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Monday, 14 May 2007, 9:23am
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family barbecueWE trust you all had a wonderful weekend, we know we did. Especially because Sunday was Mother’s Day, that one day each year we find ourselves being treated like royalty by our loving family. If by “treated like royalty” we mean “allowed to sleep in a few extra minutes before getting up to do the laundry and/or fix breakfast”, which, of course, we do. Or did. Whatever. We had a perfectly wonderful day, and hope you all did, as well.

SADLY, because of all that royal treatment lavished upon us (we took a nap), we never quite got around to getting a jump start on our post for today. Not that we’re terribly inclined to to such a thing over any other weekend, mind you, but that’s beside the point. The point, for we’re making one up even as we type, is that we have a few things we’d like to write about, but, because this is Monday, and we have a life, we can’t do that right now. Well, we could, but we don’t want to, and you can’t make us. Well, you could, but you don’t want to, and we won’t let you. Well, we could, but… what’re we talking about, again? Oh, heh heh, Mother’s Day. Word.

AS many of you know, our NBFF extradinoraire, DJ LAMPSHA, treated us to the bluesy-goodness of The Holmes Brothers over the weekend, in what can only be considered to have been a Spectacular Saturday Spin. We pity the fool who thought we’d forget — or would be unable — to do a “musical opposite for the sake of extremely cheap laughs” today, because we believe we’ve got something that fits the bill to a “T“.

“M is for the Moan and the Mis’rable Groan”? Genius! We pity the fool who doesn’t deem that poetic tribute as a sentiment destined to stand the test of time via the inside of a Hallmark card.

TREAT us right, and tomorrow we’ll let DIESEL take over. Surely his fine and/or funny words will help you forget you read this post and/or heard that song, Shirley. That said, play your cards (Hallmark and otherwise) right, and TEH PENGUIN will show up Wednesday, in order to help you forget whatever fine and/or funny thing Diesel wrote. It’s all good. Or will be, by tomorrow.


You could always head over to Humor-Blogs.com right now, in order to avoid all our so-called finery and/or funniness, but why would you want to do that?


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yeesh. this is SO not the post i’d intended for today. but then, when do i ever write the posts i intend to? uh… don’t answer that. actually, i suppose you can’t, because you don’t know.

anyway — we’ll be making an Exciting Announcement later today about a New Feature we plan to launch in the Snark — so stay tuned. we know we will! (we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what we come up with!)
😉 xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

To me, nothing says Mother’s Day more than 265 muscle-bound pounds of bling-laden Mr. T, crammed into a super-tight pair of hot pants and rapping out an M-Day tune.

Comment by Al

Now that was a classic. The only thing that would have made it better is if the rest of the “A Team” had done backup. For the record…believe your breakfast was had at Starbucks yesterday missy. Can’t dispute the laundry thing…sorry.

Comment by BoBo

I’m glad I’m not the only mother that is given the honor of cleaning up after their family in a leisuely fashion on Mothers’ Day. What a treat; D

Comment by Nessa

Mister T had so many talents. A renaissance man. A multimedia superstar and the king of bling.

Comment by Doug

…by the way

Not really into self-promotion and all (who said that? shuddup!) but I do have a new post up and I only mention it because its shelf life is a bit short and I so rarely post these days it is a bit of news, right?

Okay, commercial over…happy to pay the Snark for the time.


Comment by BoBo

Now that is an interesting Mother’s Day greeting. I’m sure Mr. T’s Mom’s heart just melted when she watched this. I can just hear her going, “Oh, my cute little boy, what a sweetie he is!”

Comment by Theresa

Al: yeah — i’m just sorry i didn’t see this video a few days earlier. oh, and is it just me, or is the fact that he had a “children’s show” a teensie bit scary? xox

BoBo: *blush* oh fine… thanks for ratting me out. and here i was all set to PROMOTE YOUR NEW POST. yeesh. still… overall, i had a beautiful day, due in large part to your kind/thoughtful ways, which i’m fortunate enough to enjoy 24/7, (the laundry notwithstanding…) 😉 xox

Nessa: up until a couple of years ago i did fix a huge brunch for the family every Sunday — thankfully, those days are a thing of the past (Starbucks has gone a long ways towards keeping me out of the kitchen. that, and our sons’ huge appetites!) hope your day was a grand one, in spite of the mess! xox

Doug: somehow i knew you were a fan. i’m told you sport a lot of the same jewelry, is that true? xox

Theresa: hah! yep, i can hear her now “my ba-a-aby! my ba-a-aby! come and let Mamma give you a big ol’ hug!” what the heck, i’m sure he (Mr. T) meant well… that’s gotta be good for something… xox

Comment by snuppy

Don’t you ever be talking about Mr. T’s mama. I’ll check him out later. I am sure he is a perfect muscial opposite.

Now then, glad you got to be treated like royalty – that’s the main thing (every minute of sleeping in counts I say). The weather was lovely and I hope your lattes were too. XOX

Off to check out Bobo’s time-sensitive post!

Comment by LAMPSHA

Mr. T! I was wondering where he’d got to.

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day:) Good for you!

Comment by actonbell

Now, being European-and at this point, fiercely proud of it- is that dude for real. I mean I loved the A-team(albeit I have never heard them speaking English) but what was that…I am sorry, but OH MY GOD! (Janice voice!)

now what about the big news?
It´s way past my bedtime and everything, donæt tell me I have to wait until tomorrow¨?!

Comment by Penguin

Joel a post?

I don´t buy that…it´s a trick, by the end of which we go to his site and ther eis nothign and then we bang the palm of our heads against our forehead. I am nto falling for that…

*bites fingernails*

Comment by Penguin

Not only “moan” and “groan,” but “bone,” standing in for “born,” to make a super-genius hat trick of a lyric. Move over Cole Porter.

Comment by weirsdo

OH MY GOD! It’s Penguin as Janice! Now all we need is someone to post here as Chanandler Bong.

Comment by Theresa

Lampsha: I’M not talkin’ ’bout his mama — but someone was. (tho’ i did hear she wore steel-toed boots and had a tattoo across the back of her neck that said “Back Off Sucka”. 😉 xox

Actonbell: it was a lovely day! i’m guessing your mom adored teh post you did about penguins… i know i did! 🙂 xox

Penguin: i’m fear ’tis true… he is for real! aieeeeee. and *Janice voice* OH MY GAWD… is right! as for the announcement? yikes! i plum forgot (uh… or got too busy). actually, i suppose it could wait until Thursday — we (meaning me and Lampsha) are thinking about doing a “Ask the Snark” feature, in which we answer (via Daisy, our woefully underused “Spokes Barbie”) ponderous questions our friends might have about life, love, and the pursuit of a good chimichanga. or something like that! actually, i’m thinkin’ you might want in on the action, in which case we’ll call it “Ask Teh Snark”! 😉 xox

Weirsdo: you’re right! my bad for not including that. i can probably find all the lyrics, if you like, for i’m guessing the poetry of Mr. T has fine educational value! eh… maybe not. 🙄 xox

Theresa: OH. MY. GAWD. don’t tell me we’ve another “Friend of Friends” on our hands! hmmmm… not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. i have a feeling teh Penguin will weigh in with her thoughts on the whole Chanandler Bong brouhahahaha, later! (that episode was hilarious!) 😀 xox

what were you saying a few days ago about teh overuse of “smileys”, Penguin?? 😳

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Penguin will weigh in with her thoughts on the whole Chanandler Bong brouhahahaha, later! (that episode was hilarious!

Wait for a sec I thought this was real life and got so excited. Then I realized you meant as in an episode on Friends–I think

Hope you mean real life. Now I’m so confused….

Comment by pia

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