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Hot Sex by Snuppy
Friday, 25 May 2007, 9:32am
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Thinking womanSOME of us may be older than some of you, but that doesn’t mean we don’t continue to enjoy the occasional romp in the hay. Wait, that’s a lie from the pits of hell. Or the haystack in the barn, because we don’t enjoy the occasional romp in the hay — mostly, we suppose, because we don’t have any in our house. Fortunately, feather beds are nice, too, and ours is as good as any we’ve romped upon throughout our sexually active lives. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. Or is it?

SEVERAL years ago, one of us worked as a television news producer. Because we’ve never been like all the other kids on the playground and/or in the news room, we often tried to do stuff that wouldn’t be found on anyone else’s stations. Or in their personal video library at home. The fact that we have a veryverysmart sister who is an Actual Doctor (or is that a phake doctor, we forget) and university professor who taught a number of courses the subject of *gasp* sex, we thought it might be fun to exploit her looks knowledge in order to garner a few extra viewers and/or *gasp* an emmy or two.

JUST SO we’re clear, Hot Sex has everything to do with Safe Sex, which became a very big concern in the 80’s, once AIDS poked its ugly nose into the sex lives of millions around the world. When this video was produced (in the early 90’s), folks were still operating under a number of misconceptions about the disease — which is why we felt the series was necessary, and more than a little timely. Dr. Terri had just wrapped up a comprehensive lecture series on the subject, and was pleased to note it was one of the most widely attended and successful the California university she worked for had ever sponsored. AIDS was — and is — scary. It changed the way many looked at sex. It changed the way many look at potential sex partners. It changed the way many talk to their kids about sex. On the other hand, maybe that’s a good thing, because it opened up a dialogue that needed to be opened. And needs to stay open. Of course, that’s easy for us to say, since some of us have been in a satisfying monogamous relationship for over 23 years.

WHATEVER. We just wanted to show this to you in hopes it might spark a debate about sex, safety, and/or acceptable television programming. The fact that we continue to be proud of our work, and think this is one kick-ass video is beside the point. The point, for we’ll be damned if you don’t make us come up with one every freaking time we open our mouths, is that, um, Sex can be hot — not to mention fun. Save it for someone you love and/or trust.

Do we need to point out the fact that this might not be suitable for everyone?

PS: is the woman in the picture at the top of the page dreaming of Hot Sex? Maybe. Or maybe she’s trying to remember one of the silly lines from that hilarious Spicy Pony Head sketch DIESEL shared yesterday. Or imagining that picture of TEH PENGUIN cuddling up with her adorable niece. Or fantasizing about a tasty short story by the LITTLE BLUE PILL. Or yearning to see more videos of CATTY YUMMY MUMMY’S funkified-yet-enchanting foray into all parts Spain. And maybe, just maybe, she’s thinking: “Golly… this is a long weekend. Mmmm. I’ve got 3 whole days to spend time with my family and/or myself. Oooh, and DJ LAMPSHA will be doing a Saturday Spin tomorrow, which means I’ll get to listen to some fabulous music by another artist I’ve probably never heard of! Life is good. Yes indeedy, Life is Good.” 

Or maybe she’s just savoring a piece of chocolate.


If sex with you is a big joke, chances are someone’s noticed and is mocking you rightthisminute on Humor-blogs.com.


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OKAY, and just so you know, you can hear me in this video — thank goodness I only had to count up to 10. And yes, those are MY legs under that polka dot skirt in the last part of the video after question #2.

in my “emmy acceptance speech” after thanking the incredible group of people who made it possible to create the series, i ended with “the person i have to thank first and foremost for Hot Sex is… my husband”. 😉 xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

After watching that again (with great pleasure I might add) a couple of things come to mind:

1) Can’t believe we were allowed to put that on television – very racy stuff!


2) I can’t imagine it airing today given the prevailing mindsets and backwardness.

Great work! Stands the test of time for sure…and, of course…special kudos for the voice of the countdown and the legs beneath the polka dot dress!

Whew…I need to go splash water on my face.

Comment by BoBo

BoBo: yeah — brings back memories, doesn’t it? and i owe it ALL to you (and i’m not just talking about the “hot sex” part, tho’ there’s that, as well) by the way, in case you’re interested, i still have that dress… 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

Can’t wait to see the search results and spam the Snark gets based on “Hot Sex.” As for the dress…we can continue that part of the conversation off line

Comment by BoBo

Ooooh, someone’s getting that polka dot dress out of the back of the closet as we speak. Is this Dr. Terri in the video? Okay, I will watch this of course later and have more of a commentary – about content, countdown and polka dots. But it is amazing given your comments, how far backwards we’ve rolled in this area (and I don’t mean into the hay).

Let me look under her hat brim and see if she has any ideas stashed for the spin…plenty of time.

Enjoy your beautiful long weekend everyone, but do come back now, hear?

Comment by LAMPSHA

BoBo: you know, i didn’t think of that when i put up this “title”. d’oh! oh well, might make for a fun post down the road! (still looking for the dress… sure i have it somewhere) 😉 xox

Lampsha: yes indeedy! Dr. Terri “back in the day” (pretty sure her hair, while cute back then, would not be considered so, now! Scissors would have a fit!). now you can see one of the (many) reasons she was such a popular professor. (not kidding, she was consistantly ranked as one of the best!) i mean, kids — especially members of the football and basketball teams — would take her classes because A) hello? Human Sexuality? and B) she was gorgeous. of course, once the semester started, they’d find out she was a Real Teacher and that they were going to Learn Something. good times. she was always great on the air, too.

as for this week’s spin?? PLENTY of time, my friend! i’m thinkin’ we may leave it up through Monday — so, y’know… get ‘er up there at your convenience! and have a GRAND weekend, yourself! 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

Wow! I didn’t make it past the countdown…

Comment by al

Oooh! 80s flashback! Multiple orgasms, hmmm, that reminds me…of a joke, I think I’ll do a post on that one of these days. Now, if I had taken that advice about self-love my lovely kiddos wouldn’t be here today. It’s a good thing people didn’t take that too seriously, otherwise our race would soon be extinct, besides we’d all be bored silly.

Comment by Theresa

Loved it and I knew that was your countdown voice. Boy have I heard you scream up the stairs: “Get down here penguin, right this instance…I am counting to three!”

Polka dots? I have to go back…

The most surprising moment for me was the chapter about sexually transmitted diseases…and than the number 12 million silently flashed up, again and again. I think that brought the point home so effectively.

SEX, sex…good stuff…it´s been bad, too. Wow it takes some time to develop and once you get over the first initial shame of exploring your own body…once you know what makes you shiver or breathe heavily, you have to have the courage to bring it up with the-hopefully dedicated- partner, because, although safe sex is best had alone…there is nothing quite like enjoying it with someone else.

The MIND, absolutely, plays a huge part and come to think of it…your own self confidence and body image have a major effect, too.

If consesentual, safe and stimulating, one of the greatest things we have. I mean that!

Comment by Penguin

Forgot to say…loved this post snuppy. And your sister is a stunner, which did not come as a surprise…having already seen some of her gene-pool!

Comment by Penguin

I have children present, so I haven’t seen the vid yet but can I just say,
What is this you speak of?
Is that the pollen and stamen thing?

Comment by logo™

I’m glad to hear about that female ejaculation thing. Makes me feel a little better about that chick with the big hands I dated in college.

Comment by Diesel

Ah, technology. Before technology, sex was like the forward pass in football gridiron, according to Woody Hayes: “There are only three things that can happen, and two of them are bad.”

‘Course, what would I know about sex. I’m an amoeba

Comment by oceallaigh

Al: i hear that’s what little blue pills are for. 😉 xox

Theresa: what are you saying? that you haven’t had a multiple orgasm since sometime during the 80’s?? yikes. that’s not good. as for “self-love”… i think the point is that, when in doubt, pull “ol’ reliable” out (assuming by “ol’ reliable” i mean vibrator, which i probably do.) 🙂 xox

Penguin: thank you for noticing that — sometimes i think the best points are those made with subtlety. ya know, a good intercom system would go a long ways towards sparing your nerves and/or my voice! totally agree with you about the “joys of sex” — always best enjoyed with one you love AND trust. pretty sure that’s what intimacy is all about. trust me, my sister is WAY prettier than i am. she’s taller, thinner, naturally blond, brilliant — good thing i lovelovelove her so much, otherwise it would have been easy to be intimidated. (nevertheless, she has ME to thank for passing her Statistics class, and that’s all i have to say). 🙂 xox

logo™: much of the information in the video is in written form — that said, it was edited to “Pleasure Dome” (by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) so Things 1 & 2 might ask questions. on the other hand, there are clips from some pretty funny movies (not to mention some old ones) so you may get a kick out of those, when you finally do get to watch! (ADORED the other Jack Handey quote you left on WA… still laughing!) 😀 xox

Diesel: i think you can stop pretending Asparagus Boy — after last week’s caption contest, it’s pretty clear who’s team you really play for. Does Mrs. Diesel know? 😉 xox

O’C: “all the more appendages to squeeze you with, my dear”. just sayin’… as an amoeba, it must be hard to tell if you’re comin’, goin’ … or just breathing heavy. 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

by the way — one of the things my sister was less-than-pleased with, as far as this video was concerned, was the way we edited her response to the first question: “What is a G Spot”. there’s a bit of “controversy” connected (heh) the so-called G-spot… some “experts” say there’s no such thing. but others (including my sister) believe “it” not only exists, but exists for the sole purpose of giving us women who have one… pleasure.

just sayin’… 😉

Comment by snuppy

Oooh! SEX! Yeah baby yeah! If ever there is an argument about it in this here household, it is because a certain bohemian seems to always demand more… which goes to show I am a lucky woman for it takes a good partner to make the other one demand more which means that if Loverboy were reading this he should feel pretty studly dammit (AND he should damn well give in to my demands! DOUBLE DAMMIT! 😉 )…

I remember the days of repression… which goes back to the mind but once the crap was ejected, three comprehensive human sexuality courses thoroughly enjoyed (and man would I make that a requirement for everyone to take, especially our youth! And by the time I took them I was well on my way to just enjoying the hell out of sex but found it oh so necessary on so many levels… too many to state here or else this comment will become longer than needed and a post in and of itself! Oy!), and letting loose with a big fuck you to societal restraints and collective guilt was acted on (because as far as I’m concerned, what goes on behind closed doors between consensual adults, no matter what, is no one’s business so lawmakers, uptight conservative religious freaks and the government… FUCK OFF!) then WOOOWEEE there is no limit to how amazing and yes, HOT, sex can be FO SHO!

And as for multiple orgasms, there is a trick or two (courtesy of simple yogic techniques directly related to the exercising and strengthening of the pubococcygeal muscles… *hint hint* and keeping them contracted during coitus is a part of it… ahem…) to be enjoyed to ensure that this be a constant and consistent reality to always be enjoyed by us women and once you get to that point then, HOT? Can we say scorching?

Can you tell I loveloveLOOOOVED this post my dearest amiga de mi alma? I LOVED seeing this fabulous work of yours I have simply been dying to see and what a thrill to see the fabulous and veryverysmart Dr. Terri in the flesh!!! I am A HUGE fan of your veryverysmart sister and in absolute LOVE with her fabulous and brilliant (no less edited by a fabulous and amazing YOU) book that will always remain a delightful favorite forever more. She is indeed a beauty and a woman to be admired for oh so many reasons (that I am honored to know about) and it was a definite thrill to see her in action FO SHO!

The world most definitely needs such an ahead-of-its time brilliant show for sure… to not have a comprehensive human sexuality education is tragic indeed and seeing that society at large doesn’t well, this is absolutely necessary.. as for the quiz? ACED it baby! WOOH!

Hey Loverboy! I aced a quiz on SEX? Wanna celebrate?

Ha, ha, haaaa! 🙂

Oh… as for finding the right partner… the magic in that is that even the rare times of shitty sex are magical and beautiful memories to cherish for to share shitty sex with a loved one is something hot in and of itself… but alas, I have written enough… be gone BoheMia, BE GONE!

And so it shall be done… with that and muchos besos to you my most Nevalicious and delightful and insightful and awe inspiring and amazing beyond words amiga…

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

PS- totally agree about the G spot… my advice, have fun finding it and as for your legs amiga mia? Can we say MUY CALIENTE? Oooweeee! Bellisimas piernas FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Catty Yummiest of Mummys: gracias y besos, amiga! heh heh… so glad you enjoyed. as i watched this again, i realize i’m probably enjoying this more than anyone else — i mean, we had a blast putting it together (the little stop-action animation with my pumps and my photographer’s tennis shoes? you can’t imagine how long it takes to set up/shoot/edit something so simple!) we spent many an hour shooting b-roll around South Beach — and scanning various favorite movies for just the right clips and/or sound bites.

TOTALLY agree that Human Sexuality should be a required course for every college-aged student. actually, i’m quite certain they should be doing a better job of teaching aspects of this in high school. of course, ’tis not a subject for the faint of heart and/or one with poor study habits. something that was discovered time and time again by the kids that took and/or barely passed any one of Terri’s amazing (but difficult) classes. that said, you wouldn’t believe how many folks (and we’re talking older folks, too) thanked her for helping them understand their bodies, their urges, their partners, their fears, and/or their ability to let go of inhibitions, once coupled with the right partner.

“sexuality” is about so much more than a penis penetrating a vagina. and a “sex life” is SO MUCH more rewarding when one is fortunate enough to be with someone who not only understands that principle, but appreciates it!

i realize this seems like a salacious subject — and in many ways, i suppose it is. on the other hand, an open and honest dialogue, especially when happening between to people who are intimate with each other, makes for the most amazing experience imaginable.

as for my “hot” legs??? *blushes* gracias, dearest amiga! 😳 xox

Comment by snuppy

I can’t get sound on youtube videos on this computer but loved the visuals

While more sex was allowed on TV in the 80’s, local anchors were acting as if AIDS was a scourge caused by gay men to kill the world–that was in 85 when my first friend to die did

By the next year they were all on the bandwagon but it was too late for me–have never watched local network news since

Most kids today think intercourse can cause disease but oral sex, never

When you’re a teenager and insecure I think open dialogue is almost impossible

Comment by pia

Oh, your sister is everything you said she was–though granted i couldn’t hear the words “)

Comment by pia

Pia: on any given day, YouTube just sucks! (i had a lot of trouble with the sound on Miz B’s video, too) you are completely right about kids today — further confirmation of our theory that kids are… stupid. seriously, our youngest son’s first sexual encounter was with a young girl who gave him a BJ (trust me, i know it’s weird that he told me this — he’s often too honest for his, or MY, own good!)

open dialogue with and/or as a teenager is difficult (except for my son). which is another reason it’s too bad classes on the subject that also encourage openness aren’t offered — if only to teach everyone to stop being so ashamed of their bodies and/or sexuality. knowledge is everything. i honestly believe we’d see fewer teen pregnancies and/or STD’s if kids had all the facts in front of them. unfortunately, there are way too many folks out there who don’t think kids can “handle” the truth.

thank you for that kind compliment. i honestly hope you do get to meet my sister some day — i believe you’d find her to be a kindred spirit on many levels. 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

‘Family Life’ instruction has reared it’s ugly head this week (yeah I can’t believe I said that) in my household as my 6th grade daughter comments daily on what she is learning. Mostly she complains about the boys acting like idiots during the co-ed videos. Sadly, I had to let her know that since the dawn of time this goofy boy behavior has occurred and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. She did mention “Mom, you know that part where the thing goes into the other thing?” I said, “You mean penis and vagina?”
She replies, “Whatever. That’s just gross.”
May my darling child think that is so at least until she’s 25. LOL! Her brothers have shotguns at the ready!

Comment by Claire

The g-spot…I donæt think it´s a myth…but then again I thinnk teh mind plays into it a lot too. believe a G-spot and you just might find it. I always knew it was there…My imagination is not that strong 😉

Eve Ensler wrote a wonderful, great, sad and emotional book “Vagina Monologues”. I had the pleasure of seeing her life in Iceland. I like this new direction, snuppy…well done.

Comment by Penguin

Oh…and I finally looked beneath the polka dot dress…NICE!
You are a lucky lucky man, Mr. BOBO!

Comment by Penguin

Hey sweet sistah, I can attest to the fact that the G-spot ain’t a myth and quite the physical reality but… ha, ha,haaa… I figure THAT kind of detailed talk might best be saved for offline, when hanging out in crazy San Francisco! 🙂

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

No, actually it was that woman’s hair that took me back to the 80’s, I was much too young to know about multiple orgasms, or any orgasm for that matter, in the 80s (Well, maybe by the late 80s…)

Comment by Theresa

Claire: i wish i could tell you they hang on to those feelings until well into the 20’s — alas, i cannot. sigh. 🙄 xox

Penguin: you saw Eve Ensler perform the Vagina Monologues? i’m impressed. that must have been fantastic! as for the “G” spot? oh yeah — it’s there, all right — i think it takes the right, ahem, partner to find it for yourself! glad you like this new “direction” — still, i don’t think we’ll cover such topics more than once a week or so. no point overheating our friends and/or the blogosphere! 😉 xox

CYM: totally agree! hmmmmm — seems to me there’s an e-mail and/or instructional video waitin’ to happen, amiga! 😉 xox

Theresa: “that woman” is my sister! that said, you’re right — her hair is very late 80’s. she wore it back then a la Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally”. actually, she kind of looks like Meg in real life… but that’s beside the point. the point — if one needs to be made — is that, um, orgasms are good, m’kay? 🙂 xox

Comment by snuppy

I finally got to see the video! Then I forgot about the polka dot dress so I had to go back and watch. I’m laughing about Theresa’s comment.

But mostly – hats off all around – applause/applause! I see your polka dotted dress leg kicked up to the question of female ejaculation – in the film. It was good I watched this because although I did just fine, I thought frottage was cheese in French. So, refreshers are always good.

You and Terri were quite the team – still are. Glad that we got to see a glimpse into the professional life of Snuppy. Now I see how you roll these videos so expertly.

Again, nicely done. And they don’t call me G for nothing. 😉

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Lampsha: nice catch on the leg-kicking “ejaculation” question… heh. i wondered if anyone would notice the timing of that (which was done on purpose, of course!) and *blush* thank you for your kind praise! we used to have a lot of fun “back in the day” — this particular video is a good example of the stuff i used to do when i was in TV producer mode (because i’m nothing, if not weird). i did a lot of serious stuff, too, but most of those pieces are too long to share.

i asked Terri, by the way, if she’d had a chance to see this, and, of course, she had — and was, of course, mortified by her hair style. she asked me to reinforce the fact that this was done in ’90 or ’91. she sports a much sleeker do these days — not that it matters — she was pretty darn gorgeous then and is pretty darn gorgeous now (not that i’m biased or anything!)

i told you after we first met that your “name” cracked me up for that very reason! (along with the fact there’s a high-end “erotic” shop in Chicago called “G” — that i spent the day with my sister in when she was doing a small book tour). 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

Oops, sorry! No offense meant. Wow, a famous sister, that’s cool – I am duly in awe. She’s actually very pretty, and I’m sure her hair has changed since then. Besides, didn’t we all have hair like that back in the 80s? And yes, orgasms are definitely good.

Comment by Theresa

Theresa: no offense taken! silly girl… as for me? heh. i tried to wear my hair like that back then, but one bad perm put my hear on the permanently disabled list. which meant, of course, i had to cut my hair incredibly short, in hopes it would grow back in a less — shall we say — frazzled state! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy, I don’t know I missed this but I missed this last week. It’s just brilliant and so you. Or maybe so your sister, but I saw a lot of Snuppy comic flash in this. I just made a note to self: Wake up on Friday.

Comment by Doug

Doug: aw… thank you. i’m glad you saw it, too. if only to prove that i wasn’t lying about A) the fact i used to work in television and/or B) my sister is awesome! believe it or not, i spent close to a month shooting this thing, and a full week editing it. i’m lucky to have been surrounded by a number of talented people, who managed to make me look good. the series was the product of my very fertile imagination — with a lot of help from my stunning/brilliant sister. (she’s the one who pitched it, in the first place). xox

Comment by snuppy

[…] just that we obsess about our work, and feel the need to explain) is that, while the first part of HOT SEX was edited over a period of a week (and finished shortly before airtime), part two was slapped […]

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