers, Sherman and Wendell Holmes who hail from Virginia originally. In the late 50’s/early 60’s, they made their way up to New York City where they began to sing. They stuck it out and were an integral part of the East Village Blues Scene of the 80’s  (rolled off my tongue like I was there) where they met up with Poppy Dixon, the third member of their group. Their voices are truly instruments and when played together, what a symphony they create.

On their latest album, State of Grace, they do some interesting covers. First I am sending you to their MySpace page and please once there, play “I Want You to Want Me”. I’m telling you, it will floor you. It did me when I first heard it.   Also, here is a  link to their wonderful record label, Alligator Records which has its own little jukebox of different artists playing.

Now Snuppy’s post yesterday was woefully under-visited.  I mean do you want her to just not post because it could come to that.  She’s threatened on several occasions which leads me to believe that she’s warming up to the idea.  But had you checked in, you would have been treated to the delightful music of Harry Nilsson and now here’s the tie in!  The Holmes Brothers cover that I’m gaga over was originally written by Harry Nilsson of Cheap Trick!!! Everything wrapped up so neatly. 

What?  What’s that?  That’s not Harry Nilsson? Rick who?  Rick Nielson is from Cheap Trick? 

Never mind.

Okay kids, go have some fun…

Have a great weekend all.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommas! 

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Comment by One Hot Puppy

okay. just so you and/or everyone else knows… the above One Hot Puppy is NOT me. i repeat… not me.

DJ Lampsha?? i do want you! and i lovelovelove this group AND this song! TOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!! tie-ins? we don’t need no stinkin’ tie-ins. nice almost tie-in, tho’! 🙂



PS: the Holmes Brothers’ version of that song is spectacular. just beautiful.

Comment by snuppy

Wow…so far M. Ward has been my favourite spin introduction til today. Their CD runs daily in my apartment. Now I just am blown away…I have the Holmes Brothers in the background while typing and I just love it.
I love Blues/Soul when well done. “I want you to want me” did just that .
Thank you so much!

And Happy Mother´s day to every mommy out there and to you two especially.
Wonderful work over at a certain page…your daughter is amazing!

Comment by Penguin

Oh, and I will come back later tonight just to listen after somethign worthwhile,a fter I survived my Eurovision party!

Comment by Penguin

JUST OFR FUN, i highly recommend folks take a listen (and, of course, read) this week’s chapter of Meditations of Diogenes, the Cynic, on WAKING AMBROSE. it’s extra special and beyond charming and/or FUN!!

😀 xox

Comment by snuppy

awww Penguin — i missed you! (and miss you, i might add…) have fun with the Eurovision Party and the art show! lovelovelove the pictures of THE ARTWORK you’ve posted thus far! can’t wait to see more! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Love that song! You and the kids did an absolutely fabulous job over at Doug’s too!

Comment by actonbell

Oh, and Neva, I love your posts! I just read them too late ‘cuz I have to get out too much.

Comment by actonbell

Wow what a great version of that song. Never would have envisioned it as a soulful blues number. Excellent surprise Lampsha!

Comment by BoBo

(I’m getting over that BTW). :0) NOT!

Very cool version of the song! Mamma Likie!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommies!

Comment by Zoning Out Again

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers here. The list is secret by the way.

I saw Cheap Trick live at an outdoor concert at SUNY Buffalo in 1989 or so. It rained cats and dogs and the guitarist said “We’re getting out of here before we f***in electrocute ourselves!” That was pretty much it.

Comment by Doug

Snuppy, I am laughing because I think the One HOt Puppy in the first position may have been Julian doing a Chico Marx on the keypad as I was buzzing around gettting ready to take Tali to violin (which also resulted in the “x” key flying off the keyboard).

Don’t you just love this version of the song? Me too and thanks for the almost tie-in acknowledgment – I tried. XOX Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day! XOXOX

Penguin, I love them too. Their voices cast that perfect soulful gospel spell. Maybe I should begin to compile a “Best of Saturday Spins”. This will definitely make the cut – oh and M. Ward too!

Hope you survived the Eurovision Party and had a grand time. And thanks for the nod over at a certain page – Tali really pulled us through. And for the Mo

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

pre-mature click courtesy of Julian!

As I was saying – thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes – to you and your Mom as well. XOX

Snuppy, Thanks for the heads up, I will have to make my way over after breakfast.

Actonbell, Thanks Actonbell. It’s a beautiful rendition, isn’t it?

Bobo, Me neither. I love the original, but when I first heard this one, I said “Now that’s how that song was supposed to be sung!” Anyway, glad you liked.

ZOA: Perfect! Don’t forget to shine up your old brown shoes. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! Enjoy.

Doug, that pretty much sucked, huh?

Thanks for the wishes. Oh and how much for the list, by the way?

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO EVERYONE ON THE LIST! Everyone make it a point to listen to “I’ll Always Love my Mama” today. I wish I could find a decent version of it. Wish I had time actually.


Oh and I’m just ribbing everyone ala Snuppy – she must know how much we all lovelovelove her!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Happy Mother’s Day (to all that fit the bill…okay…everyone else too).

Comment by BoBo

Happy Mother’s Day! Nice version of this song, hadn’t heard it in years.

Comment by Theresa

Yes, I like it. I really do and after Eurovision last night…boy oh boy…this is some good music.

Lovely Sunday, you lot!

Comment by Penguin

I like their version of the song much better than Cheap Trick’s, I’ll tell you that much. You know, come to think of it, the only version of that song I’ve ever heard is the live Cheap Trick version. Did they ever do a studio version? How can a band not have a studio version of their biggest hit? Ok, I’m rambling now.

Nice post, Lampsha.

Comment by Diesel

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